What is the use and “insidiousness” of mint tea?

It is well known that many of the men really do not like peppermint tea. Why? The reason is that he them, how to say it … “reassures.” Of course, organisms and their perception of certain products are different for all people. But the reaction of the average representative of the stronger sex to mint tea is unequivocal. The reaction of the female body to this drink is more peculiar, but more on that later. First , about men …    

On the one hand, peppermint tea is a very useful remedy: it relieves irritability, nervousness, improves sleep. On the other hand , it lowers excitability. Including sexual. Moreover, the effect of prolonged use is gradually accumulating. On one “beautiful” day, a man who constantly uses peppermint tea suddenly discovers that he no longer needs to. He just doesn’t want to, that’s all.  

Of course, this is an extreme case, and complete “inhibition” soon after refusing to use this “insidious” drink passes. Moreover , the reaction to it is different for everyone. So, in principle, there is nothing dangerous in such a tea party. Moreover, it is unlikely that a single dose “will calm a hungry man.” And yet , dear women, think that you pour in a teapot, for example, before a romantic date. Although, I agree, at certain points in life, mint tea for your man will be very helpful.   

It is also known that the group of home products, which can be arbitrarily called “anti-sex”, includes other “drugs”. These are almost all foods that lower blood pressure, have a calming effect, and are also rich in vitamin A. For example, butter. I emphasize once again that this is unlikely to “break through” a “hungry” man , but it can also affect a sexually active person. 

It is interesting that the same sedatives under certain conditions can become “indirect pathogens” of sexual activity. This effect is manifested when the man’s head (or rather, the cerebral cortex) is busy with many problems and disturbing thoughts. The action takes place in approximately the following way: a man takes a sedative, the cerebral cortex (yes, dear women, men also have a brain!) “Calms down” and no longer interferes with “going on stage” to the subcortex, which directs the vast majority of sexually directed processes. 

So there is no paradox in this effect, the main thing is to keep the “dose” and not wait until everything else “calms down” with the bark. Unless, of course, this was originally planned. As you know, alcohol, along with a vasodilating effect, also has an inhibitory effect on the cerebral cortex. This partly explains his allegedly exacerbating sexual attraction ability. A person simply “stops thinking a bit.” In addition , unlike tea, alcohol “calms” the body only in lethal doses. Nevertheless , it is not worth it to be abused, since as a “side effect” it noticeably dulls the sensitivity of nerve endings. A kind of “light anesthesia.”   

So, dear men! Everywhere we face treacherous dangers. Even from oil, you can get a negative effect … Well, we will be careful and, as a result, more courageous. 

As for you, dear representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, I hasten to report the following. Not so long ago, scientists on planet Earth discovered that peppermint tea helps you fight hair growth in places unconventional for the female body. They – scientists – are still arguing about the mechanism of this effect. And they can’t come to a single and final answer to the question of why peppermint tea “soothes” the hairline in women.  

But, actually, what’s the difference? The main thing is the result. Although, dear women, as a representative of the male estate, I should note that all of you are already charming! And if it’s not a gross deviation from the norm, not a physiological anomaly associated with hormonal imbalance in the body, then I dare say that all your worries about some barely noticeable hairs are just your own fears, men don’t spreading and not spoiling your beauty.  

What is the conclusion? And the conclusion from all of the above suggests itself: let each family have two teapots in the kitchen. And all men will be courageous, and all women will be beautiful.  

event_note February 18, 2020

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