Is the reason for adultery inherent in the genes of infidelity?

Now all the media, directly or indirectly, are scrolling the topic of adultery. Almost philosophical treatises arise that “sex on the side” only strengthens marriages. In some Western countries they even tried to legalize absolute freedom among spouses. 

In fairness, it is necessary to note the fact that now they are already trying to limit this “freedom”. Even the ideologists of family “emancipation” are inclined to think that without a strong family, no progress is possible. Only a strong family can serve as a reliable foundation for a strong state.

Well, and if you push aside the emotions and try to look at the specific results of scientific geneticists? So, an English specialist in this field, Robin Baker and his group, after many years of observation, came to the conclusion that 11% of their children (every ninth child!) Do not belong to their legitimate father, and in most cases the mothers themselves did not know about it. In a study under hypnosis, it turned out that these children are the result of one-time sexual relationships, which mothers simply did not remember about half the time. 

Many scientists believe that in women by nature the gene for sexual infidelity is laid down, which most actively manifests itself during periods of ovulation. In this regard, the question arises: if 11% of married women conceived a child from one-time connections on the side, then how many such contacts did happen?

Statistics provide an answer to this question. One pregnancy accounts for 45-50 unprotected contacts. It is easy to guess what conclusions they are trying to bring us. It turns out that almost 100% of married women had short-term contacts on the side, and in the majority – repeated ones. 

Of course, there are no comrades for color and taste. Many of the above statistics may not be considered treason. But short-term contacts often tend to grow into longer novels. And here scientists collected unique material. As you know, both husbands and wives change. So, the root cause of male infidelity is not always the family problems. Even if marital relations are close to ideal, a man will not give up the opportunity to start an affair on the side. Another thing is that men do not know how to keep these relationships secret: sooner or later their wives will find out about this.

The nature of female novels is somewhat different. Most often, married women have serious romance on the side because of resentment against her husband. Especially if she is constantly subjected to humiliation and insults. And what does the new novel give her? The thrill of feeling? Yes. But this is not the main thing. In the new novel, she regains her inner confidence in her own attractiveness and that she is worthy of love and admiration. For the sake of this, she can decide on intimacy on the side.

Another thing is that a woman does not have enough one-time feeling that she is a WOMAN, beautiful and unique. She wants to experience such feelings again and again. And she doesn’t notice how she becomes attached to her “adversary”. With reason, she understands that a romance cannot last long, and cannot do anything with feelings. Unlike men, women can perfectly hide their “left” relationships. But, unlike men, it is women, in the name of preserving the family, who are able to recognize the fact of their own betrayal.

PS The reason for betrayal lies not in far-fetched genes of infidelity, but in the person himself. As proof of this, thousands and thousands of happy families dominate, in which Love, Understanding and inexhaustible interest in each other dominate. 

event_note February 21, 2020

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