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The time has passed when, at the conclusion of a marriage, guests presented sets and carpets. But still, there was still a desire to deliver something memorable, and not just a stack of notes. And it is in the sex shop that there are things for the perfect wedding present! And it will not go, and will not shock guests.

What to give to the newlyweds?

The best gift in the modern world is emotions. Only they are remembered and decorate life. And it is in bed that there are a lot of them, so why not decorate this part of the life of young people? To do this is simple, without asking them piquant questions, without interfering in their intimate life.

There is something vulgar to give for the wedding , because there will be different people among the guests, and it is not worth shocking them with frank things . And the members of the couple are not always ready for very bold experiments, so there is no need to present a strapon. Realistic dildos or lashes for BDSM will not work. Such gifts are appropriate only if they themselves have asked for it. But there are neutral things that will definitely come in handy and will not scare anyone, including young ones. It is acceptable to hide a present  

 . You can make a hidden gift, just wrap the box in opaque paper, hand it in, warning that you do not need to unpack it at the holiday. This is not a bad move, but not perfect.

Thoughtful wedding present

Many manufacturers of sex toys have taken care of high-quality presentations for different couples. They created sets of toys or cosmetics that people of all ages will like. At the same time, not only the incoming devices are magnificent in them, but also the packaging. These are beautiful things that look elegant and stylish. No hint of vulgarity.

What sets exist? Of several types:

  • Makeup kit. In a box, tube or in a stylish bag. Inside most often there are lubricants with different composition, massage oils, stimulating creams. From 2 to 10 products are presented in the package, all from one brand. This is the most neutral gift. It is for any age, for any sex preferences. 
  • Set of toys for experiments. Inside the product for pair experiments: vibrators, erection rings, anal toys, etc. Combining several items, you can implement dozens of interesting scenarios. There are kits for exploring toys or kits for advanced users. In the first, simple vibrators, in the second there may even be a sex machine. 
  • Games. Box with accessories and a script. Performing some action should excite and set up for sex. Newlyweds can be presented with a kit that will help to open new poses or erotic experiments. 

Any item from these categories would be appropriate for a wedding present. The price of the kit is different. There are options for 3-5 thousand, and there are 20 thousand, it all depends on the brand and content.

Best Gift Sets

In 2019-2020, a universal gift for any couple appeared . He can be presented at the wedding, and on the anniversary and on the new year. And he combines the best of the sets that were before. This is a box in which there are many small boxes. On each number, and open the inner packaging in turn, in accordance with the number on the package. One day – one box and a new experiment! There are options for 10 days, for 14 and for 20 days. At the same time, there are cosmetics, vibrators, and games inside. This is a universal box that makes intimate life many times better. And also allows you to get acquainted with great products from a sex shop! 

Is it worth giving a vibrator to a wedding?

Can young people present not a set, but a separate sex toy? It is possible, but how to understand what they will like? If before the event there was talk about such a gift, if preferences are clear, then this is appropriate. If just trying to guess, then this is not the best option.

And it’s important to understand that a single item sometimes seems to go. And the kit is harmless.

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