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Does sildenafil affect conceiving a child?

Sildenafil is a drug that pharmacists invented to solve male problems associated with a decrease in potency. Erectile function is restored for a certain time, allows men to fully have sexual intercourse and at the same time all the sensations remain. Among patients, disputes about how Sildenafil is affected do not abate. on seminal fluid and the ability of men to conceive a child. Like it or not, let’s figure it out.

How does the drug work?

Before you understand whether the reception containing Sildenafil drugs can change the quantitative and qualitative indicators of seminal fluid, you need to understand the principle of its action on the male body as a whole. The active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil . It has the ability to restore the normal reaction of the penis to its stimulation.

Normalization of potency is observed due to increased blood circulation in the cavernous body of the body and the reduction of smooth muscle strain by artificial means. Thus, normal blood flow is restored in the organ and the work of the vessels that are involved in erectile function. Action of sildenafil also extends to the improvement of sensations during sexual intercourse. Another indisputable plus: the appearance of an erection is non-permanent, it occurs only in the process of stimulation and arousal.

Dizziness Sildenafil does not have significant side effects, such as increased blood pressure or decreased vision. In some cases, it may cause slight dizziness or redness of the skin.

And this is all side effects that can cause the reception of funds. Conventionally, the effect of sildenafil is divided into four main stages: an increase in the hollow member, but at the same time the effect of hardening does not occur; with a significant increase in the body, its slight hardening is noted; increase in hardening rate; a complete erection is achieved, which indicates the member’s readiness to penetrate.The main difference of this active ingredient is the elimination of the cause of the gross insolvency of men.

If you carefully study the instructions to the drug, then, despite all its positive properties, the tool has a number of contraindications. It is not allowed to accept persons under the age of 18 years, as well as men without visible evidence. On a healthy man, the drug will have no effect.

These tablets are strictly forbidden to receive if the patient has cardiovascular diseases. Also not prescribed for patients with leukemia and other cancers.

Impact on fertility

The theme of the influence of Viagra on a man’s ability to make a normal conception of a healthy child is surrounded by numerous myths. Most of them argue that the drug gives a man to enjoy new sensations and colors in intimate life, but at the same time significantly reduces the possibility of normal fertilization.

Many companies and medical centers conducted research on this issue. And the results refute this myth. The ability to conceive is in no way connected with the use of medicines that contain the active ingredient ” sildenafil “.

Its influence extends only to the muscular structure of the penis, and does not affect conception in any way.

The drug affects the technical side of the hollow act, but not the quality. This conclusion was made by testing for male volunteers who donated their semen for spermogram before and after consuming the drug.

As a result, the performance of all subjects remained the same. This should also be remembered by men who do not want their partner to become pregnant, since the probability that fertilization takes place remains at the same level as without taking sildenafil .

Therefore, do not forget about the precautions for safe sex. Sildenafil in some cases, it may have the exact opposite effect and, conversely, may increase the chance to have a successful conception. This usually happens in patients who suffer from reduced erectile function and, at the same time, their quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm are in good condition. When you use the drug is a better sexual intercourse, which increases the chances of conceiving a child. For such patients, sildenafil applied quite often.

Why go yat such myths?

But why rumors spread among men about the impossibility of having a child for a couple in which a man takes drugs based on sildenafil . The roots of such myths grow out of a misunderstanding of the problem. The fact is that the quality indicators of seminal fluid largely depend on the quality of life of a man, his bad habits, possible sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, the decrease in the elasticity of the flat member at the time of excitation will be only a secondary indicator, and by using only Sildenafil The issue will not be resolved. The solution of the problem must be approached comprehensively and the cause, not the effect, must be solved. Examination of men Therefore, it is advised to conduct a comprehensive survey of a man who addresses the problem of erectile dysfunction in order to find out the true reason for its decline.

The deterioration in the spermogram of men can be observed in the case of increased sexuality as a result of taking drugs that increase potency. The fact is that the sperm must also mature, and this takes sometime . Therefore, some patients may experience weakening of the sperm cells due to frequent erections. But this indicator is in no way connected with the consumption of this medicine. Remember that the drug does not contain any components that could affect the quality of male sperm and possible poor-quality fertilization, which further leads to the birth of a sick child. Therefore, worry about this is not worth it.

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