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Laughter and tears during sex. Why does a woman react inappropriately?

Vivid emotions and feelings during sex can provoke a variety of reactions, including those that seem inadequate. Especially often they occur in women. This is primarily due to the characteristics of the psyche and the mechanism of orgasm. Laughter, tears happen, but how to react to them ? Should I try to avoid them? In fact, laughter and tears during and immediately after sex are natural reactions of the body. They do not need to try to hide from a partner. Most often, such inadequate reactions indicate that: 

  • in addition to physical pleasure, a woman experiences emotional closeness with a partner;
  • sex brings maximum pleasure;
  • after a long increase in excitement, complete relaxation began;
  • there was an overabundance of feelings, which is difficult to express.

Female orgasm is still poorly understood. Experts note that each orgasm is individual, and her reactions during the time largely depend on the individual characteristics of the woman herself. At the time of the highest pleasure, a large amount of oxytocin and hormones of joy are released into the blood . Thanks to them, an orgasm can reduce sensitivity to pain, enhance some sensations. It is the sharp changes in the hormonal background that often provoke inadequate reactions during sex. In some women, after a strong surge, negative manifestations may occur, for example, a headache. It can be very strong and lasts from 1-2 minutes to several hours or days. 

How to respond to laughter and tears in the bedroom

To an untrained man, laughter or tears immediately after good sex can confuse or even scare. And you can understand this reaction, because in films, books and other open sources there is very little information that passionate sexual intercourse can end so unusual.

In fact, laughter and tears in the bedroom during or immediately after sex are a compliment to the partner . If a woman reacts so vividly, then she reaches the highest pleasure with you. Laughter or tears can also be accompanied by strong sensations, twitching of the body, relaxation until falling asleep. There may also be tremors in the legs, a sense of separation from reality, a desire to sneeze or cough. Inadequate reactions should be alerted during or after an orgasm only when the partner experiences pain or discomfort, laughter or tears do not stop and flow into hysteria and other uncontrolled conditions. In other cases, you just need to give free rein to emotions, lie down and take a breath. Sometimes a shower or a drunk glass of water helps to recover. 

How to get the most out of sex

Of course, if you know that your partner in the moments of a higher emotional uplift cannot hold back her feelings and begins to cry or laugh (or all together at the same time), then you can give such pleasure more often. Here are some simple rules to help you:

  • 1. Use your favorite accessories , make the environment suitable for sex. For example, you can use incense, certain types of caresses. In addition, some women can get an orgasm only in a certain position. This is due to the individual characteristics of the body. 
  • 2. Add variety to sex. A routine can spoil even the most passionate and happy relationship. To do this, choose new poses and places for sex, arrange romantic dates, buy toys in intimate stores. By the way, it’s precisely different types of toys that can bring a woman to a state where she is not able to control laughter or tears, when pleasant sensations beat over the edge, and the orgasm is especially strong and long. Especially a lot of positive feedback on the use of a vacuum vibrator, vibration control, including remote control from a smartphone or remote control.  
  • 3. Talk with a partner , try to maintain a good emotional climate in pairs. Do not be shy of your desires, do not rush to refuse a partner if he suggested trying something that seems “dirty” or “wrong” to you. 

In any case, try to calmly respond to the inappropriate reactions of the partner. Do not take laughter or tears at your own expense. And even more so do not be offended because of them on a woman.

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