Shaving or shaving your partner is an interesting sexual practice

Intimate shaving (shaving) is gaining more and more popularity, and this is done not only by the fair sex, as is commonly believed, but also by many young people. Hair removal can be a bright prelude to unforgettable sex.

Shaving. Why is this needed?

As for the girls, a clean-shaven pubis gives them a feeling of cleanliness and freshness , allows them to wear revealing underwear and to be naked in front of a partner without hesitation. By removing excess hair, ladies feel more attractive, and many men prefer to contemplate a smooth pubis, rather than covered with curly growth. Men also have many reasons to shave their private parts. Firstly, the pubis, devoid of vegetation, visually increases the size of the penis, and secondly, a rare lady will refuse a blowjob, and thirdly, the smooth pubis eliminates the possibility of an unpleasant odor in the genital area. For people for whom an intimate shave 

  became habitual, there are no difficulties with this procedure. Some visit beauty salons in which shaving is carried out by a specially trained person, while others do it on their own, at home.

Shaving – as a kind of sexual play

Many men enjoy watching their partner shave their bikini area and pubis. On the one hand, this is a very exciting action , on the other hand, it shows the degree of confidence of the girl, since she allows him to witness such an intimate moment. By the way, some girls are not averse to seeing how a man does it. Trust in a partner, lack of embarrassment and the ability to diversify intimate life allow you to turn the usual hygiene procedure into a sexual game . You can arrange alternate shaving for each of the partners, or, for starters, you can limit yourself to an intimate shaving of one of them. 


How is shaving done?

The ideal option for an intimate shave for your partner is to fill in an incomplete bath of water, adding foam to it. Having settled down in it together, people can caress each other, soap, water or just lie down relaxing. You can start shaving in 10-15 minutes, during which time the skin will steam out and the process will go much easier.

It’s better to start a girl, after all, the ladies have more experience in this matter, and they will be able to carry out the procedure more accurately.

So, before you start, ask your partner to take a comfortable position , for some it is more convenient to do this while lying down, others in a sitting position. Moisturize your skin and hair with liquid soap or shaving cream. Do not worry and do not make sudden movements in any case , as you will reduce the likelihood of unpleasant cuts and will not ruin such an intimate moment. For these purposes, it is best to use a new razor to minimize the rubbing of dull blades on your skin. Shave long hairs according to hair growth , short ones against. From time to time, distract from the process and observe the man’s reaction, he should not be embarrassed or scared. Be sure to use an aftershave lotion at the end of the procedure , preferring a product for sensitive skin. Do not rush to take his place in the bath, admire the result, touch your fingers or tongue to the penis, tell me how you are turned on by the sight of a smooth pubis. Most likely, you will leave your intimate shaving for later, indulging in a more pleasant pastime. 




Where else can shaving be done?

However, the bath is not the only place for an intimate shave of your partner. You can use a large towel on the bedroom floor . The procedure is exactly the same as for a bath, only you need to take a small bowl of water to rinse your hair and rinse the razor. Instead of lotion, use a hypoallergenic massage oil, which will replace the lubricant if necessary if you want to move on to more aggressive actions. 

Shaving safety

  • With mutual shaving, it’s not the result that matters , but the process . Some hard-to-reach areas may not be touched so as not to injure your partner. For example, a man’s scrotum is very delicate, to shave everything off, you need to stretch the skin, and this is uncomfortable. Therefore, only the pubis can be freed from vegetation, and this will also be interesting. 
  • Using wax or special sugar pastes for depilation is possible, but the process will be less pleasant. Removing hairs from the root causes pain, not enormous, but quite noticeable. And there is an element of trust, but arousal decreases. 
  • Do not use the same blade for both . After all, cuts are possible, and many diseases are transmitted with blood. One shaver for two is a solution only for those who trust each other unconditionally. 
  • If a cut suddenly appears , it is important to properly treat the wound. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide should be on hand. And if the injury has occurred, sex should be postponed for 1-2 days. 
  • Shaving cream is not a lubricant and cannot be injected into your partner. Neither the vagina nor the anus. It is washed off under running water or removed with a towel, and only then they move on to proximity. 

Shaving is an interesting practice that will make sex brighter. Couples who have been together for a long time can try it, they will be interested in discovering something new. And for people who have not met for too long, shaving will help them learn to trust each other more.

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