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How can a woman deal with a bad mood?

All of us , both men and women, regardless of the circumstances, become hostages of our bad mood … It darkens our lives and wipes smiles off our faces, covering us with a frown wrinkled across our foreheads. We are firmly striding along the black and white stripes of our lives, but when we get to the black, we hasten to leave it behind … 

And how can you quickly jump to the coveted white stripe, if it seems to you that you stagnated on the black one? 

There are many different ways to deal with your bad mood, but we will not list everything. Moreover, women, like men, have their own original “female” methods of dealing with a bad mood. That’s what they’ll talk about!

1. Shopping – I hope every woman understands why I put this method in the first place? After all, nothing so cheers up a woman like shopping! Although for a woman, the fact of the acquisition is more important than the product. It does not have to be a new skirt or an expensive set of underwear, it is quite possible to limit yourself to lipstick or some kind of trinket at all, and your heart will become more fun. Although it is not worth denying a certain relationship between the purchase price, the scale of the problem and the financial capabilities of the upset. If the cloud that eclipses the sun becomes threatening, and life fades, then, of course, you can’t do just one lipstick … You ’ll have to buy a whole arsenal of cosmetics to decorate it again!   

2. A trip to the hairdresser – This is the most dangerous and insidious way! Many psychologists generally do not recommend visiting a hairdresser in a bad mood, because you can bitterly regret your decision (in the heat of hair to cut your bangs or change the length of your hair), and then your mood will deteriorate even more. Therefore, I advise you not to subject your hairdo to radical changes, but to do styling, manicure or professional makeup. You will feel beautiful, and therefore armed against any life troubles. The admiring glances of passers-by will cause a long-awaited smile on your face. In such a “combat” readiness you can easily cross the black line with your heels and go to meet new impressions!    

3. Tears – Well, who else can afford to deal with a bad mood this way, if not a woman? Sometimes it’s enough to “shed” a tear to get rid of one’s negative emotions. Just give them a way out. For this, some movie with a tragic ending is quite suitable, or even better, find yourself a “vest” in which you could cry. Having spoken, you will immediately notice how much you feel better. After all, talking about our problems, we thereby selfishly shift part of them on the shoulders of empathy and, the more of them, the faster your bad mood will disappear along with tears in your eyes. But if you hide the true cause of your frustration from loved ones, then a broken nail, burnt milk, and a dirty cat on your clean bed can serve as a reason to “splash out” of it! The main thing is that you are regretted, listened, understood.     

4. Chocolate – Tears did not ease your suffering, and sadness-melancholy still eats your soul? Chocolate comes to the rescue. This product has long won the strongest position in the fight against stress, especially among women. It is so nice to combine business with pleasure! It turns out that not only the substances that make up chocolate have a beneficial effect on our psyche, but also its sweet aroma! It relieves irritation, restoring our peace of mind. But it is worth distinguishing between the effects of milk and dark chocolate. So, if you want to relax first of all, then choose milk chocolate, the natural tranquilizers contained in it will calm your nervous system, cheer you up and help cope with insomnia. It’s quite another matter, if your goal is to cheer up, then choose black. It will relieve fatigue and increase your performance due to the tonic effect of theobromine. Thus, dear ladies, your life will seem much sweeter to you if you add a couple of bars of chocolate to it!     

Before proceeding to the final stage of the fight against bad mood and spleen, I want to say that the main thing is not to become a hostage to your own mood, not to succumb to this dubious pleasure – to feel sorry for yourself and be sad. Let such pleasant things as a fragrant mug of tea help you, or maybe a hot bath, your favorite book or series, your pet and flowers, if you are fond of sewing or knitting , it will also calm your nerves. In general, do not neglect your hobbies, fill life with small joys and it will become brighter!    

5. Sex – This is the very final method , which practically makes all the previous ones meaningless … Here you will not need many words. If you have the opportunity to immediately deal with it , you can safely discard cross-stitch, crochet and other cute nonsense … surrender to the power of this “medicine” and your life will sparkle with completely different colors!   

I think these tips will be useful not only for women, but also for men. Perhaps the method number 5 was not quite enough for your girlfriend to enjoy life again? In this case, treat her with a bar of chocolate or send her to the store for shopping – and she will be completely happy!

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