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Sex in the lives of famous people: 20+ explicit stories

There is a theory that all great and famous people possessed and have irrepressible sexual energy. And so strong that it sublimates into other channels, which becomes the reason for their genius or outstanding abilities. Moreover, this can manifest itself both in creativity and in science or politics.

However, in fairness it should be said that this is still not just a theory, but an indisputable fact, as evidenced by the history and description of the life of famous personalities, from the ancient world to the present day. Moreover, if you delve deeper into this topic, you can understand that the expression “about times, about manners!” extremely senseless, and in fact, many modern “libertines” are very far from their well-known predecessors. Also, this proves that perversions are not at all a sign of a time of free morals or a consequence of 2 sexual revolutions of the last century. They have always been, are and will be.

And to prove this, we decided to devote this article, from which you can learn about the sexual preferences of your favorite writer or musician whose creations you admire, or an outstanding politician who is forever imprinted in history not only for his achievements, but also for his sexual exploits.

Interesting facts from the intimate life of famous personalities

We all watch the news and read gossip about the life of stars with pleasure. But in fact, this is not a tribute to the present day and the presence of the media. The intimate side of being outstanding personalities aroused interest and attracted attention at all times. Moreover, many historians and chroniclers have captured this in their writings. And so in detail and in detail that many of these tablets are kept with seven seals. It is not even necessary to say that this information was present in history textbooks. But we still worked hard and made an interesting selection, from which you will learn a lot of entertaining information and understand that porn, sex without obligation, freedom of morals and everything that the “guardians of morality” ascribe to modern society are still flowers compared to which was hundreds and even thousands of years ago. So, let’s begin.

1. Cleopatra 

This great queen of Egypt and Caesar’s mistress forever went down in history not only as one of the most beautiful women (although many historians claim exactly the opposite), but also as a femme fatale who, like a female praying mantis, killed her partners after sex.

And she probably had an enviable charisma and incredible attractiveness, since, despite this, there was a line of slaves in her bedroom who wanted to change their lives for the night with their queen.

2. Guy Julius Caesar 

This great Roman emperor became famous not only for his ability to do several things at the same time, but also for his sexual temperament. Although, as we said above, it is possible that carnal pleasures helped to reveal his talents.

When he was writing laws and decrees, several boys and girls were always waiting for him in the next room , to whom he went for a kind of “coffee break” to rest for a few minutes, and then go back to state affairs. 

3. Caligula 

A real pimp of the ancient world. He turned his palace into a real brothel, whose employees were female senators. But we must pay tribute to him as a responsible taxpayer, because with the proceeds he replenished the treasury of the empire.

4. Alexander the Great 

This commander forced his soldiers not only to engage in homosexual relationships, but also to create families. By this he killed two birds with one stone and, probably, owed his triumphs. First, his soldiers were always sexually satisfied during long campaigns, and they were not so attracted to home to their wives. And secondly, they were ready to do anything to protect their newly-made male “wife” or combat “girlfriend” on the battlefield.

5. Napoleon Bonaparte 

Returning with triumph from another campaign to conquer the world, he sent ahead a messenger with a letter to his Josephine, in which he asked her for several days … not to wash. Since he was very excited by the smells, which were not pleasant for many.

6. Ivan the Terrible 

Although, probably, not only formidable, but also dissolute. He became famous not only for his temper, but also for the fact that he spoiled many women. Before his visit to any city or village, he ordered all the girls and women with raised skirts and bare shameless places to be shown along the way of his cortege, in order to choose the one that he liked. This is probably where the girls came from on the tracks.

7. GH Andersen 

Famous and beloved by many children and adults, the storyteller was distinguished by particular modesty in matters of love, and he devoted all his free time to masturbation. He even kept a special diary, where he noted how many times a day he indulged in self-satisfaction, and how much he rubbed his penis, showing particular zeal.

8. Mozart 

Looking at the correspondence between Mozart and his cousin (in which he often expressed a desire to defecate on her face), as well as the title of one of his works, which contains the phrase “lick my ass”, it becomes clear about his tendency to coprophagy .

9. Chief Montezuma 

A real Michurin of his time. He forced his subjects to have sex on the cocoa plantations. And what do you think for what? Yes, I just thought, and perhaps not without reason, that semen is the best fertilizer for these plants.

10. Fyodor Dostoevsky 

It is not difficult to guess from his works that Fyodor Mikhailovich loved not only a rough syllable, but also rough sex. Moreover, he forced his young wife to write down on paper how she felt after each sex, and what words he called her.

11. Marquis de Sade 

Legendary personality and founder of sadomasochism. He argued that pleasure can only be obtained through pain, and kept several slaves in his castle to satisfy his desires. For which he was a visitor to a psychiatric hospital several times. 

12. Giacomo Casanova 

Famous adventurer and womanizer. He is credited with having an intimate relationship with more than 800 ladies. Although against the background of pornstars, his achievements can be called very modest. He is also credited with inventing the “Shpansky Fly”, which he liked to add to the drinks of his guests, so that the feast would smoothly flow into an orgy.

13. Catherine II 

She had a lot of lovers, and a special service was involved in their selection and casting. She tirelessly indulged in amorous pleasures until old age, and some historians claim that her temperament brought her to sex with a horse.

14. Benjamin Franklin 

This respectable man, whom most people recognize by the 100 dollar bill, preferred women much older than himself by several decades. He believed that they are more faithful, and if you cover their faces, then below they can not be distinguished from young girls.

15. Ernest Hemingway 

If you look at his correspondence with Marlene Dietrich, you can understand about their addictions to role-playing games and fantasies about this topic.  

16.Maxim Gorky 

He is credited with a penchant for voyeurism, as he loved to visit brothels, but with a very original purpose – to watch others have sex. Moreover, he believed that this helps them to get rid of the sin of fornication.

17. Albert Einstein 

He preferred women from his inner circle, or rather relatives. He was married to his cousin, and he is also credited with having an affair with her daughter.

18. Marilyn Monroe 

This film star and sex symbol of her time was passionate about wearing underwear. And once she even decided to demonstrate this to John F. Kennedy. All would be fine, but she did it in public, at one of the secular dinners. There is exhibitionism.

19.Mohammed Ali 

This star of world boxing (despite the fact that he was married several times) did not hide relationships with other women from his spouses. And one of his mistresses, model Veronica Porsche, even specially flew to him in Zaire, to a sports camp, despite the fact that his wife was there. Probably, this outstanding athlete had no less strength and endurance in bed than in the ring.

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger 

A great athlete, actor, businessman. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most handsome man of all times and peoples. Naturally, he was always very popular with women, from which he changed them like gloves and indulged in love pleasures all night long.  

21. Angelina Jolie 

An exemplary mother and an exemplary family man has repeatedly admitted that she is sexually attracted to girls, and a passion for hard BDSM.

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