How to get the maximum pleasure and not “fly in”?

The husband is regularly interested in Ani: “Are you poisonous today?” The word “poisonous” joker indicates the degree of fertility. If Anya answers “yes” or at least doubts, then means of protection should be used. In order not to waste your nerves in the languor of expectation. And do not bite your elbows in finding a way to quickly get rid of unwanted consequences. 

The best way to solve problems is to prevent them. In today’s world, it’s a sin to complain about the lack of options. A lot of means of protection were invented, however … However, each has its own drawbacks. And I want everything to be natural and as pleasant as possible. And even better – without too much fuss.  

We will not talk about cases where, for example, protection through a condom is necessary due to lifestyle (many partners, irregular sex , etc.). We will talk about a situation where everything is stable, understandable and established. Nearby there is a loved one, and there is also sex with him. 

And in this situation, everyone chooses for himself. Annie does not drink hormonal drugs – her liver expresses violent protests. An intrauterine device is very pleased with thrush. And local pills cause itching. Here is another condom – it is certainly good … but not very.  

Because I want a natural such ordinary pleasure, but more and better! What to do in this case? 

To risk? Well, I do not! The risk results are already sitting on benches and spoons on the table. A significant number of them have earned the status of large families.

Experiment, try, search? The notorious calculations of possible ovulation on the days of the cycle (add 14, subtract 18) were summed up in the first case out of three. A careful mother subsequently tried to use other methods. A healthy, thirsty organism used to become pregnant from a “light breeze”. Parents finished dangerous experiments on the third child. Now – only proven reliable tools.  

Maybe reconcile and use a condom? Eh … And so with your husband you rarely get pleasure (because of the same large families – or once, or nowhere, or tired), and even with this …  

Or maybe there is another option?

There are always options! Any optimist will answer. Our Anya inquiringly searched and found … Tony Ashler’s book “The Desired Child”. She began to study right there. 

This book has a lot of different information. Interesting and very useful for every woman. And not to say that Anya thoroughly used everything in her life in points. However, careful study of this work, observation of your body, the detection of real signs of ovulation, upcoming periods and other things opened the curtain of mystery. And most importantly – the girl began to understand the hidden signs of her body! 

And these signs, although well-known, but each woman has her own, individual. In order to understand them, it is not enough just to read a book. You also need to check the information received in practice, that is, on your body, and learn to listen to yourself, listen to your body, feel it. And then you begin to understand it.

Through long safe experiments, Anya identified and indicated several guaranteed signs of danger . In particular: 

The first, most important, key feature . If Anna passionately wants sex, thirsts for male attention, is full of attractive female vibes, then she has entered a time of maximum danger. At this magical moment of the “sparkling fountain of feelings” – I really want, but not. Only with protection. 

The second observation . While the menstruation is on, it’s possible. But do not … Doctors do not advise in terms of hygiene and question the degree of safety. In this particular woman, the period of smearing is safe.  

The third observation . In the first week after ovulation, Anya lost all interest in the male sex. All these senseless gestures cause only … bewilderment. Well, honestly, it’s better to paint the ceiling – there will be more benefit! The husband, of course, drew attention to this Anina feature. One week in a month is a period of their calm, relaxation and slight indifference.  

Fourth . The week after indifference and before menstruation is a period of waking up. “A man is interesting …” – as if the female body says! And desire and passion are poked. True, not the same as during ovulation, but safe! It is useful to know the exact precursors of menstruation, so as not to be mistaken.     

After menstruation – one of the most dangerous periods. Desire is growing. And if ovulation lasts only one day, then the body is able to maintain valuable fluid for a week. This means that any unprotected contact during the week before ovulation is potentially fraught.  

Naturally, all of the above information for greater fidelity is compared with time calculations of the cycle, as well as with other important features, which are described in full in the aforementioned book.

In addition, we are talking about a specific woman. And her body is not an example to be emulated by other organisms. A reason to think and find your proven methods. 

It is also necessary to make a correction for the emotional state of a woman. Now it was only about physiological dependencies. But we know that the male body in the matter of desire is predictable and understandable, and the female is a whole chain of dependencies. And now this chain of addictions during the time of outdoor activities and joint romantic experiences can smear the whole picture! 

So be careful! Vigilance in this matter will never hurt …

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