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Lessons from men: which women are given gifts

The age-old question: which women are given gifts? It is believed that the majority receive gifts only on holidays and significant dates.

Psychologists say that there is such a category of women who want to constantly surprise, delight, give expensive gifts in order to see her smile and hear gentle words. What should be the beautiful creatures, according to psychologists, so that men shower them with gifts and indulge in attention?

Know who’s around

Every girl dreams of a generous and caring chosen one and cannot stand greed in men. Greed and excessive frugality of a man can be seen from the first meeting. Miserly people most often invite their girls to cheap cafes or bars.

If the young lady chooses a decent cafe, then the greedy woman offers to drink only a cup of coffee. Paying, carefully recalculates the change, fearing to spend too much.

An overly economic admirer is not much different from a miser. He, perhaps, will offer the girl a dessert for coffee, specifying the quantity.

The worst option is also possible – he will offer to buy in a supermarket, it will be cheaper. A cake or a cupcake are the little things that fill your whole life. Greedy men and super economic men will not give gifts. Such impulses are alien to them, because they value every penny.

A greedy admirer is pathetic, you need to run away from him, psychologists say. – Waiting for changes for the better is an empty exercise. If a man wants a relationship with a chosen one, he will not be stingy and trifling, but will try to anticipate her desires, indulge in surprises.

Know how to ask

If the chosen one is an adequate man, but does not consider it necessary to give gifts without a reason, you can ask him about it. Moreover, one must speak directly about one’s desire, and not in hints. A man may not understand what his beloved wants.

For example, while walking around the city, they saw a beautiful dress in the window. It is better to ask a man to buy a dress, rather than loudly admire his beauty, hinting at a purchase. At the same time, you can add that this dress will add charm.

A self-respecting man loves to transform his beloved, so he will fulfill her desire. A man is flattered when rivals stare at his lady.

According to the expert, a man at such moments feels like the owner of a beautiful woman, and considers her his property.

Asking for a gift can be a good test for a loved one. Hearing in response that it is not worth wasting money on trinkets, a woman may think about continuing the relationship.

If a relationship with a woman is dear to a partner, but he does not know how to give gifts, then he can be taught. To do this, you need to talk about your desire and “accidentally” find yourself in the place where a man can fulfill it. For example, there was a desire to receive a ring as a gift, then you need to take a walk at the jewelry store, look into it and try on the jewelry you like.

When making a request, it is important not to cross the fine line between asking and begging . Constantly begging women annoy men.

To prevent this from happening, you need to ask only once and not remind about it again. When the request is not heard, make a gift to yourself. Find the right amount, buy a ring, show your husband his beauty on your finger. Such an act will lead a man to the idea that a woman can do without him. Psychologists guarantee that after that the woman will constantly receive gifts.

It is right to ask – do not beg and do not whine.

Do not forget to sincerely thank

When receiving an expensive gift from a loved one, a simple “Thank you” is not enough. A woman should move him to new gifts. Words of gratitude should be sincere and end with a gentle kiss. The next day, you can supplement gratitude with the opinions of colleagues and girlfriends about a wonderful gift.

However, psychologists have an opposite opinion about gratitude for an expensive gift: “The more restrained a woman accepts gifts, the brighter she demonstrates her independence and self-sufficiency, causing her lover to want to throw everything at her feet”

A small gift should not be treated too enthusiastically and considered the fulfillment of a wish. A man should know that it is not easy to surprise his beloved. It takes effort and imagination to please her. Otherwise, you will have to enjoy new pans and essentials.

Sincerely accepting gifts does not mean feeling obligated.

Become a desirable woman

A woman who is given expensive gifts should combine:

  • self love. Denying herself pleasure, a woman involuntarily forbids a man to spoil her, or attracts men who are not able to care;
  • femininity is a valuable quality that makes men want to protect and give her their love;
  • sincere gratitude.

Healers of human souls claim that men shower expensive gifts on those women who love and value themselves. Men treat such ladies the way they treat themselves.

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