How does bedding affect sex?

The standard (and most convenient) place for love pleasures is your bed. Therefore, not the last place in this process is fabric, or rather , the fiber from which bed linen is woven, and the color of the material.  

Synthetics . In a bed of pure synthetics, a romantic evening will be killed on the spot. She is terribly electrified! The hair on his head and body will stand on end. And if you get not a portion of affection from the fingers of a loved one, but a good charge of static electricity, then you won’t think enough. Fortunately, synthetic linens are not sewn, but bedspreads are found. So if you decide to have sex on an unassembled bed, think ten times.   

Silk . The blanket fled, the sheet flew away – it’s about silk underwear. Heroes of romance novels will certainly have sex on silk sheets. In fact, it is very amateurish. The cooling effect of silk is pleasant to the skin only in summer, but in winter you are unlikely to want to dive into a cold bed. What about a blanket constantly falling to the floor and a slippery sheet that freely walks on the bed? This is terrible, how distracting from the process when it is not really working out.   

Flax . For hot summers, flax is just a godsend. It passes air well, absorbs sweat. So, he will absorb the energy of bodies heated with passion without difficulty. But for sex, he is still a little harsh. Wrap around your elbows and knees, mastering new Kama Sutra poses on new linen sheets.  

Clap . Satin, like silk, gently envelops the body, but does not shock. Coarse calico takes into account the weather: in the heat it cools, in the cold it warms. Only instead of natural cotton we are constantly trying to slip synthetics that are not very useful for the body. It is stuffy and can even cause allergies. How to calculate it? Natural cotton is not afraid of iron and washing machine. But if the sheet warped after washing , it means that cotton went on it linden. It also happens that the manufacturer writes “composition: 100% cotton”, and in the symbols for the care of the product draws an iron with a single dot. It is immediately clear that the linen is sewn from synthetics, which is afraid of high temperatures.     

The mixture . A competent consultant in the store will definitely recommend cotton linen with a low viscose content for the wedding bed. Cotton “breathes”, and a dozen or two viscose yarns among the cotton base will significantly improve the absorbent properties of linen and extend its service life. A set of linen from a mixed fabric may well survive from the wedding night, even if not to a silver one, but at least to a pink wedding. And it will give you many pleasant minutes spent on it.  

Color . “It is dark at night, and it doesn’t matter what color the bedding is, ” there are still people who do not take into account the effect of color on the emotional mood. And yet .   

Extraordinary passions can flare up in an orange or red bed. And in the morning you wake up in a good mood and hearty. On purple and pink sheets, you will want to be gentle and lyrical. But sex on blue underwear promises to be fleeting: you will quickly fall asleep. It is better to use it to fight insomnia.

But no matter what linen you choose, it must be clean. Dirty sheets are, firstly, unhygienic. And secondly, the nasty smell of long-washed laundry will clog all pheromones – very delicate natural body odors that attract us to each other.   

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