Sex without commitment: a serious guide to frivolous relationships

In an ideal world, people make love to their loved ones. And we live in the real world, where natural instincts do not care that someone did not have a chance to meet a great and pure love. Do I need to become old maidens because of this? In no case!

Long-term absence of sex is fraught with many negative consequences and is bad for emotional health. Getting into a serious relationship with an unloved person just for the sake of sex is also stupid. Fortunately, in our imperfect world, there is sex without obligation. Yes, yes, you can appeal to moral braces, throw rotten tomatoes at me. It doesn’t change the fact that everyone wants sex. Even the holy ones.

Partner selection

Perhaps the hardest part about no-obligation sex is trying to find the right man. There are more than enough willing ones, but not all are suitable for the role of a friend. + Many girls are looking for partners on a dating site. I would not advise doing this, since the contingent there is desperate and not always adequate. It is better to search for a candidate for this position among friends, avoiding three dangerous categories: work colleagues, family men and your ex-boyfriends. Sex with a colleague will sooner or later have a bad effect on working relationships, family men will whine at you about their wives (supposedly bitches), and ex-boyfriends at some point will decide to restore their previous serious relationship. You should also avoid guys who, on the very first date, begin to be touched by the children of others. These are simply looking for a woman who will give birth to their child. Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that finding the right partner will take time.
It happens that we are unbearably lonely and just want to feel the warmth of the human body nearby. This feeling is especially exacerbated on February 13, when everyone is in a hurry looking for a couple, in a desperate attempt to get at least an imitation of love. Avoid sex out of desperation, it won’t make you happy and is unlikely to end in orgasm. Because all the time you will remember that the feeling of loneliness pushed you into sex.
Remember: the eve of Valentine’s Day is the worst time to find a sex partner. No, you can easily find him, but only for one night. And we need stable sex, right? The same goes for March 8 and New Years. It is better to start the search on other days. The most fruitful time is summer, when everyone’s desire intensifies from the heat.

How to behave with a guy in an open relationship?

1. Set frames for it

Warn the man right away about your intentions. Let him know that you are not planning to drag him to the registry office and have kids. In the film “Friendship Sex” the characters set a good tone, but then their sex grew into something more. Remember: we are in real life, not in melodrama. No “I love you”. Sex and nothing else. Dot.

2. Set a framework for yourself

Once a friend complained to me about a friend +, with whom she had an exclusively relationship for sex. The scoundrel and the scoundrel, you see, did not give her flowers, did not take her to a cafe and did not always pay for a taxi. But sex without obligation assumes that a man does not owe you anything. He is not obliged to look after and spend money on the young lady. In such a relationship, the main thing is sex, and everything else depends on the personal desires of the partner.

Do not start an open relationship with a guy if there is hope inside you: “Here I am charming him, he will love me. She will call you in marriage. We will have three wonderful children and a house on the seashore. No, five wonderful children and two houses: by the sea and in the mountains. We will live together happily ever after and die in one day! ” To hell with such thoughts. Be honest with yourself. Do you want love? Look for a serious relationship without misleading your boyfriend . Again, we are not in a melodrama, where a male suddenly realizes what a miracle next to him, turns into a devoted and faithful man. Avoid the situation the heroine is talking about.

3. The Snow Queen has no place in the bedroom

We are very afraid of being known as available and this fear prevents us from enjoying intimacy with a man. You like it, really, you like it, but this Snow Queen woke up and doused the poor fellow with an icy breath of frost and eternal winter. The Snow Queen has no place in the bedroom! You have already agreed to have sex with him, stop pretending to be touchy – relax and have fun.

4. Say what you want

A story from life. One friend complains to me about a supposedly brainless guy. They had sex on the carpet and the lady rubbed her knees red. “I moaned like a wounded elephant,” she lamented. “But he still didn’t understand that it was hurting me!” If you have been together for many years, then a man knows how to distinguish between your intonations and facial expressions, but at the beginning of a relationship and during sex without obligation, he will easily confuse a moan of pain with a moan of pleasure. He is not psychic and does not read your mind, just tell him what you want. The only man who can understand the desires of girls without words is the character of Malie Gibson from “What Women Want”. 

5. Learn to compliment him

Women from an early age are accustomed to compliments, we hear them from men, from colleagues, from friends, under every photo in social networks we have whole opuses with endless “beauty”, “gorgeous”, etc. But men also love compliments. No flattery, just tell him what you like about him: his strong hands, beautiful eyes or voice. And this should be done not only in bed. And don’t forget: a compliment shouldn’t sound like a declaration of love.
Praise his manhood in both senses of the word. Yes, yes, by the second meaning I meant the penis. Men react extremely painfully to offensive words (even comic ones) addressed to the jade core. Just don’t lie, tell the truth: it is so big / long / beautiful / delicious – emphasize the necessary. A man after this simply feels obliged to bring a woman to orgasm.

6. “You – me, I – you”

Sex (and relationships in general) is ideal only when both partners are ready not only to enjoy, but also to give it. Remember that for a blowjob you have the right to expect Cooney , and after Cooney he has the right to ask for a Blowjob. Everything is fair. Of course, one should not keep count of concessions, scrupulously demanding equal returns. Unlike the heroes of this sketch, we will do without lawyers. 😉
In order for an open relationship to bring pleasure to both partners, caress should be pleasant for all participants in the process. Do not do what the man is unpleasant and do not have to endure unpleasant sex. Look for a compromise in everything. 

7. Learn to accept his inept compliments

Not all men express their thoughts in the spirit of Shakespeare’s high lyrics. Sometimes their compliments sound rude, and we misinterpret their meaning. His sloppy “You have a huge ass”, said in an admiring tone, only means that he is in awe of his girlfriend’s graceful curves. Do not rush to take offense and leave, ask him to clarify.

8. Master sexual intonation

Have you ever met someone who has such a sexy voice that you want to listen to him endlessly? And it doesn’t matter what the person is talking about: the price of diesel fuel, the singularity, or the anatomy of a spider. This voice spreads throughout the body, turns on, the heart beats faster. Mastering sexual intonation is not difficult at all. They will change your intimate life, your partner will turn on with half a turn. Seeing his desire, you yourself will feel the passion.

Women’s tricks in sex without obligation

A girl does not always have a permanent relationship with one man. Someone’s insane schedule does not allow getting a boyfriend, someone simply does not want to burden themselves with a relationship. It so happens that a friend + is also always busy and it is extremely difficult to plan sex. In this case, I recommend getting an emergency sex kit so that you are always ready for an unexpected meeting.

Sex kit:
1) razor;
2) lace panties;
3) a toothbrush and a small tube of paste;
4) a little cosmetics (at least a foundation , lip balm and mascara);
5) contraceptives and lubricant .

All these items fit into an ordinary cosmetic bag and will allow you to get ready for sex with lightning speed. Just take a shower for 10-15 minutes and ask the guy to wait. I would also like to emphasize the importance of the contraceptive. All women are obliged to think about contraceptives and there is no need to shift from a sore head to a healthy one: it’s not for guys to get pregnant and give birth. It is best to choose condoms, as they will protect not only from unplanned pregnancy, but also from STDs. You never know, what if you are not the only partner of the guy. Lubricant will also not be superfluous, since for many, the desired mood requires foreplay, and they do not always have time for them.
Most importantly, remember: temporary sex is not a substitute for a fulfilling relationship. A man will surely appear in your life with whom you want to be entirely not only for the sake of sex. In the meantime, the handsome prince is hanging out somewhere, just enjoy the freedom!

8 secrets of married couples who have great sex

Post-wedding sex for many couples is fundamentally different from the delightful love experience they had and shared before marriage. What is the secret of those lucky few who managed to keep passion and pleasure in marriage? We’ve carefully researched couples and sexologists to select the most popular tips.

1. Planned sex

No matter how depressing the phrase “planned sex” may sound, but this approach often saves the intimate relationship of spouses. Knowing in advance what day or at what time the sacrament of intercourse will take place, the wife can prepare in advance: put herself in order, change the washed robe for sexy lingerie. Yes, and the husband has the opportunity to settle all matters before love joys.

2. Lock doors

If you have children, you know how much they love to burst into their parents’ bedroom without knocking. Especially when they hear some strange fuss behind the wall. In order not to be distracted by intruders, be sure to install a lock on the door and lock it before you go to sex. At the same time, you will save the little ones from psychological trauma, which they will not forget for a long time.

3. Fast sex

Happy married couples are proficient in quick sex. It is especially useful for young parents. You are busy with work, housekeeping and taking care of the child, so there is simply no time for long foreplay and intercourse. The takeaway is simple: learn to fit in 10-15 minutes. To do this, it is important to know each other’s erogenous zones (not only female, but also male erogenous zones), master the technique of exciting kissing and find the most suitable positions for you.    

4. Experiments

Happy couples are never content with the skills they have achieved and the positions they have mastered. Of course, they do not arrange crazy experiments every night, but they are always happy to bring a zest to intimate life to make sex spicy. Wise spouses always take into account the wishes of each other, without forcing a loved one to leave the comfort zone if this is problematic for him. As crazy as your fantasy is, first think about whether you can look each other in the eye the next morning. Will your spiritual connection grow stronger or will you feel ashamed. 

5. Communication

Often, spouses get so tired of each other that their communication comes to naught, and this negatively affects the intimate sphere. In happy families, everything is different: no matter what life troubles arise, the spouses continue to talk to each other. And, importantly, these conversations also concern sex.

6. No false excuses

In family life, partners may disagree with each other on something: from raising children to choosing wallpaper. This does not mean that you have to bring your grievances into the bedroom and punish each other with a lack of sex. Unfortunately, women tend to such “feints” more often than not, often lying about endless migraines. By depriving your partner of sex, you will not punish him, but first of all yourself. After all, sex improves health, improves blood circulation and releases the hormones of joy. Do you want happiness in marriage and a fulfilling intimate life? Then no excuses with a fake headache. Well, if your head really hurts, remember: sex heals migraines!

7. Trust

It is impossible to fully enjoy intimacy with a partner when there is no trust in the relationship. If you are constantly gnawing at anxiety and you are burning with jealousy, you should reconsider your priorities. You swore to be together in sorrow and in joy. Why suddenly you don’t trust your loved one? If you know for sure that your partner gave you a reason for jealousy and resentment, then it’s time to think about whether you need such a marriage at all. Before it’s too late, find someone you can trust completely and this will certainly affect the quality of sex. What is there … you will be happy in all areas!

8. Well-groomed

I have always been amazed at the strange metamorphoses that many of my acquaintances underwent after marriage. The once athletic guys have grown beer bellies, their wives have turned from slender models into overweight babes. Such people look 10-15 years older than their peers. Is it any wonder that passion and desire disappeared in bed? The ring on your finger does not mean that you can now safely score on your appearance. Don’t expect your significant other to want you if you stop taking care of yourself. Train each other to be neat, help each other in sports.
We didn’t invent the bicycle by pointing out the popular secrets to happiness. Follow them as they really work. And may your family life always make you happy.

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