Men’s vitamins: for the heart, liver and potency

Everyone knows since the school biology course that the body needs vitamins for a full life. But for men and women, they are required in various combinations and volumes. There are a number of substances that are necessary to maintain the health of the male heart, to prevent hair loss on the head. Vitamin deficiencies can adversely affect potency and libido, affecting the general condition and performance. How do you build your diet, do you need to take extra vitamins from the pharmacy, and which ones are most important?

Vitamins for the male body

Far from all of the vitamins can be synthesized by the man’s body, so they should always come in the required amount from the outside. Ideally, the full composition of vitamins should provide nutrition, but if it is far from ideal, you should pay attention to pharmaceutical preparations.Vitamins are participants of many metabolic reactions that are responsible for brain activity, muscle tone and muscle fiber growth, as well as provide stable potency and high levels of libido.

Nature originally laid such a type of food for a man so that all the vitamins are fully supplied with food. But not many men eat like their ancient ancestors – seizing a piece of fried mammoth roots and weed. Therefore, modern food men can not cover all his needs, because of what there are problems in health. Adds challenges to restocking   of vitamins   food allergies or digestive abnormalities, which is why not all fortified foods (for example, citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries), are allowed to eat.

Healthy heart: what it takes

In addition to all preventive measures, including adequate physical exercise, stress management and a daily regimen with a full sleep, proper nutrition and adequate intake of vitamins are important for heart health. It supports the heart well and strengthens the vessels by supplying a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid. This substance has antioxidant properties, neutralizing free radicals that damage vessels. It helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduces cholesterol levels, stimulates   immunity   and reduces stress levels. No less useful will be the B vitamins, they help to tone the nervous system and calm the heart, which is acutely responsive to stress. Vitamin D is useful for vascular health and active work of the heart, which helps the body to absorb calcium, which regulates blood coagulation and prevents thrombosis.

If baldness appears: how to help the hair?

If the hair quickly gets dirty, falls out and baldness has already been outlined, you need to pay attention to biotin, its deficiency often negatively affects the growth of hair, nails and skin condition. This vitamin helps the body absorb sulfur, which is needed for proper hair growth and prevention of hair loss. No less useful will be retinol, which is contained in orange fruits and is absorbed in the presence of fats. It helps in the normalization of the skin, including in the area of ​​baldness, which activates the follicles so that hair grows faster. Milk and dairy products, mushrooms, egg yolks, sea buckthorn, carrots will be useful.

If libido is gone and potency suffers

With a deficiency of vitamins bind and weakening potency, as well as a decrease in sexual desire. To increase male power, you should pay attention to vitamin E (tocopherol). Wheat sprouts, vegetable oils and green fruits contain it. No less important and affecting potency is   folic acid. It belongs to one of the vitamins that significantly affect reproductive functions, often with its deficiency potency or reduced craving, reduced sperm quality. A lot of this substance in green vegetables and fruits, garden greens.

Vitamins in the diet to support the liver

Male liver often suffers from alcohol, especially if it is eaten with chips, fast food or salted foods. No less harmful to her sharp, pickled, fried dishes familiar cuisine. Therefore, it needs fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin B12 and lipoic acid for liver health . They normalize the work of liver cells, regulate the process of fat metabolism, protect liver cells from the negative effects of alcohol. You can replenish stocks of these vitamins by introducing into the diet of milk, cabbage, eggs, greens or rice.

Maintain muscle tone, add strength

No less useful for men when they build muscle mass such vitamins as B12, B2 and B6 in combination with sufficient intake of protein in the body. They help the absorption of dietary protein and the synthesis of its own body proteins, preventing the deposition of food calories in fats.

Especially important is the intake of these vitamins, if a man practices vegetarianism. In plant foods there are few of these substances, and most likely, you will need to take them additionally in the form of drugs.

If a   nutrition   far from the principles of correctness, and the man decided for himself to use additional pharmaceutical preparations, they should be taken in courses – two weeks of administration, then a break for 2-3 weeks and another course. If necessary, after 3-4 months, this cycle can be repeated. It is useful to take complex drugs, which contain a daily set of most essential for the male body substances, but it is desirable to use them in combination with changes in the mode and composition of nutrition, so the effect will be maximum.

Vitamins from the pharmacy, in spite of their synthetic origin, will not bring harm to the body, they are similar to the natural food vitamins and are also fully digested without harm, if their dosages are not exceeded.

It is not necessary to combine the intake of vitamins with products such as bran, as well as meals rich in fiber, they can reduce the absorption of substances from the intestine.

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