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How to keep your man?

Life is so arranged that for a strong and harmonious relationship it’s completely not enough just to like each other or even just to love each other. In order to be together for a long time or even live your whole life, you need something more, namely , some efforts and efforts.   

To preserve the relationship, you need to invest in it, and, sadly and unfairly, but mostly a woman. It depends on her efforts and desire to be with one or another man whether they will be together and how long this relationship will last. So the need to do if you want to keep your man?  

1. Create a family. This means not just stamping your passport and start living under one roof, spending the total budget. This means creating an appropriate family atmosphere in the home. Confident, cozy, comfortable. To create an atmosphere that tunes in love, mutual understanding, trust, respect. A family cannot be without children. A woman needs to give birth, grow and educate. One, two, five. You need to invest your love, soul, care, attention, knowledge in every child. A woman needs to create a real family, in which there will be a homely, cozy and beautiful hearth, wonderful children, a wonderful atmosphere, and she, self-sufficient, realized, but she “does not shine” at home. In general, such a wife and such an atmosphere that every man dreams of.  

2. Look great. In fact, neither age, nor “brood” of children, nor any illnesses are an excuse for female non-sexuality, the presence of obviously extra pounds, a battered look, and even a peeling manicure. A woman cannot allow herself to be sloppy in society or in the home. She should not only be a faithful friend and beloved woman of her man, she should be his decoration. And if a man is rich and successful, he has every right to live with a beautiful, well-groomed, slim, sexy woman. Not less. Therefore, if a woman is interested in living with a beautiful, rich, successful man, she will have to take daily self-care as a rule. Looking good will be her same duty as taking care of children and resolving everyday issues.       

3. To be able to self-actualize and (or) engage in their own development. To keep a man and keep the family, a woman is not enough just to be a beautiful guardian of the hearth. Infinitely loving and supporting her man in all endeavors, she still needs to be able to not dissolve in him without a trace, and for this she definitely needs to start doing something, even if she does not need money. You can go to work by profession, do charity work or social activities, or start helping your man. Even many years later, the spouses should be interested in each other. They should have common topics for conversation, not related to everyday life, children and relatives.  

4. Save love, understanding, trust, respect. This is even more difficult to do than look young and beautiful after the age of 40. But for this, first of all, you need to accept and choose your man. To accept him as he is and to choose him once and for all, or after some time, opening up new facets of your and his talent, abilities and features of character and behavior, to choose him again and again. How we accept and choose our children and parents. That no matter what happens, never go to the individual and do not insult and humiliate her man. Even what is said in the heat of passion, in haste, will be remembered forever. Trust your man no matter what they say. Trust even more if you don’t feel the strength to leave him if you learn something unpleasant. If he physically changes and cannot help but change, and you love and chose him, just learn not to think about it. Life is long, and no one is safe from hobbies. Learn to understand and support your man, always be on his side and never think about whether he will appreciate it or not. Remember that all this you do first of all for yourself, and not for someone to evaluate and praise you. You love, care, respect and trust only because you want it.     

5. Do not neglect sex. Of course, after 20 years of living together, the passion between partners is no longer the same as it was at the very beginning of the relationship. But this is good. Rarely passionate sex can be of high quality, rather awkward, crumpled and traumatic, because it overwhelms emotions and lacks physical abilities to fully express them. Sex with a loved one, a loved one does not look like wild races, but pleasure is guaranteed. Of course , due to age-related changes in the body of a man, a woman will have to resort to various kinds of toys and stimulations, but even this can in no way affect her sensations, rather the opposite. In addition , during the day, do not forget about tactile contact. Kisses, hugs, stroking – all this should be every day, so that the energy connection between the partners is maintained.

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