Myths about men that all women believe in

Peculiarities of upbringing in the Soviet and post-Soviet space have formed a number of misconceptions that almost every woman believes in, they all relate to the opposite sex. We found 8 allegations that are false. Understanding the discrepancy can improve relationships, change the view of all men.

Myth 1. Men only need sex.

It’s a lie. For relationships, a man is looking for a suitable person who is interesting in communication, comfortable in everyday life. The need for sex is much lower than the pressure of a society requiring a union. It is not difficult to do without proximity with modern sex toys.

And the older the man, the more important it is for him to have an interlocutor than a sexual partner. At the age of 45+, interest in sex is reduced.

Myth 2. Men are not emotional.

Features of education lead to a disguise of feelings. The manifestation of emotions by a man in youth is perceived as weakness. And in adulthood, he continues to show only aggression, this is the only experience that others do not block. But inside, emotions are no less intense than women. But the man himself does not always understand them, and cannot manifest.

Myth 3. Men evaluate a woman only in appearance

In youth, external parameters are very important. But after a series of alliances, opinion changes. An adult man is looking for a person by nature, and not by the length of the legs. Therefore, if the goal is not a temporary game or quick sex, then appearance is not a key parameter. What exactly is important in fact is a very individual set of qualities that you need to ask a specific person about.

Myth 4. Men feel more confident in bed.

It is believed that women are more worried about how they look in bed. But this is not true. Men are also afraid, just do not show it. They have much more reasons for excitement, since physical capabilities are not always possible to control. And the older the man, the more fears he has. And questions about whether he is better than the former or what his stomach looks like, also excite men.

Myth 5. Men don’t like it when a woman earns more.

It’s a lie. A spouse’s good income is a positive moment for many men, and often even a subject of pride. Competition in the modern world is inappropriate, and a significant replenishment of the budget by a woman helps maintain a decent standard of living. It is important for a man to participate in building a budget, to contribute, but her percentage now is not the main parameter.

Myth 6. Men watch porn because they do not like their relationship.

It’s a delusion. Porn is a fantasy that someone embodies on the screen. It can excite, help relieve emotional stress. But watching adult films does not mean that there are a couple problems. Sex and masturbation are two different things. And if a man sometimes ends up by himself, it is not scary for marriage. He does not even always want to embody what he saw on the screen in life.

Myth 7. If he didn’t finish, then he doesn’t like the girl

Orgasm is a complex process for everyone, and it may not happen due to stress, alcohol, malnutrition. And if he cannot finish, it is important not to pay much attention to this. The reason for this can be many parameters, and this is not always associated with a woman. If he had no interest in the lady, he would not be in the same bed with her.

Myth 8. Friendship between a man and a woman does not exist.

She is. And it is not built on sex or the desire to possess. Two people of any gender can be friends, and there are thousands of great examples of this.

There are many myths about men, we talked about the most popular. What other myths do you know? Tell us in the comments.

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