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Top most popular sex excuses

We are all ordinary people and sometimes situations arise when men and women do not want to have sex. I don’t want to offend the soul mate, so you have to come up with various excuses. We have collected the most common reasons for rejecting intimacy. They will help you refuse correctly next time.

Some of them have already become traditional. Basically, girls come up with excuses, but a man can refuse intimacy for any reason. We offer the most popular female excuses that they use to avoid having sex with their lover.

Popular excuses for intimacy

Everyone can add their own phrases to this list. But there are even jokes about the most popular.


The excuse tops the hit parade – I’m incredibly tired. This is a perfectly plausible explanation for not having sex. The girl works, returns home, cooks dinner, does the housework, she really only wants to fall on the sofa in the evening and watch a movie. A man should treat his beloved with understanding and offer her a relaxing massage if he wants to achieve mutual attraction, passion.


Another leader of excuses, a classic of the genre. Sometimes the head may hurt due to narrowing of the blood vessels. Let us reveal to women one secret that sex is the perfect cure for malaise, it promotes vasodilation. Migraine headaches can be a side effect of abstaining from intimacy. Therefore, for the head to pass, it is enough to have sex, and the girl will be useful, and the man will be pleased.

Not in the mood

This is a funny excuse that is often used not only by women, but also by guys not to have sex. Trouble at work, gray days, boredom and routine can negatively affect your mood. If a partner is intimate, he should try to cheer up his soul mate. You can treat a girl with a chocolate bar, a delicious candy, a glass of wine, champagne. A relaxing massage, a romantic dinner will suit a man. Also, a couple can use toys from an intimate store for a variety of intimate relationships.

I want to sleep

This is a weighty argument that is not conducive to sexual pleasures. Sometimes a woman shouldn’t mind if her partner is persistent. If he wants intimacy, let him try. It is enough for a girl to just relax and not be indifferent. But if a woman or a man is really tired, then let them get enough sleep and rest. Also in the ranking of popular excuses for sex you can find:

  • Get up early.
  • I got upset at work.
  • I am offended or offended by you. If a couple quarreled and did not make up, sometimes sex after a scandal can be passionate and desirable, magnificent and delightful, and most importantly, conciliatory.
  • Children, guests, parents will hear.
  • I or you need to take a shower.
  • The back, leg, arm ached.
  • It is light outside or in the room.
  • You haven’t shaved and the stubble is prickly.
  • I just painted my nails. I’m cold or hot.

Curiously, men are much more likely to refuse sex than girls. According to polls of sociologists, only 18% of women and 28% of boys are trying to evade fulfilling their marital duty. And often the reasons are not only fatigue, headaches and thin walls of apartments. Men do not want intimacy with their wives, because they do not like them, sex has become boring, boring, other reasons for refusal.

Sometimes, in order to strengthen the relationship, a couple needs to diversify sex, make it more intense. To do this, you can use sex toys, change your location, make love in unusual and unusual places, experiment with poses, try role-playing games, and cook an exciting dinner. Using these tricks, there will be less rejection of intimacy, and sex will bring an unforgettable experience.

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