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What types of sex exist: common and unusual options

Not everyone knows the secrets of sex. It is not difficult to recognize the features of intimacy. It is important to want, desire and strive to open up, not be shy and understand your partner. Even the most sophisticated lover cannot know everything about intercourse with ladies.

Kinds of sex

Each of the options is special, noteworthy and capable of giving a lot of impressions.

  • Classic

The traditional version of intimacy. The penis is inserted into the vagina. The guy gets pleasure from rubbing against the walls of the vagina, and the lady needs additional stimulation in order to achieve the peak of pleasure. Poses of the Kamasutra .  

  • Anal

The member will slowly sink into the anal cavity of the partner. The act requires special preparation, careful handling, the use of cooling lubricants. Toys can be used to develop the anus. The pleasure of such closeness is unforgettable for two.

  • Oral

It comes in the form of cunnilingus, blowjob, anilingus. In all these cases, lip caress occurs: the clitoris, penis, anus. You can attract lips, tongue, hands, fingers, toys.   

The penis in the woman’s mouth, resting against her throat, delivers incredible excitement to the guy. Psychologists believe that it is at this moment that he feels himself the ruler of the female body, her soul and her every cell.

  • Masturbation

It is believed that such intimacy can only be alone with oneself. In fact, masturbating each other’s genitals can be more exciting than self-gratification. For such a game, many devices have been created in the form of: vacuum stimulators, vibrators, pumps, nozzles.

  • Manual

The genitals are stimulated with the hands. This kind of caress, without penetration, allows the partner who enjoys it to dream up, to present the hottest erotic picture. Complex poses are not needed here, active body movement is not required. One has only to stock up on lubricant and patience.

  • Mechanical

Bringing a partner to orgasm is performed with the help of sex devices in the form of: vibrators, plugs, imitations of the phallus. There are toys for singles or couples use, remote control and for use in public places.

  • Mental

Orgasm is aimed at satisfying the brain centers, not the body’s receptors. Such an orgasm is obtained from reading erotic stories, passionate SMS messages from his wife, etc.

  • Swing

Swinger parties have been practiced abroad for a long time. It is quite normal to exchange partners or partners. Such clubs allow you to learn new things, discover new talents, not changing, but trusting each other.

  • Bdsm

A special direction in the field of intimacy, the specialization of which is domination, submission. As accessories you can use: strap-on, lashes, handcuffs, fetters, clamps on the nipples and genitals.

  • Extreme

Sexual intercourse that is dangerous and will trigger an adrenaline rush. Most often – this is intimacy in a public place, where it is strictly forbidden to do such things.

  • Group

More than 2-3 people participate in it. This is a kind of swinger party, where several men penetrate into one woman at the same time, filling her vagina, anus or mouth with streams of hot sperm.

  • Petting

It can be superficial and deep. This is the caress of intimate organs, bringing to orgasm, but without intercourse of the penis with the vagina.

  • Intimate marathon

Foreplay can last up to several hours. A topical option for hardy couples who are able to restrain their excitement.

  • In clothes

Sex in a quick way. Partners do not undress, but simply make love until the man ends.

Unusual sex variations

Here are the types of intimacy that not all couples can decide on.

  • Splosing

Combining intimacy with food. During foreplay or even during intercourse, partners put on each other a variety of goodies in the form of whipped cream, condensed milk or ice cream, licking it all off from intimate organs.

  • Fitness

A good choice for a couple going to gyms. For intimacy, certain positions are chosen that can bring pleasure and burn a large number of calories, or you can completely merge together on one of the simulators. What betrays more of the passion is that this “workout” is done in a public place where someone can go.

  • Cyber

This is a form of phone sex, video chat only. The partner puts on sexy lingerie, will caress herself on the camera, affecting the most erogenous zones of her bosom. The partner masturbates at the sight of his lady, also on camera. The visual perception of such a process is incredible pleasure.

  • Carreza

Intimacy without reaching the peak of pleasure. The essence of sex is that caresses, hugs and compliments will come first, but penetration much later. This heats up the appetite of lovers, increases thirst, increases passion. Great practice for couples who have lived together for many years.

  • Aquasutra

Performing caresses in the water. Many men prefer to penetrate the vagina of their woman in this very atmosphere, the waves caress the penis, clitoris, even during their contact, the sensations will be simply unforgettable. As a water source, both a lake and a home bathroom, shower, etc. are suitable.

  • Tantric

The closeness of two people is aimed at spiritual intimacy. Souls must “penetrate each other.” This is the only way to find harmony, to feel your companion in life or in sex, to be charged with incredible sexual energy and to get an orgasm that has never been experienced.

  • Quickie

Another kind of quick sex. They do it in places chosen at random, for example: stopping in a parking area, in an amusement park, in a fitting room. Localization can be any, and the basis is a sudden surging passion that cannot be contained.

  • Open air

Intimacy in the open air. Another type of extreme intercourse. There is a sense that someone might catch or spy on the couple. It can be at a party, on a yacht, at a dacha, even on abandoned beaches. There are a lot of options.

  • Trichophilic

The name of this type of sex is taken from the term – hair. Partners can delight each other by rubbing against the hair of their loved ones. Many people get this contact. It is believed that such intimacy is preferred by those with emotional instability. Thus, they get an orgasm and at the same time mental satisfaction.

  • Nasal

A perverse version of intercourse, but, according to statistics, every 19 couple practices it. Men are turned on by neat female noses. By caressing his contours with his penis, the partner can get the highest pleasure. The benefit for the lady is a facial massage, and the eruption of sperm has a beneficial effect on the skin.

  • Intrafemoral

It is chosen in those moments when penetration into the vagina or anus is impossible. In this case, bringing the man to ecstasy is performed by rubbing the penis against the inner thighs of the girl.

  • Pubis

This original type of intimacy is chosen mainly by lesbian or bisexual girls. They rub slowly against each other with their pubic areas. Many can achieve clitoral ecstasy in this way. An artificial penis introduced into the game of two pussies will add pleasure.

  • Vertebral

Sex is more like driving over bumps. The woman lies on her stomach. She is completely naked. The partner drives his erect penis along her spine. The limit of ejaculation is very small. Most often, such proximity lasts no more than 2-3 minutes and ends with penetration from behind.

  • Mammological

Similar to many previous types, intimacy consists in rubbing the male member only on female breasts, mainly between them. For easier sliding, the chest is rubbed with oil.

  • Gluteal

Analogue of anal sex only without penetration. The girl sits over her partner, passes the penis between the buttocks and smoothly moves up and down, thereby bringing it to the peak of pleasure.

  • Interpedal

During intimacy, in order to obtain the maximum orgasm of a man, his penis is caressed by the girl’s feet. This option is chosen by foot fetishists.

  • Polliteal

This is a kind of masturbation for two, only the guy masturbates his “younger friend” at the expense of the popliteal region of his chosen one.

  • Frottage

When masturbating, they use foreign objects – a book, a statue, a TV remote control. No penetration required.

Sex positions

Learning the secrets of sex, enjoying the process of intercourse, it is worth discovering new positions. In addition to the traditional options, there are several original ones.

  1. Butterfly. A variation of the missionary position. The guy is between the legs of the girl, completely in control of what is happening.
  2. Missionary special. During sex, the penis slides out, touching the clitoris. Both will have pleasant sensations.
  3. A man is standing, a woman is lying on the surface of the table, her legs wrapped around his body.

Reasons for bonding souls during sex

Any intimacy is accompanied by foreplay. At this moment, there is a feeling of happiness, protection. This strengthens the relationship on each side, increases the level of trust. Partners who understand each other as deeply as possible decide to watch porn movies, threesome sex, etc.

Naked sleeping together contributes especially to the improvement of reciprocity. Proximity triggers the production of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, which improves the emotional background.

Lack of intimacy

If the couple does not have regular intercourse, then two partners can suffer at once. Possible manifestation: irritability, lethargy, depression, apathy. After a while, the organism itself will begin to change.

Guys have a decrease in erection, women suffer from libido, gynecological diseases can develop, an emotional block is formed, detachment from men, a decrease in self-confidence.

By nature, two people of the opposite sex must conceive a child, give birth and raise him. This should be when they both trust each other, support in everything.

After having sex, you do not need to go to the computer, to do household chores, cooking, or just fall asleep. Such an emotional release should be continued, and pleasant for both.

When there is no sexual relationship in a couple, it may be due to the woman’s frigidity. This happens when:

  • serious injuries in the pelvic region;
  • dissatisfaction with intimate life;
  • lack of attention from the partner.

If a woman has love for her chosen one, but has no desire to engage in intimacy with him, then everything can still be changed. A man should show more care, say compliments, uplifting rather than humiliating his companion.

Each couple has their own secrets of intimacy. You should always try different things, study yourself, your soul mate. Everyone has their own wishes and preferences.

You should never reproach for unwillingness to make love, lack of passion, etc. When problematic moments come, they should be solved together, and not in the arms of strangers or in the office of a psychologist.

The bedroom of a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, just casual partners is their temple, their protection, and their atmosphere, in which only two should dissolve.

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