How can you get infected with oral sex and how to avoid it

It is easier to get sexually transmitted diseases with oral sex than with vaginal sex, venereologists sound the alarm. The point is banal carelessness: people naively believe that this type of sex is not so dangerous. And the very idea of ​​using a condom for blowjob or a film for cunnilingus seems absurd to them. What sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted with this kind of caresses (all the main ones!), Why you need to take a break when your throat or tooth hurts and why swallowing sperm is dangerous – in our material.

How to check your partner correctly

Sexually transmitted diseases (hereinafter – STDs), unfortunately, are among the most common diseases in the world. And even highly developed countries are not only not far behind, but even ahead of third world countries in some respects. And no matter how much skeptics talk about the “inconvenience” and “unreliability” of the condom, this is currently the only way to prevent most STDs. Yes, it is the majority, but, unfortunately, not all. Therefore, we will allow ourselves to ponder and recall that it is safe to enter into intimate relationships only with a trusted partner / partner.

You need to check your partner twice: one smear for STDs and a blood test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis are not enough.

Many diseases can not be detected for months after infection. At the same time, a person is contagious to others, and all his analyzes are normal. Therefore, even with a permanent and only sexual partner, it is necessary to pass tests. And even with “clean” results, continue to “live in a condom” for another six months. Then again take the tests, and only with repeated good results can you relatively safely remove the condom during intercourse. Yes, this scheme is depressing, but if we want to protect ourselves as much as possible, then this is the only way out. In all other options there are always risks.

What can you get during oral sex?

It is oral sex because of the lack of awareness of the population that most often is the transmission of all STDs. This is because the majority believes that oral sex and a condom are two incompatible concepts. Nevertheless, oral sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted both classic venereal diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, soft chancre, donovanosis , lymphogranulomatosis), and viral (HIV, hepatitis B and C, herpes, HPV, cytomegalovirus , molluscum contagiosum), protozoal (trichomoniasis, candidiasis) , scabies, phthyriasis or pubic lice) and the so-called new STDs caused by chlamydia and mycoplasmas. By the way, the majority of specialists do not treat ureaplasmosis and gardnerellosis with STDs, since they can also be observed in girls who do not live sexually. Ureaplasmosis and gardnerellosis are classified as bacterial vaginosis . But he can deliver a lot of inconvenience and problems in both classic and oral sex.

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