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Sex positions for both partners, top-30

Intimate life will sparkle with new colors, it is worth discovering the Kamasutra and diversifying the usual sex positions. And those who are not physically ready for intricate gymnastic tricks can familiarize themselves with poses that do not involve a lot of stress.

Why Sexual Feelings Depend on

Two people are involved in intercourse, mutually comfortable sex positions are very important for arousal and subsequent orgasm. In each person has his own set of erogenous zones, points. In certain postures, these erogenous zones are maximally activated. 

What is the mechanism of sexual arousal, discharge at the moment of sexual peak? The couple moves to orgasm in different ways, but the neural activity of the brain is the same. Receiving a signal of arousal, the brain transmits impulses to the genitals and the man is not able to think of anything else but satisfaction of desire. At the moment of erection, during intercourse, intense movements stimulate the receptors and erogenous zones of the penis, a peak of arousal sets in. Impulses enter the man’s brain, muscle contraction and ejaculation begin.   

A woman’s body is more complex. Orgasm can come from stimulation of the clitoris. Its location from the entrance to the vagina is important. Men have the only way of transmitting information from the penis to the brain and back. While the female pathways are divided into 3 or 4 transmissions of sensory sensations, therefore, getting orgasm several times in one coitus is a phenomenon inherent only in women. Women achieve orgasm by vaginal and clitoral methods.

Features of sex with puffy people

During sex with very large partners, it should be borne in mind that not all sex positions are suitable for them. Their features in an intimate sense:

  • Many find it difficult to take positions where even a small stretch is required – to spread your legs wide, make a deep bend, bend, or throw your legs over your partner’s shoulders.
  • When a woman is large, the horsewoman position is not suitable for every man, and it is difficult for a woman in a missionary position if a man has a big belly and he can press the woman down with them so that it will be difficult for her to breathe.
  • The fast rhythm of frictions takes away strength, it’s hard to breathe.

But you should not lose heart, you can always adapt, there would be love and mutual understanding. The sex positions below are usually suitable for larger partners. 

Pose 1. Doggy – style

The girl gets down on all fours, the guy takes a position behind her. A comfortable, deep penetration occurs. There is the possibility of stimulating the clitoris. The surface must be stable. You can not kneel, but lean on the table with your hands or elbows, bending the fifth point back.

Pose 2. Starfish

Suitable for tight men. The girl lies on her back, a pillow is placed under the buttocks for a comfortable process. The legs are thrown over the shoulders of the partner. The partner is kneeling in front of the partner. Another option, when a woman lies on a table (on her back) or something similar, a man stands close to a hill and the woman’s legs are on his shoulders.

Pose 3. World of butterflies

The guy stands in front of the bed, the girl lies as in the previous position. Legs are kept bent or hugged by them partner. This is a deep penetration, a storm of emotions, a vivid orgasm.

Pose 4. Ratchet

The guy sits on the bed, rests on his hands, spreads his legs. The partner sits on her knees, with her back to the man, between his thighs. Arches his back, stretches his arms. Thus, opening the buttocks, the vagina, making free access for the partner.

Features of sex in people with a large difference in height

When one of the partners is tall and the other is below average. It turns out that their genitals are at different levels. In this case, you will need to be smart.

1.Perpendicular sections

Leisurely deep penetration sex, unusual penetration angle. The guy lies on his side, the girl on her back in front of him at waist level. The legs are thrown over the partner and a merger occurs. The guy can admire the naked body of the partner.

2.Board games

The opportunity for experimentation. The partner sits on the table, rests on her hands, spreads her hips. The partner stands between the legs and so makes frictions. You can wrap your legs around the guy or put your feet on his shoulders.

3 the eagle show

The guy is on his knees, the girl is on her back. Raises legs, spreads them in the form of a slingshot. Excellent visibility for a guy, free access to intimate places.

4 origami illusion

The guy sits down, stretches, spreads his legs. The woman lies on her back, wrapping her legs around her partner’s waist. You can move on to the process of getting pleasure. The guy can caress, kiss the breasts of the girl (if he is tall).

Physiological incompatibility of partners

Of course, it is best when the genitals fit together like a key to a lock, but this does not always happen. It happens that a man has a small or large penis, and a girl has a deep or short vagina. You can choose sex positions in such a difficult situation.

If the penis is not large, then you can try any position and perform frictions with any intensity.

To satisfy a tall lady with a deep vagina, positions with deep penetration are suitable, when the woman’s vagina folds as much as possible. For the sake of variety, they use a device – a ring on the penis, with a special protrusion that stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris.

When the penis is large, it is important to engage in sex slowly and with extreme caution. Sex positions with shallow penetration are suitable. Since the size mismatch can cause pain and serious damage to the vagina.

1. Horsewoman.

The woman controls the level of penetration, the rhythm of movement. Change options and angles. The partner just enjoys the process and enjoys it.

2. Monkeys.

The guy lies on his back, legs are bent at the knees. The partner sits with her back to him, leaning on her partner’s knees. This gives the lady the advantage of being in control of the process. Training required.

3 big mountains

Put a lot of pillows, the partner lies on them with her stomach, with her back to the partner. A man penetrates into the bosom as deeply as possible (or a little, if the partner is uncomfortable), giving a tangible orgasm. You can caress it with your fingers to enhance the sensation.

4 dog games

If the penis is small or thin. The guy takes a pose behind his partner, penetrates deeply, gives pleasure. The girl can lean on her elbows, raise her hips, bend her back.

Poses that stimulate the G-spot

In the female body, the mysterious G-spot is responsible for powerful orgasms. Even if the penis is small and the vagina is deep, the result is guaranteed with G stimulation. Consider three sex positions for G-spot stimulation.

Missionary Games

Habitual for many couples. An additional element will be a pillow placed under the buttocks. Thus, during penetration, the penis easily reaches the front wall of the vaginal opening and massages the G-spot. It is there that this delightful point is located. In addition, friction between the pubis and the clitoris will increase, revealing new boundaries of sexual pleasure.

“A woman is a rider”

The man sits with his back against the wall, placing a pillow for comfort. Leans back 45 degrees, the partner sits on top, while the man’s hips are between her legs. A woman in this position leads, controls the pace, speed, depth of penetration.

“Legs up”

The girl lies down facing her partner. The guy takes a position in front of her and kneels. Next, the woman places her feet on the boy’s shoulders. The pose allows you to penetrate deeper, the curved body provides stimulation to the point of pleasure. If it is difficult for a girl, it will be enough to wrap her legs around her waist or just stretch them out on the bed.

What is the G-spot, how to find it

Talk about the existence of an important female G-spot for sex began in the 80s. Intimate foreplay, sex positions that stimulate her, increase the level of pleasure received. The erogenous zone is located on the anterior wall of the vagina. In the zone and the point G itself there is an abundance of nerve endings, rudimentary remnants of glands similar to the prostate in men. Activation of the G zone causes a powerful orgasm with a secretion similar to seminal fluid. They call such an orgasm squirt.

Point G – located at a depth of 3 to 7 cm. on the front wall of the vagina and it is easy to determine by touch, since the mucous membrane in this area is bumpy and becomes convex when excited.

Description of the most successful positions for deep penetration and stimulation of G

1. “Male pleasure”

The thumb and forefinger are folded into a ring, they clasp the penis. The foreskin is pulled down to expose the head, start frictions by clamping the root of the trunk of the penis with a hand. Thus, the sensitivity of the male organ is exacerbated. Before the finish line, the trunk is not released immediately, thus delaying ejaculation. When the penis is released, a more intense and vivid ejaculation occurs.

2. “Female saddle”

Wedding ceremony, honeymoon is a great time in the life of a young married couple. And if you supplement it with sensual sex – a marathon, then it will be remembered for a lifetime, the couple will spend time in the world of sweet experiments, enriching the experience and mastering new positions.

Let’s remember how girls traveled in the Middle Ages. Both feet are on the same side. So in this position. The groom lies on his back, the bride sits on top, the legs are on the side, and not on the girth on both sides of the male body. The couple starts to move. An unusual angle of penetration will stir up the blood, will allow you to penetrate deeper into the bosom, thereby sharpening the feeling, will give an incredible orgasm.

3. “Fun swing”

A childish, cute activity can be turned into a spicy hobby for a couple in love. The girl lies on her back and raises her legs. The man rises from above.

The legs are fixed on the neck, thereby revealing all the intimate parts of the woman. When moving, it feels like riding on a swing. Deep penetration occurs, the clitoris is squeezed, which increases arousal and violent orgasm. Suitable for both anal and vaginal entertainment.

4. “Scorpion Games”

The girl lies on her stomach on the pillow, the man is behind, one leg behind his thigh, the other between his legs. The back area is stimulated, filling sex with new emotions. Partners fully feel each other.

5. “Lotuses in Bloom”

The couple sit down to face each other. The girl’s legs are placed around the waist of the gentleman. A great pose for sofa games, small beds. There is a strong emotional connection between partners, deep penetration.

6. “Spoon Pose”

Suitable for gentle, unhurried, comfortable sex. The couple lies on their side facing each other. The girl can also sit with her back to the boy. The guy gets into the bosom of the girl, a pleasant process begins.

7. “Iron”

A sensual adventure begins with an erotic massage. The thighs are brought together, there is a tight penetration. Fills sex with new opportunities, vivid emotions.

8. “Snails”

Continue the list of sex positions that allow you to burn calories. A pleasant sensation is combined with a beneficial effect of weight loss. Pleasure will be received, the figure will be tightened. 20 minutes of sex can burn almost 100 calories, it all depends on the way you have sex. Consider the Snail pose.

This is a form of missionary sex. The girl lies on her back, crosses her legs on her partner’s chest, the feet are on the boy’s shoulders. He is on his knees, towers over his partner. The penetration will be deep, so the woman should be well warmed up, no matter what an unpleasant pain reaction occurs. During sex, 45 or more calories are burned.

9. “Incredible Opportunities”

The following intimate games will transform the process, take more than 55 calories. The guy, sitting on the bed, takes a comfortable position, the girl sits on top, goes to the race. Next, the guy gradually lowers the body, so that the body, arms, shoulders, head hang from the bed. And penetration occurs again. Calories are burned during active movements.

10. “Mermaid in flight”

This option burns up to 75 calories. But it is better to choose it for physically strong people. The girl has the opportunity to see the situation from a different angle. You need to lie on your back, lean on your hands, raise your legs so that the guy can quickly, easily master the body of his beloved. A guy can sit on an armchair, and a girl can lean back, lie on a pillow. Penetration occurs with forward movements, plus stimulates the chest by caressing, stroking. It is worth showing dexterity.

Sex positions for sports partners and their variations


The partner lies on his back, the girl sits on top. The guy, after penetration, raises her body, so the couple will look at each other. The partner’s legs are located around the guy’s buttocks. And the hands are on the knees at the level of the chest.

“Walking the tightrope”

This sex posture will help you pump your legs, buttocks, and stomach. The partner lies on his back, one leg bent, will be a support for the partner. The girl sits down on top with her back to him. Penetration occurs from behind, the guy sets the rhythm, the girl maintains the pace.

“Super car”

The girl rests on her hands, the guy raises her legs to his stomach. Next, the legs cover the waist for support and balance. Frictions occur on the fly.

“News of the day”

The man stands, the woman covers him with her legs. The guy holds his buttocks and back tightly, ensuring safety. You can have sex in this position anytime anywhere in your home. You can use the wall as a support for the girl.

“Ballerina for an encore”

The couple becomes facing each other. The guy spreads and bends his legs a little. The girl hugs him by the neck, raises her right leg, placing her foot on her partner’s shoulder. Maintain balance with the other shoulder and support the guy around the waist.


Sexual satisfaction of partners plays an important role in love relationships. Having chosen interesting erotic, explicit sex positions for yourself, it is important to remember about safety measures and contraceptive measures. Since during the merger, you can miss the spicy moment, which will lead to conception. In addition, there are variations with difficult performance, if there is no necessary physical preparation, it is better to refrain from such experiments.

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