Facts about erection that everyone should know

Did you know that the smell of delicious baking can cause an erection? Our today’s selection will be interesting and useful not only for men, but also for women! Many of these facts are truly amazing.

You don’t have to be born to get an erection.

Yes, this charming silhouette on the ultrasound screen can have an erection. The genitalia begin to develop around the 6th week of pregnancy, and 10 weeks after that, a male embryo may have an erection.

There are three types of erections.

Reflex, psychogenic and spontaneous night. Psychogenic or, as it is also called, psychological erection occurs when certain centers of the brain are excited. Its mechanism is simple: there is a transmission of nerve impulses to the spinal cord and further to the nerves to the reproductive system.

Reflex erection occurs in a man at the moment when something or someone touches his penis. Due to the fact that the skin of the penis is extremely sensitive, even its slight irritation can give rise to certain impulses in the body.

Night or spontaneous erection occurs in men at any age.

During a night in a healthy man, about three to five bouts of “sleepy swelling” occur.

It is precisely proved that it does not depend on the human consciousness, but its mechanism has not been thoroughly studied. It is assumed that night erection contributes to the saturation of the tissues of the penis with oxygen.

Life after death exists!

A strange phenomenon called the “lust of the angel” occurs when a man dies upright. And after death, his dick can get an erection! The fact is that in the absence of a heartbeat, the force of gravity of the body leads to the accumulation of blood in the legs. And since the vascular network in the legs will be full, some of the remaining blood in the body will penetrate the tissues of the penis and cause it to expand.

The average length of the erect penis …

approximately 14 centimeters, and a circumference of 12 centimeters, according to a study of 1,661 men.   In addition, the length of the erect penis depends on the reason for which the man has found an erection! Masculine dignity after intercourse is longer than just after fantasizing and masturbating .

Maybe a donut?

Tasty-smelling food can make you dizzy. According to research, the smell of baking can increase blood flow to the penis by almost 32%. The mixture of the smell of donuts and pumpkin pie caused an increase of 20%. Surprisingly, the mixture of odors lavender and pumpkin pie had the greatest effect, causing 40% – s increase blood flow to the penis. The key to the man’s heart may be his stomach, but it must be admitted that the way to his pants is fragrant baking.

Male penis does not contain bones

Bakulum – bone formed in the connective tissue of the penis, found in all insectivores, bats, rodents, carnivores, and most primates, except humans.

Erection non-stop

There is a deviation, called priapism , in which men experience an erection that does not just go away, but lasts at least 4 hours! This may sound like a joke, but in fact priapism is incredibly painful and not always the result of sexual arousal!

The penis is boomerang shaped.

The penis is actually twice as long as its visible part. MRI showed that in fact half of the penis is hidden in the body cavity. In reality, the penis is shaped like a boomerang.

Appearance can be deceiving

According to a study conducted in 1988, smaller penises may increase during an erection, surpassing larger ones! Another proof that can not be judged by appearance

Smoking and drinking negatively affect your erection

Scientific studies have shown that young people who suffer from erectile dysfunction often have to blame for this excess alcohol and tobacco. So the rejection of the next party will be able to extend the “party” in your bedroom.

Oral sex makes it bigger

According to one scientific study, the advantages of men who had oral sex before measuring erection (seriously, this was a real study) turned out to be significantly greater than the advantages of men measured after fantasies or other manipulations.

Masturbation affects size.

If the guy has not masturbated for several days, then the blood flow to his penis will be more, which will accordingly affect the size, assured sex therapist Jan Kerner. So it is necessary to refrain a little, if you want to surprise your partner.

More sleep – better erection

As you know, almost all testosterone is produced at night in the phase of deep sleep. During the day, testosterone is either not produced at all, or a small part of it is produced. Therefore, it is important to provide the most comfortable sleep conditions for maximum testosterone production. Take to sleep 6-8 hours a day.

Deep sleep is part of a cycle with maximum testosterone production. It is at these intervals that men experience erections, lasting an average of 15 minutes and recurring throughout the night at intervals of 1.5 hours. Therefore, men wake up (must wake up) with an erection.

A slight tilt to the side is normal

A bit of curvature below the belt is perfectly normal. However, if the slope increases or causes discomfort, then this may be a sign of Peyronie’s disease , which is characterized by the formation of scar tissue within the penis. If this is the case, then be sure to consult a doctor.

Size matters

Here we mean body size. In men who are obese, testosterone levels are significantly lower, which, therefore, affects erection. So keep yourself in shape.

A condom can really kill an erection.

But not all men. In a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine , it has been discovered that erectile dysfunction in some men is indeed related to condom use. However, this does not mean that you need to abandon contraception. Just these guys need more time and affection.

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