Increasing potency with testicular massage

Testicular massage is an effective means of preventing and treating many diseases of the male genitourinary system.

The procedure is not difficult at all, but you need to know the features of its implementation and the correct technique.

General information

Massage the testicles – it’s not only useful, but also pleasant for men procedure that is used in eastern culture over thousands of years to maintain health and longevity of the stronger sex.  

The testicles produce the main sex hormone, testosterone, the level of which directly affects the well-being of men. 

In the event of stagnation or inflammation in them , testosterone production decreases, impairing the quality of erection and the amount of sperm during ejaculation, which affects the reproductive abilities of the stronger sex.     

If you regularly do such a massage, such negative manifestations of stagnation, hormonal disorders and impotence can be avoided, since the stimulation of this organ increases blood flow and prevents the occurrence of male problems.

Benefits of the procedure

At the State Medical University of Delhi, studies were carried out, as a result of which it was established how regular stimulation of the testicles affects men : 

  • in the pelvic organs, blood circulation improves, which has a beneficial effect on the performance of the genitals; 
  • the quantity and quality of seminal fluid increases, providing a high probability of conception;
  • hormonal levels are normalized due to an increase in testosterone production;
  • libido increases, a man’s sexual desire increases many times over;
  • sensitivity increases, and the sensation of orgasm becomes stronger.

In addition, it is effective to apply the procedure for varicocele, problems with the digestive system of men, it strengthens the nerves and raises the immune system. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate, helps as an additional therapy for impotence and premature ejaculation.  


Despite the benefits of the procedure, it can be done only in the absence of contraindications. Among them are the following:

  • acute form of cystitis;
  • exacerbation of infectious diseases in men;
  • epididymitis;
  • wounds and other injuries of the genitals (after complete recovery, you can start the procedure);
  • rectal pathology, for example, hemorrhoids.

To exclude the above-described contraindications, the best solution would be a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

Execution rules

When performing a massage, there are a number of features that must be taken into account in order for it to pass safely and give an effect. This includes preparation, technique, and duration. 


This stage includes the following manipulations:

  • hot shower or warm damp towel wrap around the scrotum for 5 minutes. After that, the testicles should hang lower than usual;  
  • rubbing the palms. It is a prerequisite for a quality testicular massage in accordance with Chinese traditions. It is believed that through rubbing, the palms accumulate energy, which makes the procedure even more beneficial. In addition, the temperature of the skin rises in this way, which is also necessary for the comfort of a man;
  • massage should be done at least an hour after eating;
  • the temperature of the room in which the procedure is carried out should be pleasant (i.e., it should not be too stuffy or cold);
  • if a man is in a lying position, the place on which he lies should be flat and firm;
  • the effect will be better if you breathe through your nose during the process. 

Execution technique 

When performing the procedure, the following massage techniques can be used:

  1. On both sides of the penis, you need to capture the scrotum. At the same time, the thumbs should smooth out the folds of the skin on it, moving from the base of the penis down, and then first in one direction, then in the other.
  2. Without changing position and holding the scrotum with two fingers, you need to carefully pull the skin, gradually increasing the force of impact. If you do this exercise correctly, you can induce sexual arousal. Painful sensations in men are extremely rare.
  3. After lifting the penis up with one hand, with the middle finger with the other, you need to make pressing movements alternately of one or the other testicle.
  4. From the thumb and forefinger, you need to make a ring around the base of the penis and pull the testicle. When performing this technique, the movements of the pelvis should be carried out in the opposite direction. Then, you need to pull the penis and scrotum down, and the pelvis is raised up.

How to massage the testicles for inflammation of the prostate?

Therapy of inflammation of the prostate can be carried out through this procedure, as it allows to reduce congestion in the gland and improve the blood flow of the organ.

In addition, after such an event, the iron absorbs medicines better, and the pathology passes faster. Massage promotes the release of a special secret from the prostate, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the organ. 

Such therapy for inflammation of the prostate strengthens the blood vessels of the spermatic cord and reduces pain. 

The procedure begins with rhythmic stroking of the scrotum up and down, then rubbing and pressing stroking from the glans penis and down is used. It should be borne in mind that in acute forms of inflammation, it is better not to apply such actions.

With impotence

Massage of the scrotum and testicles can be an excellent way to eliminate vascular impotence, as this procedure restores blood circulation in the genitals and helps restore sexual function.

In addition, hormonal imbalances are a common cause of potency problems.

Since stimulation of the genitals, in particular the testicles, promotes the production of testosterone, this allows you to restore hormones and restore male strength. 

Instructions for the implementation of the testicular massage procedure for impotence are similar to the general rules for its implementation, which were described above.

In order to maximize the effect of the impact, experts recommend using not only massage of the scrotum, but also massage stimulation of the penis.

There are many videos on the Internet with techniques that you can perform both independently and with the help of your beloved wife.

Erotic testicle massage

Erotic massage of the scrotum and testicles will have the best effect if you combine the procedure with stimulation of the penis.

The area of ​​the scrotum and penis should be well warmed up with a warm towel or hot shower. The masseuse’s hands must be warm, because instead of pleasant sexual sensations, harm can be done.

Further, with gentle touches, you need to smooth out the skin folds on the scrotum, starting from the base of the penis and moving down and to the sides along the testicles.

Then, connecting your thumb and forefinger, you need to grab the base of the scrotum and pull it down slightly. With your free hand at this time, you need to slide along the penis, paying special attention to the head.

When performing massage, it is important to monitor the reaction of the man. If signs of discomfort appear, you should suspend the effect on the testicles for half a minute, without stopping the stimulation of the penis.

Another massage technique is a gentle circular motion along the testicles, which should be carried out with one hand, while the other should pull the scrotum down.

On average, the duration of such a massage is 3-5 minutes. If you combine it with oral stimulation of the penis, then with a high probability the process will end faster than the planned time, however, it will deliver a lot of pleasant and new sensations to both partners.  

The effectiveness of testicular massage has been proven by many men who have improved their health and restored male strength with this procedure.

This method allows you to carry out the procedure even without outside help, however, undoubtedly, when the massage is done by a beloved woman, the process will bring not only benefits, but also sexual pleasure.

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