10 erotic scenarios for boring dates

If you want to live a sexual relationship, start experimenting. We found 10 scenarios, the implementation of which will bring diversity to life, help to take a fresh look at each other and learn better. Implementing them is simple, no special attributes are required. All you need is a desire to bring something unusual to life!

1. Slow sex

The main goal of the experiment is to enjoy the process. It is important not to rush, try to postpone the moment of orgasm as long as possible. There should be a long foreplay with tender kisses, lots of hugs and touches, and all this is completely without acceleration. It is important that no one distracts in the process, so it’s worth turning off the phones, removing other devices.

In the process, try to give your partner as much pleasure as possible. Stop thinking about yourself, whether he or she will become the center of the world tonight.

2. Dance evening

The girl must prepare an erotic dance. Beautiful underwear, clothes that can be easily removed, sensual music and dim lights are all that is needed for an interesting experiment. And you can neglect the rules and allow him to touch the body during the dance or even draw him into what is happening so that the striptease turns into an unusual dance from the film “Dirty Dancing”. And after active movements it will be possible to move on to sex.

3. Sex in the kitchen

This is a room where you can not only eat and cook. You can arrange an orgy on the kitchen table, on chairs or a sofa, on a windowsill or even on the floor. Where to begin? Why not serve food in an apron on a naked body? This will be a signal that dinner is not the most important thing that he can wait.

4. Binding

One binds, and the other allows itself to be bound. If you can’t immediately choose a role, toss a coin. And then with the help of handcuffs, belts or a special bondage set, deprive the movements of your loved one. When he is shackled, you can tease him, caress him to the strongest excitement, and then not let him finish. To make the game even more fun, blindfold. The inability to move and see what is happening is an interesting adventure.

5. Masturbation

Do it in front of each other. The main rule is to reach the finals. Enjoy a process that is not customary to demonstrate. Watch how to caress your partner so that he likes. And remember that later you can still play together. To make it more interesting, use not only hands, but also sex toys. And all this can be filmed on camera, so that you can later review!

6. Water games

Take a bath together. Do not just rub each other’s back, but begin to excite your beloved body using soap, a washcloth and foam. Then you can go to sex, but if it’s not very convenient in the water, then you can go to bed. If the bathroom does not accommodate two, you can play in the shower, but it is important to be careful not to slip.

7. Erotic readings

Try reading sex stories out loud. You will be surprised that this is very exciting. Sometimes it’s even more interesting than watching porn. Only a few minutes of reading will be required for the strongest excitement. The voice of a loved one, voicing vulgarity, will not leave anyone indifferent. It is worth a try once, and it will become a favorite practice.

8. A bold game

Fanta is an opportunity to play with your loved one. You can buy a ready-made game, or you can simply write questions on leaflets and put them in a hat. A man pulls a piece of paper, if he can answer – great. And if not, fulfills the desire of another. Questions should be frank, and actions exciting.

9. Erotic massage

You can usual – gentle and exciting. Or you can “nuru” when the body is massaged by another body. A huge amount of lubricant, special sheets and an unprecedented sensation of sliding on the body of a loved one will definitely please everyone. To realize this, you will need to buy a special kit. It contains a mixture for the preparation of grease, it will require several liters.

10. Oral caress with mint sweets

Put a peppermint candy in your mouth before blowjob or cunnilingus. A slight chill will change the sensations, all movements will seem more intense. And then you can also blow on the body, which will cause a shudder. Menthol causes vivid reactions of erogenous zones and it is worth learning to use it.

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