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What sex toys do gay people buy?

Same-sex couples also use sex toys. Today, there are even a whole series of gay sex products. What do they buy most often? 5 sex items that men choose for intimacy.

1. Cock rings

Confidence in arousal is required for any man, regardless of orientation. And it is the ring that ensures that the member does not go limp at the crucial moment. If you choose the right model, it will help control the duration of sex, while not reducing the sensations.

Most often, adjustable rings or sets are chosen, which include variants of different diameters.

2. Lubrication

Although a lubricant is not a sex toy, it is necessary for same-sex partners. It is ordered in the online store very often. Three types of lubricants are chosen:

For anal sex. Relaxing compounds help to tune, protect delicate skin, improve gliding. Available in water and silicone.
Tasty grease. They have a pleasant taste and aroma. Designed for oral sex, with them blowjob improves significantly.
Compositions for fisting. Creams, gels for lovers of large items. Glides perfectly, do not absorb and do not dry out. Often sold in bulk packaging.

Lubrication is a good thing for any couple. You can use it with condoms, most of the compounds do not change the properties of latex or polyurethane.

3. Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is both a simulator and a great assistant in bed. In a few seconds, the device causes a stable erection. And it’s convenient, you don’t have to worry that something will go wrong.

You can use the pump to enlarge the penis. Performing regular exercises will allow you to get a gain of a couple of centimeters. At the same time, blood circulation will improve, sensations from penile stimulation will become brighter.

4. Prostate Massager

Gays understand better than other men that prostate massage is not only useful, but also pleasant. Therefore, prostate massagers are often bought. Wearing models can be used in any circumstances, and when every movement gives pleasure, isn’t that interesting?

Vibrating massagers are also popular. They can be introduced into the body and enjoy the sensations, simply changing speeds. You can use it in pairs, but most often they are purchased for masturbation.

5. Masturbators

Decommissioning devices are useful for any man. In just a few minutes, they help to have fun. Pleasant reliefs, a special internal structure replace manual stimulation.

Masturbators rarely use gays in doubles, this is a toy for individual experiences. At the same time, the choice often falls on models that copy the mouth, and not the anus.

What else do gay people buy in a sex shop? For example, quality condoms. Indeed, in adult stores, the choice is huge, and prices are lower than in a supermarket.

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