How to Wear a Condom Sexually

When putting on a condom should not be a pause in sex. You can turn this action into an exciting game in which both partners participate. How to make so that in these few seconds the excitement increases, but not disappears? Practical tips for putting on a condom sexually.

Trust woman

Opening the package and pulling the protective product takes 5 to 180 seconds. This lasts especially long if the condoms were not near the place of sex and you need to go to another room for them. A woman is bored, but this is bad.

To correct the situation, it is worth passing the condom to the girl. And she herself will be able to use it for its intended purpose. It is important not to lose physical contact. While she puts on a condom, he can continue to stroke her body with his hands.

Putting on a mouth

A girl can pull on a latex product not only with her hands, but also with her mouth. A similar technique is very pleasant for a man, but it is worth practicing before using it.

Classes are best done on a dildo, while it is important to ensure that the teeth do not spoil the thin material.

Two-handed donning

Rolling a condom over a penis can be done with two hands. This is a special technique similar to massage. And although it does not last long, he will still like it, because it is very unusual.

Correct views

So that the process of using protection is sexual, you can warm it with beautiful views. In the process of putting on the product. A girl can turn her ass to her partner. A magnificent view will open up for him, which will only increase the erection.

If he puts on a condom himself, the lady may begin to caress herself at this time. At the same time, you can also think out a pose so that he enjoys what he sees. It can really be very interesting.

Mandatory contact

At the moment when he is looking for a protective product, do not look into the phone. This pause should not be occupied with anything unrelated to sex. It is ideal at this time not to lose physical contact. You can cuddle, flirt, tease with your hands, but not leave and not be distracted.

Don’t be silent

When there is silence at the time of using the contraceptive, this is very strange. Such a pause looks comical, causing embarrassment. Therefore, it is worth filling it with some sounds. Why not use compliments? Both men and women can speak them. It can be a partner’s praise or a story about your desire to possess this person.


The faster the condom is put on, the better. If you manage to cope with it in 5 seconds, then there is no time to pause. And this is the perfect option. Every man can learn it. This requires only practice. And it’s better to master high-speed movements alone, and not in front of a friend. Just at the beginning of the experiments, the rush causes uncomfortable situations: the condom will fall out, break, or refuse to unfold.

Quality condoms matched in size are put on faster. It is worth choosing models not in a supermarket, but in a specialized store. Large selection, different configurations will allow you to find the best option.

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