Modern erectile dysfunction treatments

How effective is sildenafil?

Impotence for men is a real disaster. But to cope with it by modern means. One of these means is Sildenafil. These pills appeared in the mid-1990s and are still among the best for getting rid of sexual impotence. They will also be useful for healthy men who want to relax and unwind with their beloved woman.

Statistics show that approximately 20 million men have taken Sildenafil at least once in their lives . This drug contains a selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which dilates the blood vessels, due to which blood enters the sexual organ and an erection occurs. Very handy tool. But still people want to know, and is not sildenafil harmful?

How effective is sildenafil ?

Back in 1996, in the Department of Urology of the city of Bristol (UK), scientists conducted an experiment to study the properties of sildenafil. On its basis, they came to the conclusion that:

  • this substance helps a man cope with erectile dysfunction;
  • Sildenafilis a well tolerated and effective oral therapy.

12 men aged 36 to 63 years old who had erectile dysfunction participated in the study. At first, patients took tablets with the placebo effect, after which they were given tablets containing sildenafil in the amount of 10, 25, and 50 mg.

The study lasted 7 days, after which experts made the following conclusions:

  • tablets-placebo contributed to the prolongation of erection by 1.3 minutes;
  • 10 mg. Sildenafil was given the opportunity to extend an erection by 3.5 minutes;
  • 25 mg. sildenafil – for 8 minutes;
  • 50 mg. sildenafil – by 11.2 minutes.


Sildenafil perhaps sama nd nd convenient way to help sexual health. No need to do any injections, seek medical help, because this is somewhat humiliating. Sildenafil is especially useful in case of violations of the psychological nature. But in the case of physiological problems, the drug helps only for a while. It helps to cause erections, and when it expires, the problem may continue.

Any of the medications has contraindications. They did not pass by and sildenafil. The drug Viagra cannot be used if a man is allergic to sildenafil , leukemia, genital deformity, peptic ulcer, cardiovascular diseases, sickle cell anemia, myeloma, priapism , combined with nitrate drugs, nitric oxide donors and alcohol are contraindicated

How often can sildenafil be taken ?

Viagra can be used to achieve an erection as often as it is necessary. But it is important to remember that you should not exceed the recommended dosage and take sildenafil more often 1 time in 24 hours.

The manufacturer makes the following recommendations for the use of Viagra:

  1. In order for the active substance to begin to act it takes time for it to be absorbed into the circulatory system.This interval can be different: from 15 minutes to 60.
  2. Sildenafil does not apply to sexual stimulants and pathogens. Do not drink a pill and wait for a miracle when there is no mood for sex. The active substance sildenafil begins to work only after the excitation and desire.
  3. tablet It is taken on an empty stomach and washed down with water. Drink alcohol while it is impossible. Fatty foods can slow down the effect of Viagra. And alcohol will increase the manifestation of side effects.
  4. If Viagra has not helped you since the first application, do not despair. It is necessary to carefully calculate the dosage. For example, if 25 mg was not enough to solve problems with erectile dysfunction, you can gradually increase the dose to 100 mg. At the same time, do not tempt fate and do not use the drug unnecessarily.

What can lead a large dose of the drug?

The use of large doses of Viagra can lead to addiction to the drug. Often this happens in healthy men, who regularly, every day, swallow a pill. And all in order to increase the number of sexual acts per night.As a result, after giving up Viagra, an erection cannot appear by itself. But that is not all. The increased use of sildenafil can cause infertility. But do not immediately get so scared by reading these lines.Health problems can occur if you take several pills daily.

Load on the body

Why Viagra can be taken in the amount of only one pill in 24 hours? Sildenafil causes an erection, after which a man commits sexual intercourse. Sex always puts a strain on the work of the cardiovascular system, and along with sildenafil , even more. That is why Viagra is contraindicated for people with vascular and heart diseases. In the question “is sildenafil harmful? ” A healthy meaning wins. A man will abuse the medicine – he will get some health problems, and not long sex for a few hours.

Before using any means it is advisable to consult a doctor. So is the case with Viagra. If there are no problems with potency, then sildenafil is used only as a means of improving the quality of sex. And if there is a sexual disorder, then not only Viagra may be needed. But this is at the discretion of the doctor. We repeat once again: sildenafil can cause harm if it is in the body in excess. In general, he proved to be an effective means. Studies have shown that in 82% of cases there was a recovery of erection.

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