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Heat leather handcuffs better than metal?

The assortment of our store has many handcuffs. Fur, multi-colored, or vice versa, in a very strict design – they can add pungency to any sexual games. However, if you take this entire range completely, it will become obvious that in reality there are only 2 main types of such products. These are leather handcuffs and metal products of the same kind. However, what are their basic differences, and why are some better than others?

Metal options, their advantages and disadvantages

Metal handcuffs are quite common, and in addition, their simplest models are inexpensive. They can be narrow or wide, in furs or with a tight girth. On the one hand, they look great and create an indescribable atmosphere for role-playing games. But on the other hand, it is worth remembering the following nuances:

  • They leave marks. Even with not too rigid fixation, more or less long-lasting prints become inevitable. 
  • They open. Real handcuffs can only be obtained by employees of the relevant authorities. All that is presented in sex shops are game options without reliable fixation. 
  • They sometimes bend , become unusable, as they are created mainly from thin elements of not very high-quality metal.

All of the above are just the main disadvantages of metal handcuffs. It is worth knowing that reliably latched “bracelets” belong to the category of special equipment, therefore it is illegal to sell them. Proposed models may break when applied. Yes, on the one hand, this ensures complete security. But on the other – it can take away all pleasure.

Features of Leather Handcuffs

Products for fixing a partner made of leather can be very different. The issue is not limited to handcuffs only. There are options that are worn on the legs, there are collars, and various more complex combinations of belts and buckles. Stopping on handcuffs, one can note the following features of leather options:

  • A huge number of models, and not just for the wrist.
  • Simple regulation, adjustment to human anatomical features.
  • No significant traces when properly configured.
  • Completely secure fit.

Of course, you can tear off your leather “bracelets”, but still they turn out to be a more durable and more interesting device. Especially if the couple likes to play rape and appreciates aggressive scenarios where the “victim” should create at least the appearance of resistance. And there are fewer traces of leather products . Especially if wide options are selected.   

As for the atmosphere and surroundings – the skin creates it by no means no less. Moreover, there are even more options for the execution of such products than metal ones. Metal lovers can choose products with an iron chain connecting leather bracelets.

Of course, in general, each couple chooses devices for themselves at their own discretion. You can try one and the other option to choose the best one. Nevertheless, most couples note the advantages of leather solutions. Moreover, they practically do not require care.

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