Love without haste: 15 sensual positions for slow sex

Sex is different: each person will certainly find his own style in limitless techniques and positions. Today we will talk about leisurely sex, sensual, about which they say – making love.

1. Reverse missionary position

The woman lies on her back, and the man enters her from behind (which allows him to caress her partner’s neck, ears and shoulders). Oddly enough, this position solves two opposite problems:
-the volume of the partner’s penis is not large enough (penis penetration will become tighter);
– the partner’s penis is too large for his chosen one (in this position, the buttocks prevent deep penetration). 

2. Missionary vice versa with a pillow

The position of the bodies resembles the previous position, but a pillow is placed under the partner’s belly. Due to the fact that the woman’s pelvis is raised, the penis not only penetrates from a different angle, but also enters much deeper. During movements, the testicles of a man come into contact with the clitoris and labia of the woman, which increases sexual arousal. 

3. Sex sitting

The man sits down, the woman is on top, with her back to her partner. One of the most common positions allows your partner to move during sex. In this position, both partners can stimulate the clitoris with their hands. A man, pouring a passionate breath on his beloved’s neck, can also caress her breasts.

4. Upside down

The woman throws her legs over the shoulders of the man, raising her pelvis. This position provides deep penetration and is good if the partner has a small penis.

5.With eyes wide shut

Both partners lie on their backs, put on bandages and begin to caress each other with their hands. As you know, the weakening of one sense organ increases the other senses. When you are not distracted by the visual perception of information, hearing and touch are sharpened. That is, the sensations from touching will become more intense, while you will hear the sweet moaning of your partner. Please note that this position is not suitable for voyeurs, as they need to see a partner to be aroused. 

6. Spoons for the lazy

Are you tired and want sex? This is a wonderful position for love pleasures after a long day at work or in the morning, when you and your soulmate are not yet fully awake. In the “spoon” position, the partners lie on their sides and the man enters from behind. At the same time, both partners can stimulate erogenous zones with their hands: abdomen, buttocks, pubis. A good position if your partner has a large penis.

7. Doggy Style

The pose on all fours remains in the top of the most popular sex positions. Doggy- style allows both partners to move, controlling the depth and angle of penetration of the penis. Another plus of this position: hands are free, so a man can caress his beloved.

8. Perpendicular position

The woman lies down on the bed, the man enters it perpendicularly. This position is suitable if the partner’s penis is straight or curved to the side.

9. “Rider” in the jacuzzi

Many people think that sex in the bathroom is a rather inconvenient process, because it is slippery there. However, everyone should try sex in a jacuzzi at least once in their life. The partner sits in the bath, and the partner sits in his lap, facing the partner. The whole trick is that air bubbles and water jets under pressure stimulate the erogenous zones of both partners.  

10. Reverse “rider” in the jacuzzi

Another position for sex in the jacuzzi. In this position, the man’s body does not cover the partner’s genitals, which allows them to be stimulated with air bubbles.

11. Roller

There is a roller under the partner’s lower back. Rolling it, the man bends his girlfriend’s body, forcing her to wriggle with pleasure in the literal sense of the word. When rolling the roller, you can raise the partner’s pelvis, making it easier for the man to please her.


69 is position # 1 when it comes to mutual oral sex. If your partner weighs too much, ask him to take a position from below or lean on his elbows and knees.

13. Kun for quick orgasm

It’s no secret that many women reach orgasm much longer than men. This position allows you to quickly experience the sweet pleasure. In it, a man satisfies his partner orally by lifting her pelvis (for convenience, it is better to put a pillow). In this case, it is easier for the partner to stimulate the clitoris not only with his lips and tongue, but also with his fingers. In this case, with one hand, he can caress the belly, buttocks or chest of the partner.

14. Pompur in the pose “girl on top”

Pompur is a great way to heighten orgasms for both partners. This technique is easier to perform in poses in which the girl sits on top of the guy. The hardest part is learning how to control the vaginal muscles. But once the partner masters the art of pompur , unforgettable pleasures are guaranteed for the couple. 

15. Bridge with a gymnastic ball

If you have a gymnastic ball at home, this pose is worth trying out. The female partner lies down on the ball, taking the “bridge” stance (the support with her hands on the floor gives balance). A fascinating sight opens up in front of a man, which increases arousal. Remember that this is a slow sex position. Haste is inappropriate here.
Enjoy each other by feeling close, not only physically, but also emotionally. 

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