How to make a partner? Aphrodisiacs

“Take a pigeon’s heart, grind a bull’s horn, add crow’s droppings, dilute with sheep’s blood and let the beloved drink quietly to your beloved, ” reads the old recipe. Now we are laughing at it, but we are also eagerly and naively looking for a remedy that would make a loved one or loved one lose her head from passion. Naivety, alas, leads to disastrous consequences.   

Substances that contribute to arousal are collectively called aphrodisiacs. It should be noted that this does not include funds for the treatment of impotence. Although the border is very blurred: Yohimbe, for example, is considered an aphrodisiac, while Viagra is not.  

Since ancient times, people have attributed exciting properties to various substances. So, for example, the genitals of animals, for example, the testicles of a bull, which to this day can be found in the menu of restaurants in different countries, were eaten. Powder from horns was considered the most powerful aphrodisiac among many peoples. Superstition clung to superstition, and now, having come a long way, the horns were “hoisted” on the forehead of a man whom his wife had changed. By the way, to this day poachers hunt rhinos, selling their horns to the Chinese for fabulous money. Those make modern “aphrodisiacs” from them and sell them for even more fabulous money around the world.

Stimulating and beneficial effects on potency have been attributed and even today are attributed to many products: raw quail eggs, herbs, parsley root … Unfortunately, these substances are not aphrodisiacs. True, all kinds of restorative and tonic products, such as ginseng and lemongrass, have an impact on this area. But this is the result of a general recovery.

True, many doctors say that strawberries in combination with carbon dioxide of champagne enhance the production of hormones and thus enhance sexual desire. In general, many people attribute alcohol to the list of aphrodisiacs, since it really “reduces the distance” between a man and a woman. Unfortunately, it also reduces sensitivity.

Very often, substances considered aphrodisiacs were dangerous to human health. So, for example, the substance contained in the wings of the famous Spanish flies causes clogging of blood vessels in the genital area, causing a feeling of pleasant warmth and excitement. With repeated use in men, it causes a prolonged painful erection, ending with rupture of blood vessels and complete impotence. In women, there is a strong painful swelling of the genitals, in which it is impossible to sit.

The strongest aphrodisiacs are many narcotic substances and mixtures prepared on their basis. They are able to turn any person into a crazy creature, thirsting only for sex. The Marquis de Sade liked to have fun, pouring such powders into guests for a treat. Following this orgy, he colorfully described in his books. By the way, if you go to a fortuneteller for a love potion, she may well give you a drug-based substance. If you lust the subject of desire with such a potion, you can spend the next few years in places not so distant – for drug trafficking and rape. 

Aphrodisiacs “permitted” today cannot have such a magical effect, and a woman indifferent hitherto will not rush to your neck with a cry: “I want you!” But they can help create the right mood and exacerbate feelings during intercourse. They include various components of animal and vegetable origin. Separately, it is worth highlighting perfumes with pheromones.

Aphrodisiacs should be bought in specialized stores. It is better to give preference to a preparation of European rather than Asian production. However, remember that the best aphrodisiac for your loved one will be your charming smile.

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