This is what happens to the brain during orgasm

Orgasm is a pleasant, but very complex process that our body is capable of. And he does this, of course, not without the participation of the brain.

Scientists from Rutgers University studied the brain’s reactions to the female and male orgasms. So, it is in women and men has a slightly different nature, but it responds in the head equally.

In order not to go into complex terminology, let’s say briefly.

During orgasm, almost all areas of the brain become active – some are slightly stronger, and others than weaker. Depending on the strength and intensity of the orgasm, each zone replaces the other, making us feel different.

Human genital organs transmit sensations to the pleasure zones of the brain, and that already “distributes” to the rest of our gray matter.
Another interesting thing.

Orgasm and fear
During a strong orgasm, behavioral control is almost completely disabled. So, in these moments, we completely fear and a sense of vigilance, and the areas of the brain that are responsible for these sensations are in real hibernation.

A similar euphoric state in which fear and vigilance are completely turned off can be obtained even after cocaine use.

However, scientists say that orgasm is leading in this effect. That is, there is no other human activity that would fully activate all areas of the brain, but at the same time “cut down” the primitive instincts responsible for survival.

Only an orgasm is capable of this.

And how to achieve it?
In addition, scientists finally came to a reasonable conclusion – an orgasm in our head. And its absence (or impossibility to reach) is worth looking for just there.
They believe that the lack of dopamine in the brain prevents us from reaching orgasm. But you can try to fix it.

To achieve orgasm you need:
Get enough sleep. Yes, quality sleep has a good effect on the brain and leads to an increase in the number of dopamine receptors, which give us an orgasm.
Food with tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid. It is found in rabbit meat, beans, sesame, peanuts and dairy products. Yes, they can help achieve orgasm.
Weight. Alas, in overweight people, scientists observe a lack of dopamine synthesis in the brain, which means fewer orgasms.
Everything as usual. Everything is simple and difficult at the same time.

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