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How it was? As in the USSR there was no sex

… Everyone remembers the legendary expression “ there is no sex in the USSR ”, recently they even showed that old teleconference. Well, it’s not that there wasn’t at all … It’s like with money under communism, remember the joke: “Is it true that under communism there will be no money? “ Who will, Petka, and who will not.”   

Life of one Claudia

And here I remembered a story from the 80s of the last century. Such an aunt named Klava worked for us in the center (names, nicknames and userpics changed). An example of a woman tortured by the co-operativeness is the skinny and naughty mother of three daughters, the wife of a police officer. Engineer with a salary of 130 re. Forever with huge pockets (like almost everything at that time – you won’t get ready for work, why the hell would you buy a meal), frightened, all in terrible roses … but by nature it’s quite alive. Such a simple, direct … She once spoke of a meeting with a classmate:  

– So nice – he was so happy to me, so happy … he saw and shouted: “Lord, Klava, what do you look like?”   

Well, there was nothing to do at work in those days, the youth will not understand how it is – there is nothing to do for weeks, months, and leave at 16.45 instead of 17.00 – state of emergency and scandal. And somehow, when all the crosswords were re-solved for the third time (washed with an eraser), and the coffee substitute with the smell of burnt tires was drunk, we were talking about sex.  

The women began to tell who had a magazine — it was rare, it cost a lot of money, the sailors brought it clandestinely and with risk, so whoever had the magazine, he watched it and passed it on to the children. And we blabbed about what is written there in these magazines: poses there, the Kama Sutra from the evening, etc.   

But she, Klava, it turns out, did not see anything like this and did not know that it exists. That is, she somehow managed to give birth to three children with a policeman, but that except “he is on top, she is silent and does not move”, there is something else – she did not know. I didn’t know, and that’s it. 

How Klava sexually enlightened

Well, our women, the ulcers that they knew began to moan and groan: Klava, how could it be, because your husband will leave you with such a meager sex life. 

Klava didn’t understand the jokes in principle, but she was very afraid of her husband , given her three daughters and “who do you look like,” so she attended and asked for help.  

The next day we all brought her several benefits — whoever had what: typewritten “102 trawl poses,” Swedish photo magazines there, etc. They put her on her knees and began to observe.  

The risk of bringing illicit literature paid off in five minutes, and after six minutes we caught some unearthly buzz: Klava leafed through them under the table, bouncing from each rustle, looked at the pictures … blushed, blanched, blushed again … And soon the programming department room read out her cry:

 – Not!!! THIS I refuse to do !!!

Soon we were able to creep up to her and see what finished her off so … It was a pose 69. Oral, that is, mutual, sex. 

But the most interesting was the next day.

… And what came of it

The poor fellow came to work as evil as Satan, and began to honor all the instigators and libertines.

It turned out that 69 wasn’t 69 there, but she decided to make some progress in this area. In order to seduce her husband. And when, at last, all the daughters, the mother and the tenant (they all lived in the same room) fell asleep and the permissible time came, Klava, in her words, “dared” to grab him with his hand, as they say, for here. Sorry, of course, but without details, nothing here, and we are all adults, and children now know more than adults.

The policeman is petrified.

For some time he lay in a tetanus, then turned to her with his whole body and roared:

– Where did you get that b *** va !!! 

… And for the rest of the night she made excuses and proved that she acquired knowledge purely theoretically.

Here was such a rich sex life. True, as already said, not at all. But after all, very many lived their lives, deprived of this not very uninteresting side of it … 

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