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Contraindications for prostate adenoma massage

Prostatitis poisons the lives of men with its symptoms and consequences. It is characterized by frequent urge to urinate, pain, burning during the process, incontinence, pain in the pelvis and inguinal region. This is due to inflammation of the prostate gland.

Prostate massage is an extremely useful procedure for the male body. It not only treats and reduces the possibility of cancer, but also improves potency. However, prostate massage, like all medical measures, has contraindications.

What is the benefit of massaging

First of all, prostate stimulation is used to treat many forms of disease. In addition, it has many beneficial effects.

Beneficial Influence:

  • Normalizes blood flow;
  • Helps to avoid serious diseases;
  • Improves the functioning of the entire penis;
  • Restores, increases sexual function;
  • Provides better absorption of drugs;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Removes bacteria, toxins and pus.

Indications for carrying out

  • A specialist can prescribe it to men who suffer from:
  • varieties of prostatitis (including chronic);
  • from stagnation;
  • decreased sexual activity;
  • pain in the pelvic area;
  • urological diseases.

Execution techniques

There are two ways to treat the prostate – external or transrectal . In the first case, massaging is performed externally, by influencing the prostate through the skin (from the scrotum to the anus). In the second case, we are talking about direct exposure through the rectum. It can be manual or hardware. External gives a man less discomfort, but it is considered less effective.

Between manual and hardware procedure, preference is given to manual. It is believed that it is more delicate, gives positive results. However, manual is usually performed in a hospital. And “intrusion” into such an intimate territory can cause a man to feel shame or discomfort, which will negatively affect the recovery process. The hardware is used for treatment at home, more comfortable conditions.

It is usually carried out for a month once a day for several minutes.

Before the session, you must definitely defecate.

Immediately after the session, you need to go to the toilet – all harmful substances and bacteria are removed through the urethra.

Contraindications and restrictions

The procedure has a list of restrictions, which is very important to follow in order not to aggravate the situation and not provoke the development of new diseases.

Cannot be carried out with:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • acute forms;
  • The presence of tumors (including adenomas). Most likely, you will have to take tests to find out the indicator of prostate specific antigen;
  • urination disorders;
  • Late stages of adenoma;
  • The presence of stones in the prostate;
  • cystitis;
  • Damage to the rectum;
  • Elevated body temperature;
  • Severe pain during exercise.

If you have at least one contraindication, you should look for another way of treatment!

The impact on the gland stimulates the excretion of stagnant streams, so do not worry if after a few days you find blood in the semen after a prostate massage.

Who to trust

If you are sure that you cannot cope on your own, then consult a doctor for this. You will know that everything will go right. In addition, in the hospital, in addition to manual exposure, they will be able to carry out magnetic, electrostimulating , thermal or mechanical manipulations.

If the thought of going to the doctor for this reason terrifies you, then you can treat it at home. In this situation, you will have a choice: do stimulation yourself (manually or with the help of a special device), or ask a loved one (usually a spouse) about it.

At home

For massaging at home, hardware massage is often chosen. In the pharmacy you can find devices of various forms. However, they all have the same size – no more than 5 cm in diameter and no longer than 10 cm. You need to stock up on condoms or lubricants (gels, petroleum jelly, lubricants ).

If you have acutely developed sensitivity, purchase a special anesthetic gel. Its characteristic difference from the rest is in the analgesic effect. Treatment at home is useful in that a man can relax, which in itself minimizes discomfort. Be sure to take a shower or bath before the session.

It is advised to massage with a full bladder, and during the session, try to restrain the urge to urinate.

On one’s own

For manual self-massage, it is recommended to lie on the bed on your side, press your legs to your chest. Put on a glove generously lubricated with gel on your hand. First, make a few pressing circular movements on the anus, then carefully insert your finger inward five centimeters, start massaging the gland with pressing movements.

If the gland is hard, it is recommended to increase the pressure slightly. At the end of massaging, it is worth gently pressing on its middle, which will push all the harmful substances out.

Another pose is in a hot bath. To do this, put your feet on the sides. The technique of holding is no different from holding on the bed.

Pleasant procedure

There is a type of treatment that will not only improve blood circulation in the groin, but also give pleasure – massaging the scrotum and testicles. The testicles need to be stroked for several minutes. Then carefully take the scrotum and pull it down a little. Repeat this sequence ten times. Then lift the penis for a few minutes to pat on the scrotum.

For the hardware procedure, you need to lie on the bed, press your legs to your chest. Lubricate the pre-washed, treated massager with gel or put a condom on it. Carefully insert the device into the rectum.

If the device is not straight, do not try to give it the correct position – this can damage the intestine. After a while, the massage apparatus itself will “fall” into place. Carefully act on the prostate, and then also push the substances to the exit.

If the procedure causes severe pain, it must be stopped immediately!

What are the improvements due to?

Manual and hardware massages mechanically affect the prostate gland, which has a beneficial effect on it. Vessels expand, inflammation stops, blood and oxygen flow to the gland is ensured, so that it stops hurting. In addition, urination is facilitated, sexual intercourse becomes longer and better.

Many professional massage therapists are generally wary of using a hardware massager at home. However, when used carefully, there will be no harm. However, it is better not to use a vibration massager on your own, because there is a risk of not only damaging the intestinal walls, but also provoking a serious aggravation of the problem.

Negative consequences

In some cases, after the session, you can observe some unpleasant consequences. The most common is bleeding. There are several ways to isolate it.

If you could not relax, felt tension during the manipulation, the mucosa could be damaged, and after a prostate massage, blood sometimes appears in the stool. Except in cases of damage, these are not dangerous phenomena, but the doctor should be warned about them.

Ideally, everything should be back to normal in a few days.

If pain and bleeding are accompanied by fever, general weakness, or become acute and incessant, you should definitely see a urologist!

What to do if testicles hurt after prostate massage? If the pain is not sharp, not constant, there is nothing to worry about. As a rule, such pain is a reaction to the “irritation” of the diseased organ.

Reviews of doctors

Specialists willingly prescribe gland stimulation as a treatment for a variety of diseases. When performed correctly, the procedure has numerous positive effects. Therefore, doctors insist on treatment in the hospital.

Prostatitis primarily affects the sexual and reproductive function of the body, so after the course it is recommended to do a spermogram (sperm analysis) to see if the treatment has brought the expected results.


Massaging the prostate gland is considered, although not the most pleasant procedure for most men, but effective. The strong sex goes to her to get rid of frequent urination, pain and impotence.

When taking into account existing contraindications and competently performing stimulation (best in a hospital, with a professional massage therapist), the condition improves, symptoms disappear. In addition, it can affect the improvement of erection. Do not forget that if there are restrictions, a significant deterioration in the condition can occur.

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