What to do if a child finds parents for sex?

As you know, the stork does not bring children, they are not found in cabbage and are not bought in the store …

Many parents try to protect their children as long as possible from information related to sex and intimate relationships between a man and a woman.

But sooner or later, the crumbs will have questions that they will need to correctly respond and answer.

Even if a child has his own separate room and sleeps separately from his parents, it may happen that at night he enters the parent’s bedroom at the most inopportune moment.

In such a situation, the main thing is to behave yourself correctly so as not to frighten the child, who may be embarrassed and possibly scared.

As calmly as possible, “stop the process”, get dressed, trying not to show how embarrassed you are, approach the child and calmly talk to him, ask why he came to you. In no case do not scold him, do not raise your voice, this is more likely to cause him great harm.

Preschool children often perceive the seen sex scene as aggression of the pope in relation to mom. Therefore, you can’t behave so that the crumbs have this opinion and the fear associated with it.

The child “reads” the emotions from your face, for him your reaction to what happened is much more important than the fact that he saw something. If you are angry or scared, the baby will believe that something terrible and frightening really happened in the parent’s bedroom.

Let one of the parents take the little one to his room, put him in his bed, read a book, calm him down and wait until he falls asleep.

The day after the incident, you must behave as naturally as possible, not hide your eyes from the baby and calmly answer his questions, if there are any, because sooner or later they will have to be answered.

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You need to be prepared for such a conversation. You should not shy away from a direct answer, because if the child came up to you, it means that you should explain everything to him. You need to speak calmly and confidently, without any embarrassment, using the right words and terms.

You can’t say that you played like that. The child understands that the game is something for the children and may be offended that he was not taken with him. Ask what exactly he saw. Perhaps he will say that he saw naked mom and dad just hugging. 

If he was frightened by moans and sudden movements, try to explain that you weren’t hurt, and sometimes people make such sounds with pleasure. Do not forbid to ask questions on this topic, it will be better if the child hears answers from you, and not from someone outsider.

Explain that the next time, before entering the bedroom, you need to knock on the door and ask if he can go. 

To prevent such a situation, you can put a bolt on the door and teach the baby to knock in advance. If you cannot sleep separately, hide under a blanket or behind a screen. This will reduce the likelihood that the child will see something.

Even if you are very afraid to be in a similar situation, in no case do not refuse sex! Let it be better if it is short-lived and irregular (for example, in the shower, or when the baby is walking with his grandmother), this is better than his complete absence.

After all, family life is very much dependent on intimate …

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