Modern erectile dysfunction treatments

Potency: how to increase the “male power” and passions?

No man is immune from problems with erectile function, and it doesn’t matter whether he is in the prime of his life or his life is drooping. Potency is a delicate thing and depends on many factors, starting with foreplay and ending with problems at work. How to increase your “male power” and strengthen your relationship with your beloved woman?

Nutrition – the key to good potency

If you skip breakfast, have a snack on the run, and when you return home, you get ready-made foods from the freezer, which bastards sin often, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that your body sometimes “misfires” at the most crucial moment. You should get all the substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body – vitamins and minerals, of which there are plenty in vegetables, berries and fruits, dairy products, meat and fish, and fresh greens. For good potency, a man should consume a sufficient amount of protein, which acts as the basis of the bones of the skeleton and muscle tissue, but his body needs zinc even more.

Few people know that this trace element is an invariable part of the male semen and directly affects reproductive function, stimulating testosterone production, improving sperm quality and increasing the ability to ejaculate and conceive by stimulating sperm motility. Therefore, in   nutrition  Men who want to preserve their sexual activity for a long time should have seafood, cashew nuts, pine nuts and almonds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, liver and meat, legumes, cereals – oatmeal, barley buckwheat.

I must say that increasing potency is impossible without weight correction, if you have extra pounds. The more you recruit, the higher the level of female hormones estrogen in your body and the lower the concentration of testosterone that is so necessary for the manifestation of its male strength. So eat only what is useful and please your partner with feats in bed.

Sport and potency – how does one stimulate the other?

 Of course, technical progress significantly simplified our lives, and after digital technologies entered it, many were able to earn money sitting at a computer, and often without even leaving the walls of the house. Today, men do not need to hunt a mammoth to feed their families, but many wives would gladly send their faithful to walk, because the lack of physical exertion negatively affects   potency   and the quality of intimate life.

Impaired blood circulation, stasis of lymph and blood in the pelvic organs leads to a breakdown of sexual function and provoke many diseases. So sport is very important not only to improve overall well-being. Moderate physical exertion has the following effect on the body:

  • saturate the cells and tissues with oxygen, increase the delivery of nutrients to them;
  • accelerate blood circulation and metabolism;
  • increase the body’s resistance to infections, strengthen the immune system;
  • improve physical fitness and endurance;
  • serve as prevention of diseases of the pelvic organs.

The most important thing when increasing the potency by the method of increasing physical activity is not to achieve the opposite effect, because training at the limit of opportunities will lead to such fatigue that it will be no time for love joys. And I also want to warn everyone who wants to build muscle mass with the help of steroids – low-quality products based on genetically modified soybeans have a detrimental effect on erectile function and lower potency.

Healthy lifestyle and high-quality sleep – prevention and treatment of reducing potency

It has already been said about sports and nutrition, but their contribution to solving the existing problem will be insignificant if a man smokes, abuses alcohol, and even indulges in drugs. Nicotine, which is so relaxing and gives a feeling of flight, narrows the lumen of blood vessels and slows down blood circulation, so it is not surprising that from time to time your erection is not up to par. The stage of inhibition comes to replace the excitement from alcohol consumption, and now you have been trying to ejaculate for the hour of your partner (from pleasure?).

There is no reason to talk about the normal intimate life of drug addicts, it is unlikely that they even have it. So think for yourself, decide for yourself. What else does a good potency depend on? From the quality of sleep. Scientists have found that night   snore   and apnea, that is, disorders that reduce the quality of sleep, also affect sexual activity. Men who do not interfere with anything to remain in the kingdom of Morpheus feel full of vigor and strength for new accomplishments, unlike those who suffer from chronic lack of sleep.

How can you increase the potency more?

 There are many ways and means of traditional and traditional medicine used by men, for whom increasing potency is the limit of all dreams and a cherished goal. Here are some of them:

  • Massage

Relaxing erotic massage after a contrast shower or a warm bath, made by the hands of the woman he loved, works wonders, but it is even better to undergo a prostate massage course. The doctor may prescribe it to you after all necessary examinations and complaints of poor potency. Do not be so afraid of it. As practice shows, stimulation of the prostate gives excellent results;

  • Special exercises

Even if you play sports, you will benefit from workouts involving the muscles of the pubic zone and pelvis. Perform exercises on the rotation of the pelvis, raising it from the position lying on his back. Do the exercise “bike” and perform the steps on the spot, while raising your knees high;

  • Aphrodisiacs

There are all sorts of drugs of natural, and most often of chemical origin, designed to increase masculine power, but it’s not about them. There is a chance that the potency will again become the same as before, if such spices, herbs, fruits and roots as artichokes, ginger, anise, ginseng, saffron, jasmine, juniper are added to food. Some essential oils – musk, amber, cibetin – are capable of enhancing sexual desire and sexual activity.

Of course, the support of a loved one is important. If a woman wants to be with you and is ready to help you, then together it will be easier for you to overcome a difficult period in life. Well, if all the above methods do not give results, it makes sense to consult a doctor. There are many drugs, after which a good potency and erection are guaranteed, but they should be taken only under the supervision of a specialist.

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