Modern erectile dysfunction treatments

Medication for problems with potency in men

If you ask any man what kind of health problems cause him the greatest fear, then it will no doubt be heart diseases and illnesses that lead to a violation of potency. And even myocardial infarction is not so bad for them as a decrease or complete absence of penile erection when trying to start close communication with a woman of interest to them. At a young age, a healthy person, as a rule, does not have these problems. However, at the first signs of weakening of male power, representatives of a strong half of humanity are ready for any sacrifices and monetary expenditures in order to eliminate these extremely negatively affecting psyche symptoms as quickly as possible. Normal potency is a guarantee of good mood and well-being of any man.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are various medications that can help a man to regain the happiness of a full-fledged intimate life. What are these funds, who should prescribe them and what are the features of treatment? Details of the treatment of problems with potency in men find out together .

Impaired potency or erectile dysfunction: what is it?

Reduced potency in men, or erectile dysfunction, is a collective concept of all types of erectile dysfunction that occur when trying to have sexual intercourse. People who are not related to medicine, call this disease the word “impotence”, but today it is not used in medical circles and is considered obsolete. After all, this term has a somewhat offensive connotation and can lower self-esteem and faith in the success of treatment for any man. Therefore, the word “impotence” is replaced by more neutral ones: “erectile dysfunction”, “erectile dysfunction”, or “reduced  potency”. Such a diagnosis is much calmer perceived by a man.

With problems with potency, which arise as a result of various reasons, the degree of tension of the penis during intimate communication with a woman does not reach the level that would allow him to carry out a full sexual intercourse. In the usual language, the male sexual organ is sluggish, despite the sensation of arousal caused by the partner. Emotionally he is ready for sexual intercourse, but not physically. The decrease in potency in a man causes in him a feeling of powerlessness and inferiority, which can be doubled by criticism and offensive ridicule of an unsatisfied woman.

What causes causes potency problems 
At the age of 40 years in a man who has no serious chronic diseases and has a regular sex life, in most cases, problems with potency do not arise. The mechanism works like a clock and it is a matter of pride for men, gives vitality and energy. Erectile dysfunction is, as a rule, the lot of men of mature age. The reason for this is that they do not occur on level ground, but always have a very specific reason. And only after the examination and clarification of her doctor will be able to help a man in solving his delicate problem.

Depending on the cause of erectile dysfunction (as medical language is correctly called reduced potency in men), it is divided into 2 main types: psychogenic and organic.

  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

It develops in a man who has no problems with the health of the reproductive system. It is caused by neuropsychiatric disorders, which include neurosis,   depression, neurotic states in various somatic diseases, etc. Long-term hard work 12 hours a day, stress and irritability caused by traffic jams, lines, colleagues, undoubtedly affects the potency. The peculiarity of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is that it arises spontaneously, is intermittent, if an erection appeared before the start of sexual intercourse, it means that it will not disappear until its completion and the reflex morning erection is preserved.

  • Organic erectile dysfunction.

It is a consequence of various diseases, both directly related to men’s health (chronic infections, tumors, etc.) and not related to it (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, brain tumors, hormonal disorders, etc.). It is also necessary to remember that a side effect of some drugs is a decrease in erectile strength, therefore, before using, you must carefully read the instructions. These include some drugs for lowering blood pressure, hormonal, psychoactive, for the treatment of cancer, etc. For organic erectile dysfunction is characterized by gradual onset, consistency, the penis can become soft already during sexual intercourse and there are no morning reflex erections.

How to invent drugs to treat erectile dysfunction

Problems with potency and their treatment is a task that worried scientists as much as it exists, and it existed at all times. Back in the Middle Ages, they tried to invent medicines that would help men regain confidence in their abilities and regain a full-fledged sex life. In this case, the drugs were injected directly into the urethra, and this “treatment” did not always go without a trace for health. In addition to drugs, there have been attempts to invent various devices and mechanisms that solve this problem.

In the 30s of the last century, scientists from the United States opened a new era in the search for a solution to the issue of restoring male power. They recommended goat glands, mercurochrome injections and various surgical treatments as therapy. In the 1970s, methods were proposed for introducing various inflatable implants under the skin of the penis. And only in the 80s of the last century as a result of experiments on his own sexual organ, did a British scientist conclude that he had an increased erection due to the expansion of blood vessels in it. It was achieved through the introduction of a vasodilator drug, which became the progenitor of the most famous   medication   for the treatment of erectile dysfunction – Viagra, which has a similar mechanism of action.

Types of treatment of potency disorders in men

Drug treatment methods of potency disorders are divided into 3 main groups:

  • Medications for the introduction into the urethra.

They exist in the form of ointments and gels and are recommended for use 10-15 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse. The most famous of them is called Muse, which consists of prostaglandins. The disadvantages include the need to interrupt communication with a woman for the period of drug administration and possible unpleasant sensations from the urethra in men and the vagina in women. And, nevertheless, the effectiveness of these drugs ranges from 40 to 60%.

  • Medicines for injection.

For this purpose, various vasodilators are used, such as   papaverine, phentolamine , alprostadil, etc. However, the technology of such treatment itself deters the vast majority of men. The drug is injected with a thin needle into the penis, the effect occurs within a few minutes and lasts about an hour. For re-intercourse, you must re-inject.

  • Medicines for oral administration.

This is the most popular group of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It deserves more detailed consideration.

Tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

The drug in the form of tablets is most convenient for the patient, so they are very popular. Modern drugs for the treatment of problems with potency can significantly improve the intensity of the penis, prolong sexual intercourse, increase orgasm. They are divided into drugs of plant and synthetic origin.

  • Synthetic drugs include sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil ( Cialis ), vardenafil ( Levitra ) and others. Their mechanism of action is associated with vasodilation of the penis. It is recommended to apply them 0.5-1 hour before the intended sexual intercourse, the effect lasts for several hours (sometimes even a day). Medications have various contraindications and side effects, so only a doctor should prescribe them. After the examination, he will select an individual drug for treatment, warn about possible complications and how often it can be used.
  • Herbal preparations for treating erection problems – such as Laveron , Magic Staff et al. There are also various homeopathic remedies for helping with erectile dysfunction ( Impaza ). However, despite the fact that many consider herbal and homeopathic medicines completely safe, this is not so. They did not pass clinical trials, and their safety was not checked in any way. Therefore, they also can not be an option for self-treatment.

The solution of men’s problems today is possible. But an important role in this belongs to the urologist or the andrologist. A man should not be afraid of discussing unpleasant symptoms with a doctor, because this is his job. Every day, various people come to him with similar questions, and for him there is nothing shameful or surprising. The sooner you begin to examine the cause of a violation of potency, the more likely it is that the doctor will help eliminate it without prescribing special medicines.

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