Sex with a friend’s husband or a friend’s wife: is the game worth the candle

Sometimes it happens that the best friend or girlfriend becomes not only the best companions or people with whom you are ready to experience any joys and hardships, but also those to whom you are just going to or have already managed to “give the horns”.

Agree, the situation is extremely sensitive and ambiguous. But, nevertheless, this happens and not infrequently. And you have to literally torn between friendship and passion for the spouse or spouse of a loved one. And this is even only if it has not yet come to sex. But what if everything has already happened and the incident cannot be corrected?
This is exactly what we will talk about in this article, and we will try to help with practical advice to all those who have already got into such a mess. We will not talk about whether it is good or bad, we will just try to look at this situation from the outside and suggest how to get out of it. And so that the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe

How to be and what to do?

To begin with, let’s immediately dot all the “i” and take as a rule 3 main axioms:

1. You are not the first and not the last who got into a similar situation. 2. There is a way out of any situation, and, as wise people say, there are at least two of them. 3. This is not the end of the world. Now all that remains is to understand this issue, honestly admit to oneself how far everything has gone, and (brute forcing emotions and feelings) to do the right and competent actions. After all, as we know, in such cases, events develop like a snowball, and one correctly taken step helps to quickly return everything to its place and get out of such a scrape. But a rash act can lead to a lot of unpleasant consequences that will not bring anything good to any of the participants . · Decide on that and try to calmly understand why this happened. Is it a fleeting feeling or a long-term sympathy manifested? By and large, one is not better than the other, but in the future it will help. · Remember: as a rule, such a relationship does not lead to anything good. And if so, then this is a rare exception to the rule, comparable to the chances of hitting the jackpot in the lottery. · Think a hundred times about whether the game is worth the candle. Indeed, sometimes momentary weakness can lead to consequences that will last for many years. And moreover, not the most pleasant. · If, nevertheless, everything happened and sex with the second half of a loved one took place, do not assume that this is the beginning of a novel or it will continue. Perhaps the person also has sympathy for you, but not passion, and even more so love. And what happened for him (or for her) was nothing more than a momentary weakness. · Also, you should not commit a rash act and, showing “nobility” and “honesty”, confess what happened to the spouse or spouse of the subject of your adoration. No one knows what will happen next, but the fact that by your confession you will destroy a family that has all the prospects for a happy future – 99 chances out of 100. In any case, this will not add points to you, but it can easily ruin people’s lives … · Do not forget about the moral aspect. You may have different attitudes to the commandments or generally accepted moral norms, but in essence and objectively you steal someone else’s wife or husband not just from a person whom you have not even seen in your eyes, but from a close friend or girlfriend. You end up gambling relationships that have been built over the years to get a dubious payoff that is unlikely to bring you joy in the end. The most correct and wise decision in this case would be to pause and try to keep what happened only between you. It is best to take it all for an erotic adventure and try to think as if nothing had happened. By doing this, you will help not only yourself, but also close people, one of whom is your best friend, and the other is a casual lover or mistress. 



Life goes on

Nobody has the right to judge or evaluate your deed. However, you yourself must draw the correct conclusions and understand that, by and large, such a relationship does not promise bright prospects. The most you can hope for is a few more dates like this, or that for a while you will become real lovers.
And be sure to ask yourself the question 100 times – why do you need this? After all, for your new partner, this may just be a manifestation of momentary weakness. Moreover, hardly anyone would want to change their relationship and family that have lasted for years for a pig in a poke. Even the one for whom there is sympathy, but no more. Be that as it may, life goes on, and if you do not indulge yourself with illusions (or vice versa – gnaw at the pangs of conscience), then in the end everything will fall into place, and you will remember what happened as a dream or a misunderstanding. Many have gone through this, and many were lucky to maintain a relationship with a friend or girlfriend, as well as his soul mate. Naturally, this is only possible if everything remains only between the two participants in adultery, each of whom has drawn the correct conclusions. In turn, we want to remind you that the expression “the neighbor’s grass is greener” is the most irony. And if it seems to you that someone is lucky with a life partner, but you deserve him more than he, even the best friend, this is nothing more than an illusion and self-deception. And most importantly, remember that there are few real friends, and there are millions of potential sex partners. Therefore, if you are drawn to adventures, then look f

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