Gorgeous Sex Position – Maharaja

For exotic sex lovers, there is a special position called Maharaja. All the details about her are written in the Kamasutra. This position is an excellent option for the woman who wants to take an active part in sex and bring her partner to orgasm.

The Kamasutra has become a reference book for many lovers of sexual pleasures. This is not surprising, because this book reveals thousands of interesting facts about the art of love to a person. Some people are accustomed to the fact that sex takes little time and takes place in 3-4 common positions that both partners are already tired of. To understand the whole essence of intimate life, you need to have the courage and desire to experiment in bed. … If you try hard, then soon your sex life will be able to turn into a new, unexplored world, where there is creativity, imagination and inspiration.

The essence of Maharajah sex position

You should talk about the main technique for performing this position. Taking a position is as follows: the man should lie across the bed, and his legs should hang from it or stand on the floor. A woman, before making contact with a partner, should prepare his penis. After a full erection, she turns her back to him and sits on the erect penis. Her feet are on the floor, and she just sits on top with her back to her partner.

All movements should be done carefully, since the risk of injury in this position is great . After the partner’s sexual organ has completely entered the vagina, the woman begins to make active up and down movements. From time to time, a lady can make circular movements with her pelvis, thereby stimulating various areas of the vagina. She keeps her weight, not completely sitting on the partner, so there is a slight fatigue in the legs . To lower it, you can tilt the body forward or backward, looking for a comfortable position and the right balance. 


What is stimulated in the Maharaja posture?

Despite the fact that a woman will need a lot of strength to bring herself and her partner to orgasm, she will receive a lot of pleasure, since in this position the back and lower walls of the vagina are perfectly stimulated . Due to the strong penetration inside, the lady feels well the stimulation of all the main areas of the genital organs. In addition, a man gets a lot of pleasure not only from physical sensations, but also from the visual show . A naked woman performs a variety of movements, which is simply obliged to excite him. The fact is that this position is designed for quick pleasure , both for the man and for his sexual partner. If you increase the pace of movements, when one of the participants in the process feels the approach of orgasm, then you can enhance the sensations. 



Maharaj’s variations

In addition to the classic version of this position, there are various additions. For example, if a lady bends forward slightly and moves down, this will increase the pressure on the man’s penis. From this, the force of friction between him and the vagina will increase, which will lead to a quick orgasm.

Do not forget about the woman’s free hands, which can be skillfully used during frictions . She can caress a man’s genitals or use her clitoris for maximum pleasure. A woman can completely control the situation and diversify the pose at her own discretion. The main thing is for the couple to be comfortable making love without pain and discomfort.

How to complement Maharaj’s pose with sex toys?

To get even more pleasure from this position, it is recommended to use sex toys. Several options are suitable for this position at once:

  • 1. Anal rhinestone. A beautiful crystal in the anus will look great in this position. The man will observe him in all its glory. In this case, the cork will narrow the vagina, which will give more sensations to both participants in the process. 
  • 2. Anal plug with vibration. A stimulator in a woman’s anus will speed up both significantly. You can gradually increase the strength of the vibration. Two people will feel it, and she and he through the thin wall of the vagina. The maximum rhythm will cause a very strong orgasm. 
  • 3. Clitoral stimulant. This sex toy will allow her to experience a powerful orgasm, or maybe more. Vibration in the clitoral area is a great addition to deep penetration. But it is not very convenient to hold the stimulator with your hands; it is better to choose a device that is fixed on the body, for example, a butterfly vibrator. The belts will securely fasten the device, and you only need to select the speed with your hands. 

With the help of such exotic positions, you can diversify the sex life between people, as well as get new sensations. With frequent experiments with this position, you can achieve a simultaneous orgasm, which in strength cannot be compared with anything else. This position can be alternated with others, returning to it again and again. It will give you the opportunity to feel new emotions, and also allow you to experience a new intimate world.

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