Normalization of sexual life after a stroke

Recovery of male potency after a stroke is an important step. After the transfer of the disease in humans there are many adverse reactions. Many complications are accompanied by irreversible processes. To avoid such troubles, you must follow all the recommendations of physicians. Only these rules will help to return to the usual life.

When damage to blood vessels carrying blood to the pituitary gland, there is a malfunction of the body. The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of sex hormones. With proper pituitary activity, the man has a normal level of testosterone. Testosterone promotes the development of male secondary symptoms. This substance is also responsible for the activity of the reproductive organs. Under the influence of testosterone in men, the prostate gland and testicles function normally. All these processes are involved in the formation of male potency.

If a stroke breaks the integrity of the vascular fiber that feeds the pituitary gland, the nerve endings do not fully perform their function. Nerve endings stop transmitting impulses to the reproductive system.This phenomenon is accompanied by the cessation of testosterone production by the prostate gland. Sperm production by the testes is also reduced. In some cases, there is inadequate blood circulation in the pelvis. For this reason, there is a violation of the male potency.

The signs of ailment are varied. The following symptoms indicate the presence of a problem:

  • the disappearance ofsexual desire;
  • change in theduration of intimate contact;
  • a variety ofdisorders during erection;
  • failure of

Pathologies of potency can be judged by the loss of sexual desire. The disappearance of libido is due to the cessation of work on certain pituitary sites. It stops transmitting the excitation signal to the peripheral nerve roots. The endings cease to irritate the vessels of the small pelvis. Blood circulation is not enhanced. Blood flow to the penis is not observed. An erection disappears.

Intimate pathologies can be accompanied by a change in the duration of proximity. The rate of duration is individual for each man. Due to stroke, the duration of sex can be significantly reduced. In rare cases, ejaculation can occur before coming into contact. Such a disease develops due to incorrect signal transmission. The impulse passes the area responsible for the excitation. Under his influence, the hormone of pleasure, endorphin, is released into the blood . Endorphin causes an instant reaction of the gonads.

Additional signs

The presence of pathology is evidenced by various problems in the process of contact. During sexual intimacy, the power of arousal may vary. In rare cases, an erection may suddenly disappear. Such a violation leads to additional psycho-emotional stress. The disease occurs due to a malfunction in the circulatory system. For persistent arousal, you must have a certain amount of blood in the cavernous bodies of the penis. The blood is retained by the bodies due to special sphincters. The activity of these valves depends on the intimate muscles. Muscle work is directly related to the nervous system. With a stroke, the signal transmission may be lost. At the same time, the sphincters release some of the blood from the cavernous bodies. The power of arousal is reduced.

Stroke can also cause problems associated with spermatogenesis. In this case, semen quality deteriorates. In the ejaculate decreases the content of healthy and active germ cells. There is also an increase in the viscosity of semen secretion. The pH of the ejaculate also changes . In this case, the man loses the ability to fertilize. If such a disease catches a man at a young age, first-degree infertility is diagnosed.

For this reason, stroke has a negative effect on male potency. After the transfer of the disease is carried out additional examination of the body. It allows you to establish what complications have arisen after the disease. After determining the effects of a stroke, the specialist selects the necessary treatment.

The effect of pathology on intimate life

Not all patients understand the negative consequences for potency of a stroke. Restoring intimate life is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Failure of the nervous system;
  • the passage ofdrug therapy;
  • psychoemotional

Stroke is accompanied by a failure in the activity of the nervous system. During the cessation of blood circulation in one of the brain regions, a part of the nerve cells die. This leads to the formation of tissue that does not fully perform the necessary work. The signal occurs in the centers of the system. Transmission is carried out through the roots of the brain to the endings of peripheral organs. When a pulse hits a damaged area, it is interrupted. This causes a variety of complications after the transferred pulse.

The disease is accompanied by negative consequences and thanks to drug therapy. To restore the signal you need to take a number of drugs. All medications have various adverse reactions. The drugs needed to eliminate the effects of a stroke often negatively affect the male potency. They reduce blood flow to the pelvic vessels. This causes a failure in the activity of the genitals.

The negative impact of stroke is also observed on the psycho-emotional state of the patient. When a part of the brain fails, many people get depressed. Depressive states are fraught with a general weakening of the body. Also, this disease causes a decrease in libido. A man loses sexual activity. There may be other related problems.

A stroke is also dangerous with other possible complications. Initially, the patient may be affected by the sensitivity of various parts of the body. If the effects occur on the genitals, the man loses the sensitivity of the foreskin. In this case, sexual contact is not accompanied by ejaculation. Lost interest in sex.

Suggested ways to fight

Restoration of potency after a stroke is carried out only after discharge. During the first months the patient is contraindicated active physical and psychological stress. After normalizing the activity of damaged fibers, you can use the following proposed methods:

  • performance ofspecial sports complexes;
  • increasingstress resistance;
  • takingdrugs for sexual arousal.

The choice of method is carried out only after consultation with a specialist. Often the patient is advised to use several methods at the same time. This will avoid possible complications.

Sports training

After a stroke, many doctors recommend performing special sports complexes. In the first month it is necessary to restore the sensitivity of the nerve endings. To this end, experts prescribe therapeutic massage. Manual exposure is carried out on peripheral organs. Pressure is applied to certain points. This allows you to restore the movement of the signal in the body.

After the appearance of normal sensitivity, you must begin to perform exercises. Exercises are carried out with the help of special sports equipment. Normalize the functioning of the limbs allows rolling a special ball. Fine motor skills return when fingering pencils or beads. Strengthening the workout is done with additional loads. Beads are laid out on the floor. It is necessary to bend over each ball separately.

Slopes accelerate blood circulation. Increased blood flow leads to an acceleration of metabolic processes. The work of the pelvic organs is restored.

Increase stress tolerance

Potency directly depends on the stress tolerance of a man. Experts recommend avoiding negative psychological conditions. To restore intimate function, you need to learn how to relax properly. Relaxation can be accompanied by special procedures. Meditation helps restore potency. It can be accompanied by special music. Good to put the sounds of nature.

Also relaxing and eliminating stress help walking in the fresh air. During walks it is necessary to avoid fast movements. Breathing should be uniform and smooth. Walking in the open air speeds up the renewal process.

Cellular renewal depends on oxygen intake. Air enriched with oxygen enters the lungs. In the alveoli, the substance molecule is attached to the red blood cells. Red blood bodies carry oxygen to the tissue. In tissues, the substance is attached to the cells. Cells begin to actively divide. Damaged areas are quickly restored.

Promotes the restoration of potency and yoga. A complex of special asanas has been developed . They help to increase the rotation of the blood through the body. There is also an increase in sexual activity.

Reception of exciting drugs

Many men resort to medical recovery. Help resume sex life drugs related to PDE inhibitors. Inhibitors cause expansion of the vascular lumen. An increase in vessel diameter is accompanied by an increase in the volume of blood flowing to the genitals. This causes sexual arousal. The effect of such drugs is a one-time. If the patient stops taking the medication, the potency is reduced. These drugs include Viagra ,Levitra and Cialis .

It is necessary to note the presence of contraindications. The use of inhibitors is prohibited in the presence of cardiovascular diagnoses. If the patient ignores the prohibition, there is a risk of a new stroke.

You should also understand that this therapy does not have a full therapeutic effect. Medicinal substances cause a single reaction. Full recovery of the intimate ability of a man does not occur. On the contrary, these funds may aggravate the situation. If the potency is not normalized, it is recommended to use other methods.

Features of sexual activity

In the first months after a stroke, the patient must observe sexual peace. To begin sexual activity is possible only with the permission of the observing specialist. At the first intimate contacts, you must follow a number of rules.

The leading role during sex should be a woman. A man should be placed on his back. Friction motions should also be avoided. All actions must be carried out by the partner. It is necessary for a man to sit on a soft surface. It will help reduce the load on muscle and nervous tissue.

After years of research, doctors concluded that sexual activity after a stroke has a positive effect on a man’s health. Sex contributes to increased blood circulation. This, in turn, affects cell renewal. There is also a strengthening of muscle fibers. The performance of the muscle frame returns to normal. But before resuming sexual activity it is necessary to visit a doctor.


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