Anal depth: what is the maximum penetration depth?

The desire to give a loved one incredible sensations in bed leads to various experiments and the embodiment of intimate fantasies. One of them is anal sex, which more and more couples are daring to do.

Such love joys require special preparation and care, and therefore have many questions. The most important are how to avoid pain and discomfort and what is the depth of anal sex.

Spicy intercourse rules

Anal sex is the dream of most of the stronger sex and the innermost fantasy of many women. From the point of view of sexologists, “rear copulation” is a completely healthy type of intimate relationship. If both partners want to diversify their personal lives and take precautions, there are no obstacles.

But it should be remembered that the anus is not part of the reproductive system and is not physiologically intended for sex. Therefore, before the introduction of the penis into it, it is necessary to take into account all the factors that can cause serious consequences for the physiological and psychological health of the girl.

For successful anal intercourse you need:

  • trusting relationship in a couple;
  • psychological attitude to pleasant sensations from copulation;
  • correct preparation;
  • knowledge of the basic rules.

Anatomical features

The length of the surgical anal canal, the main part of the anus, located from the anorectal ring to the anal border, is 4-5 cm. Average values ​​are 4.2 cm. Then the rectum is about 12 cm long, followed by the sigmoid colon. There are no sharp bends or kinks between the last two sections of the intestine. This structure of the anus allows a penis of any size and length to freely penetrate into the partner’s body.

The width of the anus is a more delicate issue. Thanks to pornographic videos, there is an opinion that it is possible to stretch the opening of the anus to an unimaginable size. This requires only regular training with a gradual increase in the volume of the object introduced into the ass. But this is a myth!

The extensibility of the anus is strictly individual: some of the fairer sex can easily enter a clenched fist, while others, even with daily “rear copulation”, will not be able to “accept” anything except the index finger.

Anal sex can bring special sexual pleasure. But nevertheless, the anatomical features of the anus suggest the “withdrawal” of dense objects from it, and not the “input”. Therefore, in the normal state, the anus ring is tightly compressed and opens only to empty the intestines.

The opening is about 4-5 cm in diameter, after which the sphincter returns to its usual position. A similar process occurs with intimate pleasures: when the penis is inserted, the anus opens for its acceptance, and after sex it contracts again tightly.

The difference between the anus and the vagina

These two organs have common characteristics and fundamental differences. So, the length of the female vagina ranges from 7 to 14 cm, while the anus reaches 14-18 cm and is able to increase due to the sigmoid colon. This automatically removes the problem “it is too big for me” – a penis of any length will fit into the anus.

The next aspect is elasticity. The vagina is made up of muscles, and these require training. If a woman observes sexual rest for a long time, the vagina loses its tone, the muscles become flabby. The elasticity also decreases after the birth of the child, because in the process of the baby’s birth, the vagina is shortened and greatly stretched in width, allowing the baby’s head to pass through. Therefore, he needs time to restore tone.

Weakened muscles are the main reason for a partner’s lack of pleasure. If the vagina is not able to tightly grasp and squeeze the penis, it takes a man more time to reach orgasm, and this affects the pleasure of the process of intercourse.

The muscles of the anus are always in good shape. The tight hole of the ass tightly wraps around the penis along its entire length, starting from the very entrance, and additionally stimulates the penis throughout the entire intercourse. This allows the partner to achieve incredible pleasure from sex.

Bright anal orgasm is not uncommon for a partner. When the head of the penis is inserted, the tightly compressed muscles of the anus gradually weaken, letting it go inside, which relieves the first discomfort. Stimulation by a member of many nerve endings and erogenous points located in the sphincter gives unforgettable pleasure.

Opinions and prejudices

For a long time, intimate relationships of a “back” nature were considered manifestations of perversion. Since nature has laid down only one way of sexual relations, any deviations from traditional forms of intercourse were equated with sin and fell under strict prohibition and condemnation.

After the sexual revolution of the last century, opinions have changed, and today more and more couples are practicing “roll-in from behind”. Sexologists around the world support these changes and unanimously declare that, with the consent of both partners, such intercourse is beneficial to the lovers. It contributes to:

  • strengthening relationships;
  • strengthening trust in a couple;
  • achieving harmony between a man and a woman;
  • a variety of sex life, the appearance of a certain zest.

However, there are also plenty of opponents of anal sex. According to them, the introduction of the head of the penis into the anus can only harm the physical health of a woman and damage her psyche.

Correct attitude

The last statement makes sense. So, fear of pain or discomfort, fear of being “misunderstood” can play a joke with a woman. It is the thought of condemnation from the partner, the conviction that he will consider her available or perverted, that make the ladies find themselves from anal intercourse. Therefore, it is more difficult and most important to decide on this type of sex psychologically.

The level of trust between partners plays an important role. Harmony and love is one of the factors that can remove all prohibitions. The second aspect is a passion for experiments and discoveries, bringing novelty to bed life. Therefore, you should forget about the false myth of harm to health. Sexologists argue that anal relationships are not only not harmful to physiology, but even beneficial. And for both women and men.

Sex toys

The marketing market is replete with a variety of sex play products. Among them are many and devices used in anal sex. They have different purposes:

  • pumps, pumps – gently affect the muscles of the sphincter and expand the anus, which facilitates the entry of the head of the man’s penis and relieves the discomfort of the first minutes in women;
  • balls of various sizes – have a dual purpose: they increase the diameter of the anus and gently stimulate erogenous points, affecting the nerve endings, which contributes to the arousal of the partner;
  • stimulants, anal vibrators – increase arousal, prepare a lady for orgasm, enhance the sensation of intercourse;
  • lubricants – facilitate the introduction of the penis into the anus.

Lubricants are important and indispensable ingredients in anal sex. The anus does not emit as much natural lubrication as the vagina, so additional sliding is simply necessary for it. It helps to relieve discomfort at all stages of intimacy and to avoid minor injuries and injuries.

Precautionary measures

Sexual pleasures in the background require special attention and care. So, it should be remembered that the rectum and the sigmoid colon pass into each other without any special obstacles, so there is a risk of “losing” in the body any object of intimate games: a ball, a nozzle, etc.

The anus is a delicate and tender place, it does not tolerate abrupt and rough movements, hard frictions and active offensive. It is worth moving in it carefully and carefully, otherwise there is a risk of damaging not only the anal ring, but also the internal organs.

Discomfort and pain during anal sex are common for both guys and girls. A man should listen to his feelings: when unpleasant sensations appear, intercourse should be stopped immediately, and the penis should be removed from the anus.

Negative consequences

Carelessness, abrupt movements and improper use of intimate toys can cause serious health problems, most often in women. So, the most common consequences of aggressive anal sex are:

  • cracks, wounds in the anus;
  • ruptures of the anus, rectum and sigmoid colon;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • disruption of the intestines and the entire digestive system;
  • general malaise.

Another important point is the desire to check the length and volume of the anal passage with improvised means. Wanting to be convinced of the possibility of penetration of the penis, men (and sometimes women on their own) inject fruits and vegetables of the corresponding anatomical shapes, kitchen items, bathroom accessories, and so on into the anus.

But since the anus is designed to remove objects, it works on the principle of a vacuum – it sucks in what comes from the outside to the inside. Such experiments often end with surgical operations to remove items from the intestines, chosen as intimate toys.

How to prepare for anal

The anal opening, like the vagina, is very sensitive, therefore, it is not indifferent to tactile and oral sex. Lubricants should become an obligatory attribute of intercourse from behind, which can be either special lubricants or natural or aromatic oils. The latter will add a special charm to such sex.

Before the introduction of the penis, the ass should be prepared “manually”: stimulation with fingers with a gradual stretching of the opening will expand the sphincter and prepare the partner for the introduction of a larger object.

You should not use stimulators and vibrators at the first anal contact: a woman should first psychologically prepare for the “game from behind” without strangers. When the internal barriers are removed, you can move on to toys and other intimate items.

You should listen to your own feelings and feelings of the partner: if pain or discomfort occurs, you should stop frictions and carefully remove the penis from the anus.

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