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How to give a man maximum pleasure

The most accessible and natural way of satisfaction is sex. Women dream of giving a man pleasure so that he considers her the best lover in his life and cannot forget. To do this, you need to learn to understand your partner and master several tricks.

Learn his preferences

It is easier to bring to orgasm and satisfy a husband, rather than a new partner – over the years of life, you can discuss intimate topics and get to know his habits in bed better. There are several ways to understand a man’s sexual preferences:

  1. Direct conversation. This option is not considered by many due to embarrassment. Find out the guy’s desire and apply it in bed so that he gets what he wants.
  2. Study the habits of a lover . Then his preferences in sex and in everyday life will not become a mystery to you.
  3. Give him freedom. Do not hold back in manifestations of emotions in sex, provide assistance. You can give pleasure in many ways, the option proposed by your partner may be pleasant, and you will want it again.

Pay more attention to a man, then your sex life will start to give you a real buzz.

Ways to deliver heavenly pleasure

There are several secrets that improve your sex life:

  1. Have sex as often as possible. It is necessary for men’s health and maintain their sexuality. You can solve the problem with erectile and other disorders that interfere with enjoyment by having sex three times a week.
  2. Don’t turn off the light. Husbands get more pleasure from watching their partner during sex. That’s why they like porn – men love with their eyes. That’s for sure!
  3. Do not talk about everyday topics. Talking about shopping, finances, and parenting will lead to early surrender or (worse) to the disappearance of erections. Give yourself to sex completely, forget about other things.

Don’t talk during sex, it’s a distraction for a lot of people. Give yourself free rein – do not be shy, show how good you are.

  1. Try to have sex in an unusual place. Nothing exacerbates sexual sensations like the likelihood of being caught . Such a shake-up will definitely please a man, as all feelings will intensify.

In addition to these ways to achieve orgasm and enjoy, there are many others. Do not overdo it, be natural and also enjoy sex. Do not turn the male orgasm into your duty.


Beautiful lingerie and make-up can become part of an erotic game. Men like well-groomed girls, it is more pleasant to establish contact with them. Underwear is considered sexy:

  • with lace and ruffles;
  • rich red and black;
  • stockings with a belt and garters.

You decided to please your beloved in bed with a sexy outfit – do not take it off at the beginning of intimacy. There are models in intimate goods stores that you don’t have to take off even during sex. In lace lingerie, try alternative sexual pleasure: massage, oral sex, petting . They can satisfy your man and bring to orgasm no worse than a standard sexual intercourse.

More focus on foreplay

The highest manifestation of love is foreplay. According to them, you will understand whether a partner is suitable for you or not. This concept includes:

  • kisses on the lips;
  • touching erogenous zones;
  • stroking;
  • embrace.

Do everything that can bring sexual pleasure to your partner. Choose activities that will please him.

Some of the initiative should be taken, but at the same time relax. In this state, your body will be more elastic and supple. At the same time, nature itself will tell you all the actions, surrender to its will.


One of the ways how to deliver an unforgettable sexual pleasure to a woman or a man is a massage. Alternate touches of hands with lips or actions of a naked body. Start by relaxing the man, try to bring him to orgasm.

  1. Massage your head first. Pay special attention to the back of the head, where the nerve endings responsible for pleasure are located. Increase and slow down the pace of their stimulation, add kisses on the partner’s body.
  2. Move to the back and chest – touch with your hands and alternately press against his skin with your bare body.
  3. Add erotic notes to your actions – apply lubricant to the skin, massage the erogenous zones, don’t forget about the genitals. Learn the art of Thai massage.

To properly massage, do not rush, relaxation cannot be achieved quickly. In the first minutes, do not excite, but relax, help to relieve the burden of a hard day. But not for long, otherwise he will fall asleep! Work on the penis, play with the testicles – this is a very intense sexual sensation.

oral satisfaction

An ancient and practical form of how to give a man maximum pleasure – a blowjob. Caress your penis in different ways:

  • lick it affectionately like ice cream;
  • rhythmic movements;
  • fluttering touches of the tongue;
  • light bites .

Move your head, engage in self-gratification in the process, change the pace – show the man that you are now playing the leading role. Use your free hand to please yourself or let your partner do it by assuming the 69 position.

How to help a man?

During sex, do not lie, having fun, help your partner. For this:

  • seize the initiative by taking a pose from above;
  • move your hips towards the man;
  • try to understand the movements of his body and help;
  • stroke the back, chest, buttocks.

If you have taken a pose from above, dump the heat of passion, alternating it with a light massage and oral caresses. Women’s activity is the main point that helps to please a man. With a cold and distant partner, there will be no good sex.

Is rudeness acceptable?

It is impossible to give pleasure only by caress. It should be alternated with:

  • flip flops;
  • scratching;
  • tweaks;
  • bites.

Caresses with mild pain can excite a man and help him achieve orgasm, but don’t be too zealous. If he has sensitive skin, you can replace physical actions with passionate words that will increase the intensity of excitement in both partners.

Using sexy accessories

Visit the sex shop together and choose the right toys:

  • in the style of BDSM – whips, handcuffs, collars;
  • to stimulate erogenous zones – feathers, vibrators;
  • sexy lingerie of different types and colors;
  • creams and lubricants ;
  • anal toys.

In such stores, any couple will find something for themselves. If you don’t know how to please a man with toys, start with lube and sexy lingerie. Watch porn with gadgets together. Try what you see for yourself.

How to excite with hands?

Many consider petting youthful fun, but you can achieve orgasm with your hands. The manual technique is simple:

  1. Don’t forget to stimulate the penis and the area around it. When caressing the penis, the movements should be progressive, exciting. Curl your fingers into a ring, lightly wrapping around the barrel, or use your whole palm.
  2. The inner thighs are responsive to gentle touches. Bring excitement to the maximum, do not touch the penis, take your hands higher. This will prolong intimacy, make it brighter.
  3. Focus on the chest. Stroke her, lightly pinch, stimulate her nipples with your fingers, touch them with your tongue.
  4. The back of the head and the back of the neck are the best places to stroke. Kissing, touch your head, sort out the hair at the back of your head.

The main movements of the hands are stroking. They relax the muscles, make the body supple, stimulate the nerve endings.

Magic points on the body of a man

With preliminary caresses with hands and mouth, pay special attention to erogenous zones and individual points. They are:

  • on the head: the back of the head, lips, earlobes, side of the neck – cover them with light kisses;
  • back: skin between the shoulder blades near the spine – stimulate it with hair, chest, arms, your naked body;
  • buttocks – stroke, pinch, spank;
  • hands: hands, elbow area – kiss and stroke with light touches of your fingers;
  • abdomen and chest: the entire area from the chin to the penis is very sensitive to light touches.

Touching the erogenous zones can give pleasure to even the most stable man. Give unreal sexual sensations by blindfolding your chosen one.

What mistakes do women make during sex?

The main mistakes that prevent you from having fun:

  1. Excessive shyness. Forget about your imperfections, a wife who is unable to pronounce the word “dick” causes more rejection. Get rid of the complexes with a small portion of alcohol.
  2. Passivity. A woman in beautiful lingerie, not showing emotions, will not bring you to orgasm. Sex with her is not a pleasure for a man, but hard work, so you won’t want to repeat it.
  3. Silence in bed and out of it leads to problems in intimacy, it is difficult for a man to understand what you want or like.

Remember, sex is a mutual process, both partners must take an active part in it. Then many orgasms and regular desire will accompany your couple.

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