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Five tips from a gynecologist about the use of lubricants

The use of lubricant during sex is recommended by doctors. Gynecologists advise artificially applying a lubricant not only after the birth at or during menopause, but also in any manifestations of dryness. But how to use intimate lubrication? Five important tips from your doctor.

1. Hypoallergenic composition

Lubrication should not cause problems. Therefore, choose the cost of compounds, a negative reaction to which is unlikely. These are neutral compositions with a minimum of dyes and fragrances. Of course, oral or stimulant lubricants can also be used, but not regularly.

Before the first use of the grease, a sensitivity test is needed. Lubricant is applied to the bend of the elbow, rubbed into the body. And then you need to wait 2-3 hours. If there are no rashes or redness, you can try the composition in sex. The test is conducted for both partners.

2. Lubrication reaction

An allergy to lubrication may not occur immediately. If itching or redness was not during the test, this does not mean, then it will not appear in the future. If after applying the lubricant an unpleasant odor of the genitals appears, if there is an unusual discharge, it is worth stopping the use of the product. If the symptoms are gone, then the grease did not fit, it just needs to be replaced with another.

Individual intolerance to the lubricant is possible if the composition contains natural components. But allergies are very rare. And if this happens, you need not to abandon the intimate gel at all, but simply choose a different lubricant.

The reason for the change in emissions is not always in the lubricant. Therefore, you need to be regularly examined to exclude other probabilities.

3. High-quality lubricant

Lubricants are sold in different places, but you can buy them only where there are certificates of quality. These are pharmacies and great sex shops. The choice in pharmacies is much smaller, prices may be higher. Ordering in a reliable online store is more convenient.

Small shops at the adult home do not always offer products that have quality certificates. Chinese sites can also offer cosmetics that have not passed tests for compliance with international quality standards. You need to be careful, not agree to use dubious compositions.

4. Lubricant removal

After sex, the lubricant needs to be washed off the body. If water-based grease, plain warm water is sufficient. If silicone grease, then you need water and gel for intimate hygiene. But you need to wash off the composition only from the vulva (external genital organs), removal from the vagina is not required.

Rinsing the vagina with a shower or douching is not recommended. Such actions disrupt the microflora, and this leads to the development of various diseases.

If the lubricant remains inside the body, it will naturally come out by itself. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, you do not need to help it. The lubricant is not dangerous inside.

5. Odor removal

Odor lubrication can mask the body’s natural aroma. This is convenient if a woman is shy of her smell. But it’s important not to use it as a substitute for going to the bathroom. For example, sex after a working day without taking a shower is not the best solution. Lubrication will remove the signs of “stale”, but will not remove bacteria that have accumulated on the vulva. And they can get inside the vagina, causing inflammation or dysbiosis.

If you can’t take a shower before sex, use intimate wipes or disinfectant wipes. They can be found in any pharmacy. Rubbing them will help to remove all the discharge, prepare for sexual intercourse.

A lubricant is a useful thing for any woman. It is necessary for sex or masturbation. Use can reduce discomfort during intercourse.

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