How a couple can reach orgasm together

In fact, sex is not a competition, and there can be no winners or champions a priori. And both partners should be the winner, receiving great orgasms and satisfaction with each other as a reward. After all, sex is a team affair, and the level of pleasure received during lovemaking depends on how each of its participants can feel the other and create the necessary harmony.

But in fact, the situation is complicated by the fact that men and women are largely different not only in physiology, but also in psycho-emotional terms. For example, representatives of the stronger sex are usually more active and excitable. But girls get turned on much longer, and accordingly, in order to achieve sexual release, they need more time and, of course, attention.
In turn, men, in a fit of passion, forget about it, and being carried away they finish first. Well, the beautiful half of humanity is often left out of work, and the only thing to be content with is the holy belief that next time it will still be possible to reach the peak of pleasure and work in unison.

And it’s not really difficult. The main thing here is the desire and understanding of why this happens, and what causes such a dissonance in intimate life. Well, we will tell you about simple techniques and ways to achieve the maximum pleasure from sex for each partner, and the peak of bliss was conquered by them at the same time. 

To each his own

Now we will talk about how you can help each of the participants in bed scenes to play their role perfectly and enjoy the enthusiastic groans and applause from the partner. In fact, this is not difficult. The main thing is to know some of the features, and how you can turn the weaknesses of each into advantages.

1. Men 

As mentioned above, men are hotter and more excitable than women. At the same time, it depends on how long they can stay in bed (we are talking about having an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse) whether their partner receives sexual release or remains dissatisfied.

It is not difficult to guess that we are talking about how to prolong the durability of the penis for a time long enough to be able to bring a woman to orgasm. For this you can use:
· Prolonging creams or gels. Their application to the penis just before intercourse reduces the sensitivity of the penis to fondling and stimulation. As a result, it “slows down” the man a little, which allows him to become on the same wavelength with the woman. Such is an interesting and effective way to prolong an erection. · Clamps on the scrotum and tips on the penis. The first, pinching the spermatic cords, postpone the moment of ejaculation, which in its essence is the beginning of the finish. The latter are put on like a condom and act on the same principle as prolonged drugs. In addition, they also increase the size of the penis, and usually have a textured surface. All this gives a woman a special, additional pleasure and significantly brings the time of the onset of orgasm. · Pauses during sex. Just a few seconds are enough, during which there will be no progressive movements of the penis, so that the man can cool his ardor, thereby prolonging the time of intercourse by several minutes. The easiest and most affordable way for everyone.   

2. Women  

Here everything is exactly the opposite. And all that is required is to warm up your partner more. And this can be done in the following ways: · Foreplay. The first thing worth saying is, of course, about the preludes, which everyone knows about, but everyone very often forgot. Believe me, 5 extra minutes of your passion’s attention, and she will open like a flower, becoming even more sensitive and receptive to further caresses and stimulation. Also, an exciting erotic massage can be a great alternative to foreplay. · Warming lubricants or sprays. Their application to intimate organs enhances blood flow to them, from which the most erogenous areas become as sensitive as possible even to light touches and touches. What then to say about the passionate penetration of the penis! · Exciting drops. It is enough to add them to any drink, even an alcoholic one, so that after drinking it, a woman after a few minutes inflamed with passion, becomes more relaxed and frank. As you can see, in one, that in another case, everything is easily solvable and fixable. Well, if each of the partners takes at least one step in the direction of the other and uses at least one of our simple and accessible recommendations to everyone, the result will be simply stunning, and sex will be special!


Perfect sex exists!

Yes, yes, and this is not big words or exaggeration. After all, as we hope, everyone understands – the main thing here is to think not only about your pleasure, but also about the pleasure of your partner. This statement is especially true for men who, in a fit of passion and excitement, are able to forget about everything and everyone.

Well, women should also remember that much is in their hands and nothing prevents them from directing their man to the “true path.” And it will not be superfluous to work on how to increase your libido, increase sexual sensitivity, becoming faster and easier excitable. In any case, a woman and a man are yin and yang – two opposites with their own strengths and weaknesses. And the fact that someone gets excited faster (and someone longer) is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. The main thing is to know how to equalize forces and achieve the harmony that is so necessary in sex. Although … sure, you already know. 

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