Gag injuries. How to avoid them?

It would seem that it can be more harmless than a gag. After all, it was created simply to deprive the lower ability to speak, leaving erotic moans as a soundtrack for the intimate process. However, in reality, not everything is so simple. A gag is a pretty serious thing, and in order to avoid various risks when handling it, it is worth remembering safety measures and various nuances.

What are the gags?

First of all, you need to figure out what is included in the category of gags, because it is quite wide. So, studying it, you can see:

  • Popular gag balls, mostly made of plastic.
  • Products of a different shape – in the form of sticks inserted across the mouth, and even variants of the phallic shape.
  • Gag spacers for oral sex.
  • Inflating – with a supercharger.
  • Soft gags.

Most home-made options belong to the category of soft ones, since the simplest way to “shut up” a partner is to simply take some part of the clothes and use for this. For example, panties. Each gag category has its own risks and problem points, which are important to consider when using.

Plastic, metal and other hard gags

As a rule, they provide rigid fixation, it will be very difficult for the lower one to get rid of them on their own. And in some cases this will create a risk. You should not use such things if you have a runny nose, because then there will be a real chance to suffocate . After all, a gag allows you to breathe only with your nose. Sometimes a runny nose in a person manifests itself only in certain poses, for example, lying on its side. This is important to consider when using devices that affect breathing. Gag also prevents swallowing , and therefore it is necessary that the saliva outflow is ensured. Otherwise, the bottom may simply choke on it. The correct positioning of the hard gag will normalize this process. And do not have a person with a gag on his back for a long time. Also, such products can injure the teeth and jaw . This is especially true for gag-struts. And a gag-ball with the wrong choice of its size or too deep or too long in the mouth causes pain that can last 2-3 days. Usually they are felt in the area of ​​the wisdom teeth, and can be very intense. The jaw is rarely long open, it causes muscle tension, they “whine” for several days. And about the gag you can crush your teeth if you squeeze too much. However, such a compression is possible again with an incorrect position of the subject in the mouth, or with excessive exposure to the lower. If a person has a habit of clenching his teeth very hard, you need to choose a gag with a coating of soft material. And during the session with a gag you cannot neglect the standard BDSM safety practice in the form of stoplights. In this case, you need to develop gestures that demonstrate that you need to urgently remove accessories.

Soft gag problems

As for the soft and home-made solutions – they can choke . They should not be too deep in the mouth. They can also cause a sudden gag reflex if they are too deep. With such things, you must be vigilant and careful. A soft gag is inconvenient in games, if you insert it not deeply, it is easy to spit it out. If you enter strongly, this can block the access of oxygen. 

How to avoid gagged injuries?

To exclude injuries when using gags, it is enough to remember very simple rules. So, you need to choose a gag in size, insert it correctly. It is necessary to check how the bottom feels, if such a thing does not cause him excessive discomfort and anxiety. Also, you can not exceed the session time – after 20 minutes the gag must be removed. Such things must be washed and disinfected without fail, otherwise they can become sources of infection. After all, any microtrauma in the mouth automatically becomes a vulnerability. With proper use, the gag will bring a lot of new erotic experiences and make the intimate life even more diverse, so you definitely should not refuse such a toy!  

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