Fading passion: what to do if sex is no longer exciting

Sex is an important component of relationships. It helps not only to get pleasure, but also to get closer spiritually with a partner.

At the beginning of a relationship, did you burn with passion, and today you are increasingly avoiding intimacy, constantly finding excuses? The gradual cooling of the senses is characteristic of all couples. But what to do if sex has completely ceased to interest you?

1. Frankly talk with a partner

Honestly tell your half about what you lack in sex. Teach your partner to treat your body correctly, tell us what you like and what, on the contrary, annoys. Do not forget to also ask what your second half wants, because in sex it is important not only to have fun, but also to deliver it.

2. Listen to your own desires.

Do not follow the advice imposed by friends, forums, magazines, about what and how much should be sex. Intimate life is a personal matter of everyone, and the imposition of a norm can only spoil the relationship. Of course, some ideas can diversify sex, but do not perceive them as a necessary guide to action. First of all, consider your desires and needs.

3. Change the situation

Making love in the bedroom on your favorite bed is definitely convenient, but why not try it in an unusual place? A change of scenery will help refresh feelings, bring newness and a certain spark in the relationship. Sex in the backseat of a car or on the roof of a multi-storey building can deliver a lot of pleasure and return interest. The choice of location depends only on your imagination.

4. Be interested in eroticism in art.

Reading erotic literature, watching adult films together will help awaken your imagination, stir up interest and tune in to the right wave.

5. Practice abstinence.

Take a break by temporarily limiting sexual contact with a partner. Often, the fading interest in sex is due to its availability and routine. Abstinence will help to feel how your body missed caresses, awaken your imagination, make you take a fresh look at a man.

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