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Thieves of hearts: how to irrevocably fall in love with any person

It is known that no one invented a love potion, but sometimes you want it to exist.

What could replace it? What needs to be done to become the subject of adoration for a particular person?

American scientists have developed a method, following the rules of which you can fall in love with any person.

It is based on simple psychological techniques that help to literally take possession of the subconscious of the “victim”. The proposed strategy is 100% effective. The main task is to alternate the two phases.

First phase: “Feeding the victim”

The period, which should last approximately 5 days, is “Feeding the victim.” You will have to show the skill of eloquence to the maximum, expressing admiration for the object of passion. Notice and celebrate any successes of the “experimental”, even insignificant ones, fill him up with compliments, flatter him. In other words, you need to make it clear to the person that you are delighted with him.

Another component of the first stage is to be together as much as possible. You need to think carefully about how to ensure this. For example, if the object you want to seduce is your colleague, contact him with some work questions, offer to have lunch together. If he smokes, go out with him to “breathe”. Show concern: find out if he needs your help, bring coffee. Such signs of attention will definitely not go unnoticed and will make you think about you.

If the “victim” is your neighbor, ask them to replace the light bulb in the entrance, draw water, which was allegedly “turned off in your riser due to repairs.” And in gratitude for the help provided, treat them with something, invite them to your home for tea or to the nearest cafe.

An important detail – you need to look the person in the eye as often as possible. Eye contact is very close even to unfamiliar people. Your look should be confident, open, express calmness and interest in the interlocutor, – seasoned “hunters” add.

Second phase: “Alienation”

The next stage is “Alienation”, it should last no more than 5 days, like the first. Here you need to stop contacting in principle. Imagine that the person does not exist or is unfamiliar to you. When communicating, be cold, behave aloof, do not show any interest. Reply phrases should be as short as possible, as if you do not want to talk at all. If the “victim” tells something, answer in monosyllables: “clear”, “okay”, “it happens”.

After this, a person at a subconscious level will be convinced that he was guilty, behaved incorrectly. In addition, the poor fellow will not be able to understand what exactly is wrong, because you will not give him an answer, which will further enhance the effect.

The next stage is “Feeding”

After a few days of ignoring, the “feeding” phase is repeated. You need to show that you are ready to communicate again. The mood is good, as at the first stage – a smile on his face, joy in his eyes. The “victim” is again buried in compliments and attention. She goes crazy with happiness when she realizes that everything has improved, life has sparkled with colors again.

Such fluctuations create stress due to a sharp change in negative and positive emotions. This is stored in the subconscious for a long time, and the person begins to depend on you. He wants to spend more time together, communicate as soon as the opportunity arises.

Phase rotation

To consolidate the effect, the stage of “alienation” must be repeated. From this, the opponent becomes depressed, and you penetrate deeper and deeper into his subconscious. The sufferer cannot think of anything and no one but you, life loses its meaning.

If you want to irrevocably fall in love with a person, repeat the proven algorithm, and the results will not keep you waiting, the ruthless conquerors of hearts promise.

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