Modern erectile dysfunction treatments

Potency disorders: diagnosis and treatment of the disease

With the problems of potency and annoying misfires in bed, there were many men, and often repeated problems, and every once in a while, problems form serious complexes. The cause of such “refusals to work” can become infectious or somatic diseases, the negative impact of bad habits, trivial stress and fatigue. But if, after resting, eliminating all the influencing factors, the problem is not resolved, and again there is difficulty with the potency, it is necessary to visit the doctor and check the symptoms associated with urinary tract pathologies. Why do men have such “failures” and how to solve the problem?

Where do you have problems with potency?

Male potency is a very complex tool and is dependent on many factors, both physical and emotional. Although men belong to the stronger sex, they have their weakness with regard to potency, which often leads to serious complexes and neuroses. At least once in a lifetime during the period of sexual activity, each representative of the stronger sex met with the fact that his “combat tool” at a crucial moment was sluggish and refused to get up. Most often this happens under the influence of bad habits (especially in violent alcoholic libations), or if the object of desire is not very attractive in appearance. Sometimes the problem of potency is related to the fact that thoughts are occupied with problems of work, experiences, or physical indisposition. However if   potency   suffers only occasionally and under similar circumstances – this is not erectile dysfunction, but quite a normal state, especially after 30-35 years. But if problems with potency arise often, even if bad habits are excluded, and the health is quite strong, the woman is smart, but there is no reaction – it’s time to see a doctor to check for symptoms of prostatitis, detect infections and other pathologies.

Impotence and complexes

Doctors say that about erectile dysfunction (or as it is also called impotence), it is worth talking in the case when an erection does not occur with a romantic mood and desire, during foreplay or during an act. It is necessary to check the symptoms of urological diseases in the specialist’s office.But men with a similar problem are very embarrassed to go to doctors, preferring self-treatment or experiences, which leads to the formation of inferiority complexes and neuroses with depressions. Doctors say that men come to “surrender” to a specialist in that period when the problem has already gone very far and the complexes have already flourished in a violent color, which greatly complicates the therapy. Often the physical body is not to blame for the problems of potency.   diseases, namely the psyche, deep inner experiences and complexes, uncertainty, resulting in a similar manifestation. In this case, it is the head that is to be treated, not the “battle friend.” Sometimes, on the contrary, complexes and psychological disorders significantly aggravate the course of an initially physical disease. One way or another, it is much easier and easier to understand the initial stage together with the doctor than when the situation was already strained to the limit.

How to start a search for the cause: bad habits, lifestyle and pathology

The true causes of pathology can have a multifactorial origin, and this is not always the wrong way of life and bad habits, although they also significantly harm men’s strength. If the blunders are directly related to alcohol intake, and yes even dose-dependent , it is very likely – the effect of the bad habit, which is worth getting rid of as soon as possible. Smoking can also have a negative effect, but is still weaker than alcohol. When visiting a doctor, you will have to remember your unfortunate first time and analyze with which of the effects the patient himself can associate with them.Also worth doing in respect of all subsequent “failures in bed.” The doctor does not need this because of curiosity, but to analyze the situation and find out the true cause of erectile dysfunction.

When all bad habits are excluded, the work is not connected with severe stress, and the patient is relatively healthy, you should look for the causes of organic origin – diseases of the urinary system and genitals, endocrine disorders and infections, inflammation.

The same disease as others

Although this is an intimate and delicate sphere, it is worth remembering that erectile dysfunction is the same disease as any other (pyelonephritis, hepatitis or gastritis), and therefore there are diagnostic and treatment methods. For the treatment of such a disease, doctors today have developed both non-drug methods related to the effect on the mind and body of a man, and   medication   and even surgical correction. It all depends on what the reason led to the annoying failures and how long this condition lasted. Usually, with such an intimate illness, psychocorrection and medications help well; in the initial stages, impotence is quickly eliminated without a trace. But do not engage in amateur, follow the dubious advice from the Internet and apply dangerous folk techniques.

Start by checking the symptoms in the doctor’s office

If a problem has arisen, the first thing that is necessary is to check the symptoms of urological pathology in the specialist’s office. Therefore, a visit to a urologist or andrologist is required, who will talk in detail with the patient and find out the severity of the problem, inspect the “battle friend” and check the symptoms associated with pathologies of the prostate, penis and testicles. On examination, anatomical defects, inflammation and tenderness, a violation of the structure of the veins and an enlarged prostate can be detected. In the future, for a more detailed explanation of the causes, it is necessary to conduct a whole range of diagnostic procedures. These include both ultrasound of the genitals and pelvis, and doplerometry with the assessment of blood circulation in the region of the vessels that feed the penis and testicles. You may need additional contrasting. In some cases, a sensitivity study of the skin and mucous membranes is also conducted, since problems with nerves due to osteochondrosis or spinal injury can be the cause. If necessary, special methods will be applied – a test with nocturnal erections, cavernosography or seeding for infections.

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