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Physiology of orgasm: its types and sensations of men

Orgasm is a complex physiological process that completes sexual intercourse, accompanied by intense pleasure and satisfaction. But orgasms in men and women proceed differently, which is due to the physiological structure of the body and psychology, individual for each person.

However, there is a small percentage of people (95% of them women) who are not able to experience sexual release at all.

Floor Features

A male orgasm differs from a female one in that guys are able to experience it from their first sexual experience, while girls take time to get it. To experience the full pleasure of intimacy, women need to go a long way:

  • get sexual experience;
  • explore your own body, especially its erogenous zones;
  • get rid of psychological and emotional blocks;
  • tune in to the erotic wave.

But a woman’s orgasm is also brighter, longer, can be repeated many times and bring a variety of sensations. Several orgasms at a time is an exclusively female feature, and in many respects it depends on the psychological aspects of the relationship of the couple: the more tender and stronger the feelings for the partner, the more intense its release. The degree of a woman’s sexuality is also determined by social aspects:

  • having a favorite job;
  • intellectual abilities;
  • physical structure of the body and love for sports;
  • hobbies and hobbies;
  • social circle, etc.

In men, this dependence is not traced, therefore, they experience fewer types of orgasms.

Orgasms in women

Types of female orgasms differ in intensity and ability to achieve. So, not every girl is able to experience all of them, some are possible only on certain days of the cycle, to get the third, significant efforts will be required by both partners.

clitoral orgasm

Every girl experiences it, because. its achievement is due to the stimulation of the clitoris – a small “pea” on the external genitalia. It is believed that the sensitivity of the clitoris is higher than that of the glans penis, so it is worth caressing it carefully: too much exposure causes acute pain.

You can caress the clitoris with your hands, tongue, affecting the area around it. On average, the onset of orgasm is possible after 2-3 minutes of even the most inept caresses, with the use of special sex toys or in the hands of an experienced lover, this time is reduced to a minute.

vaginal orgasm

The second most popular orgasm in a woman, which only 70% of them are able to experience. According to surveys, the onset of vaginal discharge is characteristic of women who have given birth, in whom the birth processes leave a certain imprint on the sensitivity of the vagina. According to them, the differences in sensations are colossal, the excitement comes earlier, and the orgasm itself after the appearance of the baby becomes bright and intense.

To achieve a vaginal orgasm, the vagina needs prolonged stimulation (at least 10 minutes) with the penis, fingers, toys, etc. This process must be preceded by a long foreplay , mutual caresses, often – an orgasm that has already begun and the partner’s complete psycho-emotional emancipation.

G spot orgasm

There are legends about the notorious G-spot: they claim its presence, others about its absence. But it is known that on the front wall of the woman’s vagina, at a distance of 1-1.5 cm from the entrance to it, there is a small tubercle, with the stimulation of which the girl is able to experience a delightful orgasm. It should be skillfully caressed, this will require lengthy training, but their result will reward all efforts.

To increase the sensitivity of the G-spot, a woman will also have to try: regular pumping of the pelvic floor muscles will help wake her sensitivity. Gymnastics is necessary for all girls over 25 years old, because. the pelvic muscles, like others, lose their elasticity:

  • with age;
  • due to carrying weights;
  • due to walking in heels;
  • after the birth of children.

Doing Kegel exercises will be the best way to improve your health and bring new colors to your intimate life.


Not every girl knows what a jet orgasm is, but having experienced it once, everyone wants to repeat it. It is achieved by stimulating the U-spot, located next to the urethra and bearing the medical name of the mouth of the paraurethral gland. At the moment of culmination, a stream of secretory fluid is ejected from the urethra itself, accumulating there during foreplay and stimulation of the U point. It is similar in composition to sperm, but includes female sex hormones.

To obtain a jet orgasm, stimulation of the cervix is also required, which can be achieved using postures that ensure deep penetration of the penis into the partner’s body and leave his hands free.

IMPORTANT!!! It is impossible to bring your beloved to a jet orgasm the first time, especially if her pelvic floor muscles are weakened. Usually it takes 5-7 attempts.

A point and deep point orgasm

Both of them are located in the depths of the vagina: the first on its lower wall, the second on the top, beyond the G-spot. It is impossible to get to them with your hands or a penis, so either sex toys are used to stimulate them, or they are passed through the anus. The advantage of these discharges is the absence of saturation, i.e. they can occur repeatedly.

IMPORTANT!!! The onset of the orgasm of point A depends on the day of the partner’s menstrual cycle and it is individual for each. Those who wish to experience it are advised to try to achieve discharge every two days, and then remember the important date.

Orgasms for guys

There is a widespread belief that an orgasm in men is the release of seminal fluid and every sexual intercourse ends with it, but this is not so. Like girls, guys feel psycho-emotional release, it depends on the mood for the partner, the strength of his sexual attraction to her, experience and skill in the bed of his beloved. Not often, but men are able to receive a physiological orgasm ( ejaculation ) and at the same time not experience emotional satisfaction from the release that has happened. And, like women, they are capable of experiencing different types of orgasms.

squirt orgasm

This is a classic form of satisfaction, when a physiological process (the exit of a jet of seminal fluid from the body) and psycho-emotional pleasure are intertwined. This is how almost 90% of sexual acts of men end, which leads to an opinion about the unity of these two phenomena.

Orgasm without ejaculation

His man experiences at his own request, because. it is he who makes efforts to ensure that the sperm does not leave the body. To achieve it, long trainings are required, which you should do on your own in order to surprise your beloved at the right time.

The technique lies in the ability to stop the process of ejaculate release seconds before the onset of orgasm. So the man retains the secretory fluid, which allows him to recover faster for the “second half”, and gets a bright psychological release.

psychological orgasm

Another difficult technique that requires long and difficult training. In addition to controlling your body, it allows you to comprehend the inner “I”, learn to control feelings and emotions, manage them.

It lies in the fact that orgasm is achieved through one’s own imagination and only in the head. A man presents various images and pictures that excite him, an acute desire arises, culminating in a violent orgasm. In this case, the ejection of seminal fluid does not occur.

The practice is very complex and often takes several years to master.

Cumshot without satisfaction

This is a physiological discharge, which does not entail psycho-emotional satisfaction. Those. the exit of the seed is carried out, but the man does not experience positive emotions from sex.

Psychologists classify such an orgasm as a problem characteristic of married couples. Long years of living together leave an imprint on relationships, spouses “drown” in domestic issues, raising children, work problems, and their intimate life loses its colors. But it is precisely such male orgasms that are easily eliminated: it is enough to add variety to the usual relationships and their brightness will return again. All methods are good – from a mistress to buying sex toys or changing the usual environment.


Sexologists are not inclined to attribute this type of ejaculation to the processes of obtaining pleasure, but this is the release of seed, which means, from a medical point of view, orgasm. Wet dreams are characteristic of adolescents in the puberty period: with the onset of hormonal changes in the boy’s body, sperm synthesis begins, reproductive processes begin to start, which leads to small semen emissions. They occur at night and disappear as they grow older.

There are wet dreams in adult men, after the end of the period of sexual development, but in this case they are considered a sign of prolonged sexual abstinence. The solution to the problem will be sex or masturbation.

How do orgasms work?

Differences in orgasms between men and women are due to the structure of their bodies. In guys, during sexual discharge, the movement of sperm occurs (in 90% of cases) and it leaves the testes through narrow ducts. During movement, the secret irritates the nerve endings located on the ducts, which is perceived by the brain as a signal for a bright psycho-emotional discharge.

The ejection of semen takes place in jolts, because. its movement is carried out by the contracting smooth muscles of the penis. The stronger the ejection of sperm, the faster the outflow of blood from the penis, the more actively it loses its elasticity (decreased erection). At the same time, immediately after ejaculation, a man loses interest in sex, and such apathy lasts from 15 minutes to several hours.

In women, orgasm is also associated with the release of secretory fluid, but its amount is less than that of guys. The fluid or vaginal lubrication that increases with sexual satisfaction is actually produced by the glands in the cervical canal (cervix). If a woman is aroused, the uterus itself plunges deep into the pelvic floor, which allows you to increase the length and depth of the vagina. At the same time, she is closer to the penis and receives additional stimulation during the reciprocating movements of the partner. When intimate intercourse reaches its climax, the muscles of the main reproductive organ contract.

During these contractions, the accumulated fluid is pushed out of the cervix, which is a fairly dense ball of mucus (a plug that slows down the penetration of spermatozoa into the uterine cavity), but it does not leave the vagina, but remains in it, continuing to hold on to the cervical canal at one end.

During these processes, a woman experiences bright and pleasant contractions that form a kind of vacuum in the uterus, which is perceived by the brain as an orgasm. After the onset of discharge, the tension in the organs of the reproductive system decreases and disappears, the cervix closes and its next opening comes with a new orgasm or with the onset of menstruation.

How to reach an orgasm?

Getting an orgasm is a complex process, but everyone can improve their skills in achieving it. The search for the desired points, the study of your body for erogenous zones, the elimination of psychological barriers and the fight against your own fears – these are the aspects that are worth working on. This can be done individually and independently or in pairs, turning habitual sex into mastering a new type of sexual release, stimulating another important point of the vagina, or “working out” to achieve a jet orgasm.

Other measures to improve the quality of intimate life will not be superfluous: training intimate muscles according to the Kegel method, playing sports, giving up bad habits and proper nutrition. All these simple rules for many years will give both partners bright and intense orgasms and will not allow sexual life to become boring and familiar.

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