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Sexual compatibility

Sexual compatibility is something I did not believe in until then. You had it this way: you seem to be trying with a person in bed, but is there something wrong and wrong?

And sometimes you do only what you personally like and, oh gods, a partner gets a buzz from it.

So, where is the key to sex, after which even words are not needed? Dear reader, get ready!

Here I literally make you look at physical compatibility from a different angle. After that, you can more consciously choose a partner or have more fun with an existing one.

Earlier I mentioned my passion for socionics – the concept of relationships between different types of people. One of the subtopics is – compatibility in sex.

I still remember myself as a teenager when I read my mother’s women’s magazines. The only rubric that interested me was cooking. Just kidding Of course this is the topic of sex.

As now, before my eyes an article about how a man can give a woman the greatest pleasure. In short, the whole thing is long foreplay. The more excite the girl at the beginning, the more pleasure she will receive in the process and at the end. Have you read such articles?

And indeed, there was a problem at the hearing, that men only need sex and they think only about themselves in it.

And when I knocked on the door of my first long-awaited sex, I applied this technique. From the girl received a lot of hot compliments. Called me experienced. It goes without saying that it was my first time. Proudly said thank you for such compliments.

As time went. Life went on. First relationship

I come across a book about the relationship between men and women. The author claims that girls love hard. Just do not confess about it.

Of course, I decided to check. At least scary and embarrassing.

Guess what happened next?

What was my surprise … Her eyes burned like lights. I felt like a movie hero. It was unbeatable. And the most important thing for a man is the pleasure of his woman. And it was limitless.

Can you imagine how sweetly I slept that night?

Someone is reading this now and thinking – I tried / tried this way and hard sex is definitely not for me. And you will be right.

And now in essence.

The taste and color (and sex, too) comrades – is. The key to everything is sexual compatibility. Even if you are not compatible with your partner, the knowledge below will help you to be more aware.

Understand each other and know what both need. We will consider separately the male and female types. I will use the materials of Victor Gulenko and Cyril Kravchenko together with my experience.

Sex Compatibility

“Caring” woman, or woman mother

She is attracted by intelligent and at the same time weak men. Likes to be listened to in everyday affairs. Supports, cares.

Rough sex is not for her. This is the type of women for whom foreplay is very important. Without foreplay, such a girl is not fully revealed. Long gentle caress is the foundation for good sex with her. More initiative than her ideal partner – an infantile man (about him below).

Woman – “Aggressor”

The image of a strong woman. The one that constantly competes with a man. Both in life and in sex. Irony, banter over a partner is a common thing for her. ITS ideal – an obedient and at the same time capricious man, of a victimized type. Games, emotions – that gives the greatest emotions.

“Victimization” woman, or a woman victim

Perfect for her – physically strong, confident man. When she feels his strength, it literally melts in his hands. Often capable of provocation to arouse masculinity and inflame passion.

Submission to a man in bed is her element. He is strong, passionate, sometimes aggressive – she is weak, fragile, unprotected.

“Infantile” woman, or woman-daughter

He loves when a man radiates kindness, experience. Often older than her age. He appreciates more spiritual talk, pleasant music, comfortable atmosphere for relaxation. Prefers to take care. I am pleased to take the initiative of a caring man.

“Caring” man, or man-father

She loves when a woman admires his life wisdom, experience. Attentive to the inner world of your partner. He knows how to arrange a girlfriend by wooing. Prefers when the girl is unprotected and weak.

Man – Aggressor

In sex, she loves to demonstrate her power and authority. Prefers when a woman submits. Long preludes are acceptable to him, but this is not something that gives maximum emotion and pleasure. Can afford to rude words that increase the passion.

 Victim ” man

He likes to provoke. Often unconsciously. That is obedient and good, then goes out of control, trying to show the male side. Involuntarily provokes reproaches, dirty tricks and orders.


“Infantile” man, or man-son

Admires women’s experience and responsiveness to his life problems. Unconsciously shows his deprivation of attention, lack of ability to life breakthrough. Business and emotional support from a woman are important to him. Naive and not independent in everyday life.

As you have already understood, ideally, when partners complement each other. Aggressor and Victim. Caring and infantile.

Does the concept of sex compatibility do not suit you?

You may say that you do not match any of the options. Or maybe you just did not try (consciously)?

This can be compared to a cool movie. About him, many say that it is worth seeing, but you still can’t look. Still, find the time, look and then enthusiastically think: “How have I not looked at it / looked before? It’s incredible!”

I would like to say last. Dear women and men! Especially those who love long foreplay and affection.

Before claiming this from your partner, make sure that every inch of your body smells fresh or fresh (if you are a girl).

Remember, dear readers, one life! And she is going right now.

I wish you a wonderful sex and an ideal partner.

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