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What affects the potency: negative emotions and bad habits

If a man is waiting in front of a romantic evening with his beloved, he should be fully armed. But there are certain factors that can harm the potency and spoil the relationship. It is necessary to take care of the proper nutrition in advance, to determine the effect on the male power of drugs, to remember the negative impact of bad habits. But even if these factors are excluded, negative emotions are also ways to spoil sex. How do these factors affect and how to fix problems in bed?

Bad habits and their role

For many men, alcohol is a way to relax and relax, to increase libido, which is why, before intimacy, strong drinks are sometimes consumed in large enough quantities. And it is not surprising that such habits lead to failure in bed, as alcohol negatively affects the potency. It’s not even that the man went over and got drunk, although sometimes a bottle of beer can harm intima, since the body’s reaction to alcohol may be different. In many men, even taking low doses of alcohol leads to drowsiness and serious problems with potency, with the result that instead of the expected intima, a deep sleep occurs. The habits of alcohol intake lead to a decrease in erection and the difficulty of ejaculation, a violation of the quality of intimacy and its duration. Therefore, it is worth several times to think whether to take alcohol, whether it will lead to failure in bed?

No less dangerous for harmful potency   by habit   is smoking. According to statistics, up to 90% of men with potency problems are heavy smokers. Nicotine leads to a spasm of blood vessels, including in the penis, which violates its filling with blood and the formation of erection. At the right moment sufficient hardness can not be achieved. No less harmful will be the habits of having a love affair, especially if a continuation is planned, then the second run may end in a fiasco.

Food and Drinks

Many men, having invited a lady for a cup of coffee with a hint of the romantic continuation of the evening, only limited this coffee due to the fact that caffeine negatively affects the potency. Especially likely to be a failure on the love front when combining coffee with cigarettes, it is not only harmful to the body, but also has a negative effect on libido and potency. If you also add here a hearty dinner at home or in a restaurant with an abundance of trans fats and fatty meat, from which cholesterol goes off scale and pressure rises, you can forget about high-quality sex. If a man wants his potency to be always perfect, it is worth reconsidering his diet in favor of a low-fat and protein-rich diet.

So that a man can always stay in shape and be irresistible macho, his food should be rich in vegetables and fruits, dairy dishes and seafood, fish and nuts, seeds, mushrooms and vegetable oils are acceptable. It is necessary to abandon the diet of bread, especially white and freshly baked, the sugar, acids and yeast contained in them reduce the level of testosterone. If bread for a man is an indispensable component of nutrition, then it is worth choosing rye or bran, such bread is at least healthy.

Negative effects of drugs

Often spoil the intimacy can   medications used to treat diabetes, peptic ulcer disease or have a sedative, sedative effect. If they were prescribed by a doctor, you should visit him again and ask to replace the drugs with those that do not affect the potency, or to correct the dose, leveling the negative effects of the drug. It is especially dangerous not only for masculine strength, but also for general health, to apply medications without prescription by a doctor, as self-treatment. This, incidentally, also applies to the well-known Viagra and its counterparts. Even herbal supplements and drugs should be discussed with the doctor. The combination of these intimate drugs with some drugs gives a very life-threatening combination!

Separately about anabolic steroids and potency

Of course, men want to look attractive to women and have pumped muscles and press dice. But taking anabolic steroids while doing exercises in the gym is extremely harmful, especially for the intimate side of things and potency. The increase in these hormones, arising from the outside, is perceived by the body as an increase in testosterone concentration, and, accordingly, the endocrine glands cease to produce their hormones. This leads to a decrease in testicular size, impotence and psychological disorders.

When you want a perfect body with a full   potency   – to help this can complete physical activity, protein nutrition and regular sexual acts, then the potency will not suffer. And any stimulants and external influence are fraught with problems.

Negative emotions, stress, nerves

Chronic stress and depression lead to impotence, it is associated with an excess of cortisol production, leading to obesity and decreased libido. Therefore, you need to monitor your psychological state. No less negatively affect sex life and constant showdown, negative emotions and quarrels.Few men like this, and they will prefer to flee rather than make love from such emotions of their partner. Passionate reconciliation of partners in bed after a burst of negative emotions only works for the first time, then emotional stress creates psychological barriers and moral impotence, with this partner sexual relations simply do not work. Not only men themselves should know this, but also women. If you plan a romantic evening, a man needs to say only pleasant things, so that he will release the hormones of pleasure, not stress. Negative emotions, anger and irritation can negate all efforts to resolve conflicts even in bed. If the potency is not sufficient, the conflict will not only not be extinguished, but will only grow. Considering how sensitive men are to criticism in the intimate sphere, this threatens serious intimate problems. Often, such couples quickly fall apart, and then the man has long to deal with failures in bed.

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