Treatment of prostatitis with leeches (hirudotherapy)

Hirudotherapy is a method of dealing with various pathologies through the use of medicinal leeches. One disease that lends itself to this unusual type of treatment is prostatitis. It is known about a number of studies that have shown that hirudotherapy for prostatitis gives a positive result. The use of this method of therapy allows you to eliminate the root cause of the disease.

Impact on the human body

Leeches have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body. The advantage of hirudotherapy is that the effect of the procedure is not only local, but also complex. That is, with the help of leeches, stimulation of the immune system as a whole is possible.

Benefit in treatment

Leeches for prostatitis are very useful. This method is widely used, along with medications. Hirudotherapy helps:

  • Bringing erection back to normal.
  • Decreased swelling of organs.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Normalization of urination.

To achieve maximum effectiveness of this type of treatment, several methods are used:

  1. The mechanical effect of leeches placed on specific points of the human body manifests itself positively, significantly improving the functioning of organs. The action of worms on certain areas of the body reduces the volume of blood that circulates in the prostate gland, thereby normalizing the functional prostate, including adenoma.
  2. The reflex effect of the rings, choosing the bite site without outside help, improves blood flow in the prostate gland.
  3. The biological effect of annelids is due to the introduction into the body of their saliva, which contains a huge amount of substances. They have a beneficial effect not only on the prostate gland, but also on the body as a whole.

The saliva of leeches contains hirudin, which is an inhibitor of thrombin, which affects blood clotting. So, hirudin does not allow the liquid to quickly clot, thereby diluting it. Blood moves freely through the veins, supplying tissues (including the prostate) with oxygen.

Congestion in the pelvic area in patients suffering from prostatitis is due to thickening of the blood in certain places. Hirudin, whose action is local, can reduce the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms of the disease after the first session.


There are a huge number of treatment regimens for different types of prostatitis with leeches. The specialist chooses one or another method depending on some factors and characteristics of the patient. As an example, it is worth considering in detail one of the options for getting rid of the disease.

It is necessary to start the procedure with a back massage. This process will eliminate and prevent stagnation of connective fluids in the tissues of the organs. Sessions should be conducted by a person with specialized knowledge and skills. The supervision of the attending physician will ensure safe, correct and productive treatment. This therapy is not carried out at home.

During the setting of leeches on the body, the specialist must know exactly where to put them.

  1. The first session involves the installation of rings in the solar plexus area and under the rib.
  2. At the next session, annelids are placed in the womb area. At the same time, one of them is located in the region of the penis root, the rest are located in the lateral region.
  3. The implementation of the third and fourth sessions has no features. The procedures are carried out in the same way as the first.
  4. During the fifth session, the annelids should be located on the coccyx. There is a chance of bleeding, so the number of leeches used should be reduced to three. The specialist must be as careful as possible.
  5. At the sixth session, the rings are placed in the area of the sacrum. The scheme for setting leeches located on this section of the spine should resemble a rhombus.
  6. The seventh session involves the installation of five leeches in the lumbar region.

The exact zones for installing rings are determined by the attending physician, depending on the characteristics of a particular patient. The number of leeches required for one procedure does not exceed five. An increase in the number of rings is extremely dangerous for health. Procedures are carried out sequentially once a week. The full course of therapy, if necessary, can be repeated after a few months.

Availability and efficiency

On resources such as iRecommend , patients share their impressions of hirudotherapy. Reviews are mostly positive. People are satisfied with the speed of the effect of the therapy, as the results of the treatment become noticeable even after the first session. Patients pay attention to the reduction of pain, a significant improvement in urination, ease of movement and getting rid of varicose veins. Improving the functioning of the prostate gland is due to blood thinning and, as a result, the elimination of its stagnation in organs and tissues. Such a therapeutic effect is achieved in one course of hirudotherapy.

Leeches from prostatitis improve potency, normalizing blood circulation in the tissues of the pelvic organs and reducing pain during ejaculation by removing edema, reduce chronic manifestations of the disease.

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