Top 10 best books about sex

We offer you the top 10 books about sex, which will help you better understand yourself and your partner, overcome a number of intimate problems, or just have a good time at an exciting reading.

Emily Nagoski . “As a woman wants”

Unfortunately, it is better to read the book in the original – we have not yet come across a successful Russian translation. Emily Nagoski , a sex coach with a lot of experience, explains in a very accessible way how the woman’s arousal and inhibition system works, how our reproductive system works. Reading the book leads to a better understanding of oneself, and therefore a greater pleasure from sex.

I. Kon. “The taste of the forbidden fruit. Sexology for all “

Igor Kon is one of the founders of sexology in Russia in principle. A person who has devoted much of his life to sexological and gender research. The book is written in simple language and gives an understanding of the basic mechanisms of sexuality.

Olivia Judson . “Every creature has a pair: sex for the sake of survival”

If you still have a lot of prejudice about sexuality in your head, be sure to read this book. It examines the different types of sexuality inherent in different animals, and at the same time, when reading, comes a better understanding of who people are.

Mary Roach. “Sex for science, science for sex”

This book could not even spoil the translation. Witty and observant columnist New Yourk Times Magazine talks about the development of sexology, illustrating examples of vivid and unusual research, which, however, with all its seeming wildness and strangeness, was able to push the science of sex forward and helped us to abandon many, many prejudices.

H. M. Goldfinches. “Notes of a sexologist”

Lev Moiseevich Shcheglov – the light of the domestic science of sex. The scientist, who began his practical work before the separation of sexology into a separate branch of science in the USSR, and then in Russia, he wrote a large number of scientific and popular science articles and books. We recommend this one, the last of the currently published ones – it summarizes the experience, describes frequency cases and rare events. If you think you know everything about sex, be sure to read it.

W. Masters and W. Johnson. “About love and sex”

If we started talking about serious scientists and basic research, then it would be strange to overlook the work of people who laid the foundation of modern sexual ideas. The research group Johnson and Masters proved, for example, that the mechanism of the clitoral and vaginal orgasm is the same, that women who experience an orgasm in principle are capable of multi- orgasm . Their work “On love and sex” is the sum of knowledge about anatomy, psychology and physiology of sexuality.

A. Kazantsev . “Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things. ”

If you don’t feel ready to read a whole book about sex, start small with a few chapters in the book. Science popularizer and science journalist Asya Kazantseva tells us about our big misconceptions about sex, monogamy / polygamy , pheromones, preferences in choosing a sexual partner, and much more, which usually remains beyond serious reasoning, but still very interesting.

Alexander Comfort. “Joy of sex”

The book, written in 1972, teaches how to make sex a meaningful part of your life, and not limited to a simple listing of ways to do it. The author, a British doctor, understands that his readers are normal people with their complexes and problems, busy with many things from morning to evening, and they just have no time to think about what kind of constructive role sex can play in their lives.

Alexander Comfort refutes many common prejudices, such as those relating to the extinction of attraction in old age. Since the book was published for the first time, it has never had a worthy competitor. She still remains one of a kind.

Paul Joanidis . “Bible sex”

The book “The Bible of Sex” by Joanidis Paul included the knowledge and practice of a large number of people. It will be a great tutorial for anyone who wants to learn more about sex. It is noteworthy that here we are talking not only about the technique of sex. The author argues on what should be sexual intercourse in general, what is genuine intimacy between a man and a woman. Sex is presented not only as physical contact, but also as a special culture of society.

The book will allow you to look at sexual intimacy with very different eyes, to see something new, to feel unusual. The reader will be able to understand how to overcome their fears, how to learn to discuss the topic of intimate relationships with their partner.

Andrey Kurpatov. “7 intimate secrets. Psychology of sexuality “

“Secrets of Adam and Eve” – ​​this is a unique chance to solve their problems in an intimate life, without leaving home. Andrei Kurpatov will give advice and equip the occasional case with an effective method for women and men, young people and spouses with experience.

The Russian psychotherapist decided not to go along the beaten track, therefore there is neither a description of the postures and a technician, nor detailed stories about the structure of the male and female reproductive systems. Instead, the author arranges for his readers an imaginary excursion to a sexologist and gives a lot of useful information .

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